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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 530

Everything But the Rain op.3 - Dark of the Moon

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 25, 2013 20:29 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Tenth Division Captain, Shiba Isshin!! An emergency departure to counter the effects of Aizen's schemes on the human world!! And then...]
[Text: 4th June 20:22 Naruki City]
[Sign: Naruki City, Chouhara 2-chome]
Someone: It's starting to cloud over...
Guy1: This gives me a bad feeling... / The last guy, and the guy before him, both died on rainy days, right? // Pretty scary stuff...
Guy2: Dude, don't say things like that...
Isshin: I see... / So rainy days are dangerous, are they?

Guy1: Aaahhh!!!
Isshin: Sounds like useful information!
Guy1: C-C-C-C-C-Captain Shiba!!!!
Isshin: Looks like I arrived here with perfect timing, then.
Guy1: Wh...Wh-wh-why are you...?!
Isshin: That's a relief... I'd hate to have come all this way for nothing.
Guy1: What are you doing in the human world, Captain?!
Isshin: Hm? / Oh... // I was looking for a toilet, and I got lost...
Guy1: You could at least lie like you mean it!!!
Isshin: Oh, by the way... // Tonight... // If it starts to rain, you can head home for a bit.

Isshin: I don't want distractions around while I'm taking a piss.

Bleach 530
Everything But the Rain op.3
Dark of the Moon
[Side text: A smile full of happiness!! Not a sign of gloom to be seen!!]

[The Same Day 20:36 Karakura Town]
[Sign: Ishida]
Woman: So, how are things looking at school?

Woman: Masaki-san.
Masaki: Eh? / Y...You're asking me?! // Well, um... / It's good! / I'm enjoying my school life to the full!
Woman: I was not asking about you. I was asking about the school.
Masaki: The school... / Oh! // I found out recently that you can get free second helpings of cabbage and pickles at the school canteen -
Woman: Oh, never mind. // Tell me... / How is... // ...your "Seiren" progressing?
[TN: Literally "holy training" or "holy trials"]

Masaki: Ahh... / My Seiren... It's, uh... // ...sort of coming along... / ...I guess...
Woman: What do you mean, you "guess"?!!!
Masaki: I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!!
Woman: Are you not fully aware of your position?! // With the previous generation passed away and no siblings to your name... / ...you are the sole remaining member of the Kurosaki clan!! It is out of concern for a fellow Quincy that I have taken you in!!
Masaki: Yes, I know... / This meat is really tasty... // ...Eheheh...
Woman: Now, listen here...
Ryuuken: Mother!

Ryuuken: I think that's enough shouting. // The neighbours will be able to hear.
Woman: ...I will retire to my room. // I will see that dinner is prepared for you shortly. // Once you have finished eating, let Katagiri know to clear the table.
Ryuuken: What about Father?
Woman: ...He is in Fünft Feld. // As for when he will return... I would like to know that myself.

Ryuuken: ...Masaki.
Masaki: Hm?
Ryuuken: ...I'm sorry. // You must forgive my mother for being like that. / She's lonely, and she seems to be taking it out on you.
Masaki: What are you talking about, Ryuu-chan?! / No need to be so uptight, I'm not mad at her! // Besides, it's not really your problem either way! // Enjoy dinner, okay? / I'll just head to my room! // ...Oh, yeah!

Masaki: Today's shrimp gratin was really tasty. // If you can't eat it, I'd be happy to have your portion~!♡ // See you, then~~~!!
Katagiri: Young master... // I have brought your dinner. / Shall I lay the table now?
Ryuuken: Yes... // Please do, Katagiri.

Ryuuken: ...Katagiri...
Katagiri: Yes? / Is something the matter, young master?
Ryuuken: It's Masaki... // She understands that the only reason my mother wishes to take her in... / ...is in order to protect the pure Quincy lineage of the Ishida family.
Katagiri: ...Has your mother spoken to her of this?
Ryuuken: You think she is fool enough not to notice? / She has more sense than that. // I only wonder... / Is marrying me really going to make her happy?
Katagiri: Young master...

Katagiri: ...I see you believe that happiness is necessary in a Quincy marriage. // You are a kind man. // I believe... / That kindness alone will be enough... // ...to bring Masaki-sama the happiness you desire.
Ryuuken: ...Kind? Me? // You cannot honestly believe that.

Ryuuken: The only reason I wish for Masaki's happiness... // ...is because without happiness, she will not be able to look to the future. // Not "our" future... / ...But the future of the Quincy.

Someone: ...Looks like the rain is here.
Guy2: So what now? / The Captain said we should head back... // But I say forget that! / Go back where?! To Soul Society?! / If we do that, it's us who'll be given penalties! // I figure our best chance is to hide around here somewhere. // Whatever happens, the Captain will be able to handle it.

Isshin: (...Whatever our killer is, it's either targeting Shinigami specifically or simply reacting to high levels of reiatsu. // So let's see if a little reiatsu won't lure it out...)
Guy1: Nguohh?! // Whoa...!! // This is Captain Shiba's reiatsu......?!!

Guys: Guahh!! // Aaghhh!!
Isshin: Ugh... // Looks like it's not just about strength of reiatsu!

Isshin: ...What the hell......... // ...is this guy...?!
[Side text: A sinister shadow...!!]
[Bottom text: Next isue, Bleach will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. It will be back in Issue 18.]

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