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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 531

Everything But the Rain op.4 - Dark of the Bleeding Moon

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 2, 2013 21:36 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: A black Hollow appears in the human world... What is its true nature?!]
Isshin: ...What the hell is this guy.........? // A black... / ....Hollow...?

[no text just hollowface]

Isshin: ...I see. // Its whole body may be black... / ...and its whole seems to be blocked up somehow... // ...but its reiatsu is that of a Hollow, no doubt about it!

[no text just lunge]

Aizen: ...Now, this is a surprise. // The Captain of the Tenth Division. // What is he doing here?
Tousen: There are no reports of him being sent to the field.
Gin: My, my... / An unauthorised mission? / I'm sure this will cause a problem or two.
Aizen: Still, no matter. // For us, this is an unexpected prize. // I would like to take a closer look. // Is there any way to do so?

Bleach 531
Everything But the Rain op.4
Dark of the Bleeding Moon
[Side text: A destiny of blood flows freely...]

Masaki: (I can feel...some kind of incredibly large reiatsu moving this way... // A Hollow.........and one more......)
Ryuuken: Where are you going? / Masaki.

Ryuuken: ...I suppose there is no point even asking. / You must not go.
Masaki: ...Ryuu-chan...
Ryuuken: How many times must I tell you? / We Quincy need only take to the battlefield after the Shinigami have fallen. // And even when we do... // ...custom dictates that we leave that duty to the Gemischt, such as Katagiri. // Masaki. / You need to consider your own position more carefully. // You understand, do you not? / It is important... / ...that you remember to take proper care of yourself.

Ryuuken: It is not our place as Echt Quincy... // ...to allow our purebred blood to be so easily spilled.
Masaki: But, Ryuu-chan...
Isshin: (This isn't too good. // I'm being forced to play the defensive.)

Isshin: (I don't know what to make of this thing. // Its appearance, though unusual in the extreme, is clearly that of a Hollow. // Yet the way it attacks...it's almost like fighting a Shinigami. // ...It's throwing me off!!)
Shinigami: Captain Shiba?!

Shinigami: What are you doing here?! // Karakura Town is under the jurisdiction of the 13th Division!
Isshin: (Damnit... // I've crossed the area boundary...?) // ! // Oh, shi- // RUN!!!

Ryuuken: !! // ! // Wait, Masaki!!
Masaki: Ryuu-chan.

Masaki: I understand... / ...how you're always thinking about your mother and the Quincy as a whole... // Always considering what's best for the future, taking into account all the consequences of your actions. // And I honestly admire... / ...the way you're able to do that. // But you see, // I'm not you, Ryuu-chan. // To me, "taking proper care of myself"... // ...means making sure I do what I can in the here and now. // Because if I decided not to take action because of rules and customs... / ...and somebody died because I did nothing... // I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself for that.

Ryuuken: ......Katagiri. // We're moving out. // Prepare the spiritual armaments.
Isshin: What was that just now...? // A Cero...?!

Isshin: You've gotta be kidding me. / This is no Hollow... // This is the fighting style of a Menos...!! // ...Hey, there. / I can't imagine a beast like you would be able to rampage freely without Soul Society detecting a thing. // There's gotta be someone covering up after you... / Who's behind this? // ...I guess an answer is too much to expect... // But no matter. // Whether you talk or not... // There's only one thing for me to do here. Take you down!

Isshin: Burn... // Engetsu!!!

Isshin: Wha...
[Insert text: Just as the enemy was about to fall...a dark blade cuts through the night?!]

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