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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 539

Prob-less, Progress

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 1, 2013 23:08 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: In Seireitei, still covered in the scars of battle...]
Akon: Hey.
Girl: Akon-san! / Are you all right to be up and about already?!
Akon: All right? I wouldn't say so. / I'm in pain. // But you know... / I can't really stand just lying about doing nothing.

Akon: Where's the Captain?
Girl: Well, actually...... / After the Quincy attacked, he locked himself in his room with the Lieutenant and he still hasn't come out...
Akon: He hasn't come out at all? / Not even once?
Girl: That's right... // Is something the matter?
Akon: Something's not right.

Akon: The Captain's been holed up in his room for over 24 hours, yet he hasn't activated the surveillance bugs in the Division building. // This has never happened before!
Girl: Eh...?
Akon: Maybe there's been some kind of emergency in there... // Or perhaps the surveillance bugs have been cracked, and he's doing some kind of experiment he doesn't want anyone to see... // Whatever it is, I'm going to find out!
Girl: Akon-san, what exactly is...?
Akon: A camera I set up inside the Captain's quarters.
Girl: But surely that's...!
Akon: Be quiet. / Just watch!

Mayuri: ......s......th.........s. // ......t.........sh...
Girl: ........................
Mayuri: ......t... Can you move?
Akon: ...What in the world...? // What is the Captain... // ...making in there...?!!
[Bleach 539]

[Prob-less, Progress]
Mareyo: Onii-sama~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
[Sign: Oomaeda]
Mareyo: Where are you, Onii-sama~~~?!!
[Text: Second Daughter of the Oomaeda Family / Oomaeda Mareyo]
Mareyo: Onii-sama!!
Oomaeda: Ah, shaddup, Mareyo, you idiot!! / Can't you see I'm taking a nap?!
Mareyo: Of course! I'm sorry! // Onii-sama! Would you be so kind as to play ball with me?!
Oomaeda: I don't wanna!

Oomaeda: Ahhhh! // D...Don't make that face, Mareyo!! / Look, the thing is, I'm busy, and...
Marejirousaburou: Come along, Mareyo... // Our brother is clearly tired from his duties... / Let us allow him some rest... // I will read you an entertaining book...
[Text: Second Son of the Oomaeda Family / Oomaeda Marejirousaburou]
Mareyo: I don't like your books, Saburou-niisama! They're always creepy!
Marejirousaburou: C - Creepy...?! // Hahah! / What the hell are you talking about lolololol I can't believe you don't understand the beauty of my books ololololol!
Mareyo: Bye-bye, Onii-sama! // I'm going to go on a walk to escape from Saburou-niisama!
Marejirousaburou: Hold on! Did you just say "escape"?!

Oomaeda: ......Captain... // In the end... / ...you didn't take me with you after all...

BigDog: What do you want here? / Sajin.

Komamura: Oojiji-sama... // I wish for you to teach me the secret technique of our clan.
BigDog: Ha... // Ahahahahahahaha // hahahahahahahah!!

BigDog: Don't make me laugh. // You, who so hated the face you were born with... / ...that you covered it in heavy armour and let the world think you were human? // How dare you presume to claim your heritage?
Komamura: Look at me, please. / I have cast that helmet aside! // In the past few decades, the world has begun to change. / I believe that a world in which our kind need not hide in the shadows... / ...is almost within our reach. // But that world... // ...is now in terrible danger!!

BigDog: Silence, boy!!! // ...You seem to be a little confused. // The world will not be destroyed. // It will merely be controlled by different men.

BigDog: We will not change. / No matter who seizes control of this world... // We will live on, in the shadows.
Komamura: And I am telling you we can change that! / For the sake of our children and grandchildren... / We must change this world for the better!
BigDog: It will not change. / There is no need for such things. // It matters not to whom this world belongs. / That is not our concern.
Komamura: Oojiji-sama!!
BigDog: ...Do you not see, Sajin? / I am telling you... / ...not to disturb the peace of our kind. / If you say you cannot do this...

BigDog: I will crush you underfoot.

Komamura: Feel free... // ...to try!
[Sign: Houou Estate]

Ichigo: OOOOURGHHH!!! // *splutter* / *cough* / *cough*
Nimaiya: Hey yo! / You all right there, Ichigo-chan?! // I warned you it was dangerous, but what did you do? You went diving in head-first... / You're a real brave man, Ichigo-chan, I'll tell you that.
Ichigo: You're the one who practically threw me in!!
Nimaiya: Yeah, yeah, enough of that. // Take a look at this!

[no text just waterfall]

Nimaiya: This is the reason why the Houou Estate lies on the edge of a cliff! // If I didn't have all this water, I wouldn't be able to reforge your Bankai! // And, Ichigo-chan... / I hope you're prepared. // Because this is where you're gonna have to say goodbye... // ...to Zangetsu... // ...your very own Zanpakutou!

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