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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Bleach 533

Everything But the Rain op.6 - The Gravitation

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 16, 2013 20:30 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Misaki steps in to save Isshin in his hour of need! But their enemy, White...?!]

[no text just asplode]

Tousen: He exploded...?! // This cannot be...!

Masaki: ! // Are you okay?! // Are you all right?!
Isshin: Yeah... // Urghhh... / Sorry about this... I appreciate it... // Man, I feel pathetic... / A Captain like me, having to get his ass saved by a girl...

Masaki: Don't say that... // It's me who was saved by you... / If you hadn't defended me, you wouldn't have been...
Isshin: Hahah! // Then let's say we're even! / Right?!
Masaki: ...Hold still. / I'll heal you up.
Isshin: Thanks... // Still... / That was some impressive work, taking that sucker out all on your own... // Who exactly are you, young lady?
Masaki: (What now...? // What should I say? // How will a Shinigami like him react if he finds out that I'm a Quincy?)

Masaki: My name... // ...is Kurosaki Masaki. // I'm a Quincy.
Isshin: ...Oh, right! / A Quincy, huh? // First time I've ever seen one in person!

Isshin: Man~~~~! / I feel kind of lucky, getting to meet a Quincy first-hand!
Masaki: (This man... // What is he? // Is this what Shinigami are like? // Are all Shinigami the same as him? // I kind of hope they are... // After all, if they are... // I'm sure Ryuu-chan, and my Aunt, and everyone else...)

Ryuuken: ......Let us leave. / Katagiri. // Masaki is safe. // Nothing untoward happened here. // Understood?
Katagiri: ...Of course. // It is as you say, young master.

Tousen: How can this be?!! // For him to self-destruct can only mean that he has moved beyond mere Hollowification of a target... / ...and achieved the final "transfer" stage...! // Why did it have to be a Quincy......?! // The experiment is a failure... // We created him to transform Shinigami into Hollows, yet now... / It has all gone to waste...!
Aizen: I would not say that. // Sometimes a result that differs from the original intent... // ...can prove to be more significant than the expected outcome. // This was unexpected, yes... / In other words, it was "an outcome that we could not have predicted". // It intrigues me.

Aizen: A Hollow created from a perished Shinigami... // ...chose as its target a Quincy,
the being most different of all from itself. // Do you not feel curious... / ...about what this choice might lead to?
[Side text: Enjoying even his failures...]
[Bleach 533]
[Everything But the Rain op.6]

["The Gravitation"]
Isshin: That concludes... // ...my report on these events.
Yamamoto: ...I see.

Yamamoto: While your unauthorised departure was a crime, / the fact remains that your swift action allowed officer casualties to be kept to a minimum... // ...and significantly reduced the damage that was done to the human world. // As such... // You will not be held accountable for this offence!
Isshin: Phew...! / I mean, // Thank you very much, Captain-Commander!
Mayuri: Hah. // I would say the real crime here is his failure to recover the remains of this mysterious Hollow.
Yamamoto: By the by...

Yamamoto: Your report only details the unusual nature of the Hollow itself, but... // Do I have your word that this report is comprehensive? // There is nothing else of note... // ...that you have failed to mention, perhaps?
Isshin: ...No, sir. // There is nothing else.

Masaki: (I wonder if he made it back to Soul Society all right...? // I hope he didn't get into any trouble... // I wish I'd at least... // ...asked him his name...)

Isshin: (So the rumours that there are still surviving Quincy out there were true... // That girl... // Coming out to save a Shinigami... // And declaring she was a Quincy, too... // That must have taken some guts. // She's really something. // I wish I'd spent a little more time talking with her.) // ...Maybe I ought to find her again... / To thank her properly, at least.

Kanan: Honestly...... / You've got it so good, Masaki! // You're living under the same roof with Ishida-senpai, right~?! / Every day must be filled with excitement!
Masaki: I keep telling you, Ryuu-chan's just a cousin! // It's not like that at all!
Shiho: That's right. / Even if they weren't cousins, he wouldn't be Masaki's type at all.
Masaki: See, Shiho knows what she's talking about! / Though I'm not sure why the "even if" was quite necessary!
Kanan: I don't get you at all! / Even if he was my cousin, I'd be totally wet for Ishida-senpai!
Masaki: Kanan, that's gross! / Shiho, tell her that's gross!

Masaki: Ah... / I...I'm sorry!
Urahara: No, no... / No problem, no problem. / Are you all right, little lady?
Kanan: You okay, Masaki?!
Masaki: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine!
[Side text: A chance encounter with Urahara...!!]

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