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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 528

Everything But the Rain

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 2, 2013 23:47 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: What lies in Ichigo's past that Ouetsu wants him to learn...?!]
Ichigo: ...I'm...back home... // ?!

Ichigo: This isn't my Shinigami body... // (I left my body at Urahara's store before heading off to Hueco Mundo......) // Urahara-san?! Are you here?! // Urahara-sa...... // ! // (No... Urahara-san is still in Hueco Mundo... // Then who was it that brought my body here...?)
Isshin: Yo, Ichigo~~~~~~~~! / Haven't seen you for...a...

Isshin: .................. // ...The kid pulled a runner, eh...?
[Bleach 528]

[Everything But the Rain]
[Side text: Listlessly falling drops of rain...]
Ikumi: What is your problem, huh~~? // You come strolling in to see me for the first time in ages, soaked to the skin, with a face like you've been through hell.. // What are you, a high school girl who just had a fight with her parents?!
Ichigo: ......Sorry...

Ichigo: (I guess actually... // ...It's a good thing Urahara-san isn't around right now. // Chad and Inoue too... // How can I face them after being sent back home without even managing to fix my broken Zanpakutou...? // And as for my old man... // Facing him might be the most difficult of all...) // Thanks again for this, Ikumi-sa - // Owowow that's hot~~?!!
Ikumi: 'Course it's hot, it's freshly steamed! // Eat up! It'll put some life in you!

Ikumi: I've dried out your clothes for you an' all... // ...so make sure you put them on before you leave! // It's a good thing Kaoru's asleep, I tell you! / If he found out I've been lending you my bathroom, I don't know what he might do to you!
Ichigo: ...Ikumi-san. // I'm sorry... // Intruding on you like this even though I'm always skipping work and stuff...

Ichigo: Oww... // Owowowowow!! // Nguohh!!
Ikumi: I don't need your apologies! If you feel bad about it, try actually coming in to work! // Doesn't matter to me, you know! // You can come 'cause you're lonely... / 'Cause you're having a hard time... / Or even just 'cause you happened to be in the area... / Ever since the day I hired you, I figure I'm basically like a big sister to you... / ...so you can come see me whenever you like! // I told you before, didn't I?! // Helping out kids like you is what us grown-ups are here for!
Ichigo: ............... // ...Ikumi-san...

Ichigo: You're more than ten years older than me, so "big sister" might be pushing i- // JEEZUS, WOMAN!!!
Ikumi: You little brat!! // You've got some nerve, you know that?!! / Here I am, acting so cool and understanding it oughtta move you to tears, and that's all you've got to say?!!
Ichigo: Tears, my ass! / You were practically asking for that punchline, so I gave it to you!! What's wrong with that?!!
[SFX: ding-do~~~~~ng]
Ichigo: And look, there's a customer for you! Hold on, she'll be right there~!!
Ikumi: Don't you answer for me!! // Coming~~~~~! // Hm? / There's no-one here... // Did someone come all the way up here to ring the bell and then run for it...?
Ichigo: !

Ikumi: Looks like it was just someone playing a stupid prank...
Ichigo: Ikumi-san...

Ichigo: Thanks for your help. / I'll head home. // I'm feeling all right now...
Ikumi: Ah... / Hang on... // Take my umbrella with you, okay?! // Ichigo! / You forgot something -

Ikumi: ...I guess it can wait... // ...until tomorrow...

Isshin: Whew~~~~~~! // So, you're finally back home, huh~?! / I mean, it's not unusual for you to not come home for two or three days at a time, but still! // Whaddaya say?! / Feel like eating some of your old man's home cooking for once in a while?!
Ichigo: Drop the act. // You came to bring me home in that getup. // I'm sure you know what's going on.
Isshin: ...I heard what happened in Soul Society from Urahara. / Including your Zanpakutou breaking. // And the arrival of Division Zero.

Isshin: They turned you away, right? // Well, / I guess it's only natural. // There's no way you could heal your broken Bankai right now. // Not when you don't... / ...know anything about yourself.

Isshin: ...You said something to me once. / Do you remember? // You said until I decide it's time for you to know, you wouldn't ask me a thing. / That you'd wait. // ...Well, now is that time.

Isshin: Listen carefully. // You're not a Shinigami. // But at the same time... / ...you're not an ordinary human, either. // Ichigo. // Your mother...

Flashback!Masaki: Are you okay?! // Are you all right?!
Flashback!Isshin: Yeah... / Urghhh... // Sorry about this... I appreciate it... // Man, I feel pathetic... / A Captain like me, having to get his ass saved by a girl...
Flashback!Masaki: Hold still. / I'll heal you up.
Flashback!Isshin: Thanks... // Still... / That was some impressive work, taking that sucker out all on your own... // Who exactly are you, young lady?
Flashback!Masaki: My name... // ...is Kurosaki Masaki.

Flashback!Masaki: I'm a Quincy.
[Side text: A love that would be passed on to Ichigo - and a destiny...]

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