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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 538

Standing on the Edge

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 25, 2013 18:31 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Ichigo has learned the secret of his birth, and the truth behind his mother's death. Now, he returns to the Spirit Palace...?!]
Isshin: ............... // O~~~~i! / Ichigo~~! // You say you'll "see us later"... / ...but how are you planning to actually get back there?

Mera: Perfect timing! // Let's head back!

Mera: ...The "Choukaimon" our Master used to send you to the human world only functions if a specific return time is set in advance. // He intended from the start to bring you back after a single night had passed. / He figured if nothing changed in that time, there was no point waiting any longer.

Nimaiya: That's~~ the~~ / deal! // The look on your face sure has improved. / I think now, you ought to be able to pass the test. // So! / Let's see how you fare with the Asauchi this - // !

[no text just kneeling asauchi]

Ichigo: It's you.

Nimaiya: ...Very good. // Come with me. // I'll be happy to reforge... // ...that blade of yours myself.
[Bleach 538. Standing On the Edge]
[Side text: The "chosen" Asauchi...]
People: Hahh! // Huhh!

People: Hyahh! // Hyahh!
Instructor: Put your backs into it, you lot!
People: Hyahh!
Instructor: You'll never slice through the Quincy with blades like that!!
People: Yessir!!
Guy1: Hey...
Guy2: What? Don't talk to me during training...
Guy1: What do you think about Captain Hitsugaya...?
Guy2: Huh~~? // What is there to think? He's lost his Bankai, right? / It's over for him. / Who can say what'll happen to the 10th Division now...
Instructor: You two! Zip your mouths!!
People: Y... / Yessir!!
Instructor: !
People: C...

People: Captain Hitsugaya...!
Instructor: Captain! / What business might you have here...?
Hitsugaya: I would like to take part in your training.
Instructor: Wha...?!
Hitsugaya: My Bankai has been stolen from me. / If I am to go on fighting using my skills with the blade alone... // I must start over from the basics.
People: ............
Hitsugaya: Please continue.
Instructor: Y... / Yes, sir!

People: Hahh! // Huhh!
Hitsugaya: (After the battle with Aizen, I put everything I had into mastering my Bankai. // I honed it until it could be called a "true Bankai". // But now, that Bankai has been taken from me...... // I must cast aside that which I have lost. // I don't have time to be fruitlessly hoping for its return. // I must keep moving forward. // Moving forward......)

Hisagi: ...What is it, Captain? // Why have you brought me all the way out here...?
Kensei: Shuuhei. / Release your Bankai.
Hisagi: Eh...?
Kensei: My Bankai was not taken from me this time, but there is no guarantee that I will be so lucky next time. // We need as many people who can use Bankai as we can get.

Hisagi: !
Kensei: Use your Hollow mast, Mashiro!
Mashiro: Roger that~~! / He~~~n... / ...shin!
Kensei: Watch yourself, Shuuhei. Mashiro's Hollow form is pretty damn strong. / I'm pretty sure achieving Bankai is your only chance if you want to survive.
Hisagi: H... Hold on, Kuna! // Captain Muguruma! / This is far too sudden, I -

Hisagi: *cough*...!
Mashiro: That's no good~~~~! // A Lieutenant shouldn't talk back to a Super Lieutenant~~~!
Kensei: ...You idiot. / I told you to watch yourself. // I hope you're not fooling yourself into thinking I wouldn't actually let you die. // I'm not... // ...as soft as Tousen, you know!

Hisagi: Wait a moment, please... // Captain Muguruma. / I've always looked up to you... / ...and you have my utmost respect. // However... // That doesn't give you the right to speak ill of Captain Tousen...!
Iba: Nine hundred and ninety-eight... // One thousand!!!

Iba: Whew... // ...Captain Komamura... // He's certainly taking his time coming out from that mysterious cave...
OldDog: ...Who goes there?
Komamura: ...It has been quite some time.

Komamura: Oojiji-sama.
[TN: Possibly "great-grandfather"? Or just "large grandfather"? =p Could also just be a generic "elder" type title, but I do get the feeling these two are related, so...]
OldDog: ............Sajin. // You have some nerve showing your face here again.
[TN: A mighty form speaks spiteful words...]

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