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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 537

Everything But the Rain op.10 - Prinz von Licht

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 19, 2013 22:22 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: A mother dies protecting her child. But what lies behind this scene...?!]
Isshin: The fact is...

Isshin: Your mother... // ...shouldn't have died that day at all.
Ichigo: .................. // ...What are you talking about...?
Isshin: The Quincy... // ...have an ability called "Blut".

Ichigo: Yeah. / Urahara-san told me. // They send reiatsu flowing through their veins to boost their natural abilities.
Isshin: That's right. / This "Blut" is an ability that all pure-blooded Quincy possess from birth, // and those who don't can acquire it through training. // Masaki, / though she may have been tainted by a Hollow, was originally a pure-blooded Quincy. // And she possessed incredible natural ability... / Particularly for Blut Vene, the ability to boost her own defences. // In fact, that was why the wound she suffered from that Hollow the day she met me attracted so much attention. // And even after that, she had never suffered even the slightest wound from another Hollow. // Which is why... / That day...

Isshin: It wasn't that I couldn't go and help her. // I actively chose not to. // I was at home when it happened. / I could feel Masaki's reiatsu, and Grand Fisher's reiatsu as well. // Without my Shinigami powers, I probably couldn't have done much to help even if I had tried... / But even so, if I felt Masaki was in any danger, I would have rushed to her side. // Grand Fisher was a Hollow with particular skill at hiding its own reiatsu, yes... / But even taking that into account, the difference between it and Masaki was night and day. // There shouldn't have been any risk of defeat. // She should have been able to defeat Grand Fisher without suffering a single scratch.

Isshin: But as you know... // That wasn't how it turned out. // ...Ichigo. / Your friend, Uryuu-kun... // Has he ever told you about his mother?

Ichigo: ......... / ...No. // He's not really the type... / ...to talk about his family or anything...
Isshin: ...His mother's name was Katagiri Kanae. // She was a mixed-blooded Quincy. // Nine years ago... // ...on the seventeenth of June, she collapsed... // ...and a mere three months later, she passed away.
Ichigo: .........What the hell... // What the hell happened nine years ago.........?!

Isshin: "Auswählen". // What happened nine years ago... // ...was a systematic "selection" of the Quincy at the hands of Juchabach. // In Quincy lore... / ...there is a tale that speaks of a sealed-away King.

Isshin: According to this tale... // This sealed King of the Quincy... // ...would recover his heartbeat over a span of 900 years... / ...recover his intellect over a further 90 years... // ...and over a final 9 years, recover his power. // In order to recover his own power... / Juchabach stole the powers of the mixed-blood Quincy, who he judged to be "unclean", and made those powers his own. // Katagiri Kanae, whose body was weak to begin with, passed away as a result of this process...

Isshin: And Masaki... // ...with her powers gone, was defeated in battle, and lost her life.
Ichigo: .................. / ...Why... // Why is he able to do a thing like that...? // Because he's their King......? // Who the hell is this Juchabach, anyway......?!
Isshin: ...Juchabach is the forefather of the Quincy. // He founded the Quincy tradition. // And his blood...

Isshin: ...runs in the veins of all Quincy.
Flashback!Juchabach: The memories within your reiatsu... // ...have been awakened all too soon. // It is not capable...of capturing a Quincy. // So you truly know nothing. // Not even about your own mother. // Farewell, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Flashback!Juchabach: My precious son... // ...born in the dark.
Ichigo: ......Dad...

Ichigo: Thank you.

Isshin: ...No problem.
Ichigo: Ikumi-san...
Ikumi: Ah...... // Hey! / Ichigo. // Look, uh... // I just dropped by... // ...to give you something you left at my place.

Ichigo: Thanks for that. / Ikumi-san. // Dad. // I'll... / ...see you guys later.

Juchabach: So you have returned, Haschwald. // And your target?
Haschwald: He is here.
Juchabach: ...I welcome you...

Juchabach: Ishida Uryuu. // Come... // Let us fight together. // My precious son.
[Bleach 537. Everything But the Rain op.10]
[Prinz von Licht]
[Insert text: His bloodline beckons...]

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