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Translations: Gintama 531 (2) , One Piece 776 by cnet128 , Bleach 615 by cnet128

Bleach 544

Walking With Watchers

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 8, 2013 18:36 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The declaration of a successor to the King sends ripples through the ranks. Shortly after the announcement, Uryuu...]
Uryuu: ...Why? // Why would you choose me as your successor?
Juchabach: You think it strange?
Uryuu: It seems to me that declaring a newcomer such as myself as your successor so suddenly... // ...will only cause discord amongst your soldiers.

Juchabach: ...It pleases me that you are not such a fool as to simply accept this decision unquestioningly. // However, your judgement is lacking. / The reason why I have appointed you as my successor... // ...should be simple enough to deduce.
Uryuu: ...............
Juchabach: You do not see? // Then let me ask you this. // Uryuu. / Why are you... // ...alive right now?

Uryuu: !
Juchabach: It seems you are quick to understand. // Nine years ago... / When I carried out my "Auswählen"... // ...all living Gemischt Quincy breathed their last. // All but you. // You... / ...are the only Quincy in all of history to survive my Auswählen. // This is why... / ...I referred to you as the "final Quincy to survive in this world".

Juchabach: There is something you possess... / ...that surpasses even my own power. // That is why... // ...I chose to name you as my successor. // Understand your place, Uryuu. // There is no need for doubt. // You need only come with me.

Ishida: ...Of course. // I understand completely. / Your Majesty.........
[Side text: Uryuu speaks words of submission...]
[Bleach 544]
[Walking With Watchers]

Soldier: Yessir! // A-Are you talking to me, sir?!
Bambietta: Yep. / You, soldier! // I need some...special relief today. / Come to my room!
Soldier: I... // It would be my honour!!
Someone: Ka...

Someone: ...paaaaahhhh~~~~~!
Candice: Ohhh, would you stop doing that?!! // Look at all the mess you've made!!

Bambietta: ...As if you guys don't dirty the place up too.

Liltotto: Crumbs from eating snacks and bloodstains are two totally different things. // You stinking slut.
[Text: Sternritter "G" / Liltotto Lamperd]
Meninas: It would be preferable if you could at least do it outside...
[Text: Sternritter "P" / Meninas McAllon]
Candice: This isn't an issue of "inside" or "outside"! // What I'm trying to say is, you gotta do something about that habit of picking out a hot guy and killing him whenever something pisses you off!
[Text: Sternritter "T" / Candice Catnipp]
Giselle: Because you just love to "sample" your subordinates, don't you, Candi-chan~?
[Text: Sternritter "Z" / Giselle Gewelle]

Candice: Ehh?! / When did I ever say that~~?! // You trying to start a fight here, Gigi?! / Look at me when I'm talking to you!!
Bambietta: ...Could you all be quiet? // I've got bigger things to worry about right now.
Candice: ...Bigger things? / What d'you mean?

Bambietta: Isn't it obvious? / I'm talking about the future of the Wandenreich.
SomeWoman: ...Welcome back. / Haschwalth-sama.

Haschwalth: ...You're still awake? // It's getting late. // You should rest.
SomeWoman: ...I heard the news. / About His Majesty's announcement. // It may be presumptuous of me to say this... / ...but... // I feel you should speak with His Majesty about this matter.
Haschwalth: You are dissatisfied?
SomeWoman: Do you mean to say you are not, Haschwalth-sama?
Haschwalth: ...Perhaps you would not understand.

Haschwalth: This is... / ...His Majesty's will. // Announcing his successor in that way was certain to cause excessive unrest within the ranks. // I cannot imagine His Majesty would fail to foresee this. // In which case, there can only be one conclusion. / This unrest... / ...was caused by His Majesty deliberately. // Unrest forces people to keep a close eye on one another... / And what is more... / All of those eyes... // ...will be keenly focused upon Ishida Uryuu. // No matter who that man may be... / No matter what power he may possess... / ...or what views he may hold... // With this announcement...

Haschwalth: ...he is no longer able to take any action whatsoever. // No path remains for that man now... / ...but to devote himself utterly to serving His Majesty. // He has no other choice. // Even if he sees through to His Majesty's true intentions... // ...that will change nothing now.

Orihime: Whewwwww~~~~~~~~! // I made it~~~!! // I get that the journey is part of the training, but it sure was a long way to these Negal Ruins... / I wonder how Sado-kun is doing right now...
Flashback!Chad: This tastes bad... What is it...? // I can't even tell what it's made of... / How unsettling...
Orihime: I remember he was getting all worried about these tasty potato-like things we have to eat... I hope he makes it here okay. // You're doing okay too, right, Pero-chan?

Pero: Of course! // Do not worry about me, pero!
Flashback!Urahara: Just to be safe, I'll send this little fellow along with you! // He's fitted with a camera function, so no need to worry if things go wrong! / If anything happens, I'll be with you in a jiffy, so just relax and concentrate on the journey!
Orihime: ...That's what he said, but... // I didn't see any sign of him showing up even when I did get into trouble... // !
Chad: You're pretty late, Inoue!
Orihime: Sado-kun! / Thank goodness, you made it here all right...
Chad: Everyone's waiting for you!

Orihime: "Everyone"...? // Huh? / ...Ehhh?!
Urahara: It looks like they all made it... // That's good to see. // It looks like... //'ll my preparations here that end up taking longer...
[Side text: The final battle approaches, for them too...]

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