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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Bleach 534

Everything But the Rain op.7 - Hole of Reproach

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 21, 2013 00:02 | Go to Bleach

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[Insert text: Around and around to the ALL NEW GREEN DAYS!]

Rangiku: Captain, Captain~~~! / Capta~~~~~~in!! // A sudden mission came up and I've got to head over to the dango shop~~~! // Could you take care of these for - // Hm?
To Rangiku
I'm heading to the human world for a bit!
Make some kind of excuse for me to the Captain-Commander!
Rangiku: ...Th... // THE HELL IS THIS~~~~~~~?!!! // Just because he was lucky enough to get away with it last time, now he's off to the human world again?!! / Does he never learn?!!

Rangiku: And what kind of attitude is that when he's got work to do, anyway?!!
Hitsugaya: You're one to talk.
[Bleach 534]
[Everything But the Rain Op.7]

["Hole of Reproach"]
Masaki: I'm home~~~!!
Ryuuken: Welcome back, Masa-
Aunt: Masaki-san.

Masaki: Er... / Reporting back for duty!
Aunt: We need to talk. // From what I hear... // It seems that a few days ago, you aided a Shinigami in fighting a Hollow?
Masaki: Eh...

Masaki: I... / I'm not sure what you're... // ...talking about...
Aunt: I find that extremely doubtful. // Lying does not befit a lady.
Ryuuken: (Katagiri!!!)
Aunt: Why did you not tell me of this? / No, more to the point... // Why did you do such a thing in the first place?! // Does the concept of shame mean nothing to you?! / My girl... // The Ishida family has taken you in... / ...and you reward us by breaking Quincy law?!
Ryuuken: Katagiri!!

Ryuuken: Why did you tell my mother what happened?!! // I told you, did I not?! / That night... / I said, "Nothing untoward happened here!"
Katagiri: But, young master... / Something did happen!
Ryuuken: What...?
Katagiri: Masaki-sama was injured by that Hollow's attack! // If she does not receive proper treatment from the Master and his wife, using proper Quincy healing techniques... // ...the blood of the Ishida family may be prevented from remaining pure!!
Ryuuken: What kind of ridiculous reason is-
Katagiri: "Ridiculous reason"?!

Katagiri: What more important reason can there be?!! // Young master... / You said it to me yourself!! // That your marriage to Masaki-sama... // ...is for the sake of the future of the Quincy...!
Ryuuken: Ugh!! // Mother!!

Ryuuken: Mother, please wait!!
Masaki: ! / Ryuu-chan!!
Aunt: Ryuuken!
Ryuuken: Masaki is not to blame for this incident! // Masaki only -
Masaki: I... / It's fine, Ryuu-chan, really! // I'm not -

Ryuuken: ...Masaki............!
Aunt: Masaki-san...?
Ryuuken: Masaki!! // What's wrong, Masaki?!! // Are you hurt, or...

Ryuuken: ........................ // ...This can't be...............
Aunt: ...What in the world is this...? // ...A Hollow's hole...? // !

Aunt: What are you intending to do, Ryuuken...?
Ryuuken: Where is Father?!
Aunt: I do not know. / I am attempting to contact him right now. // For the time being, you will wait here. // Ryuuken!!! // I said wait!! // We don't even know what that girl's body is! // It could put you in danger!! // Stop this, Ryuuken!! // Come back at once! / Come back...

Aunt: Please, come back... // Ryuuken!!!
Ryuuken: (What the hell is this.........? // What is happening to Masaki......? // What is this hole, like in a Hollow's chest......? // Why is she in so much pain...? // Why......?!

Ryuuken: Why didn't I... // ...stop her when I had the chance?! // Why didn't I... // ...enter that battle myself to protect her?! // Why...... // !

Isshin: Whew~~~~~~! / That was a close one! // You got lucky there, kid! // No need to thank me, though! // I'm not interested in gratitude from guys, you know?
Ryuuken: ...You......!
Isshin: Hm? / Hang on...

Isshin: ! // Hold it... / Let me see that girl! // Isn't that...
Ryuuken: Don't you touch her!!! // Whose fault... / Whose fault do you think it is that Masaki ended up like this......? // This happened because she protected you!!!

Ryuuken: She didn't care that she was breaking Quincy law... / She put herself in danger to protect you, a Shinigami... // And she was wounded as a result... // Why does this have to happen to Masaki?!!!
Isshin: ...This happened because of her wound back then...?
Ryuuken: I can hardly think of any other explanation... / ...for this Hollow-like wound on her body...! // You of all people -
Urahara: I think that's enough.

Urahara: There's no time for fighting amongst ourselves. // I must ask... // ...the both of you to come with me. // I can give you a choice... // ...that may save the girl's life.
[Side text: A ray of hope in the darkness...?!]

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