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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Bleach 545

Blue Stripes

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 14, 2013 19:44 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The Kurosaki household. Yuzu demonstrates her cooking skills, on a day like any other.]
[Sign: Kurosaki Clinic]
Yuzu: Dad~~~! Karin-cha~~n! // Dinner's ready~~!

Dad: Oka~~~~y! I'll be right there as soon as I've got rid of this patient~~!!
Patient: Excuse me?! Are you talking about me there, Doctor?!
Karin: Hang on~~~~! / I'll be there as soon as I beat this boss!!
Yuzu: Make sure you do stop soon, okay~~~?!
Karin: I know, I know!
Yuzu: ...I hope Onii-chan... / ...gets back from his training camp soon...

Bleach 545
Blue Stripes
[Side text: Peace and tranquility. Interweaved with a lonely absence...]

[no text just faceoff]

Renji/Rukia: Whe~~~~~~~~~~w!!! // Guehhhhhh~~~!! // This stuff really takes a lot out of you!!
Rukia: Worthless fool! / What is so difficult about training that simply involves facing one another silently?!
Renji: Ah, shaddup! I'm not cut out for it, that's all! // Not for standing still for long periods of time, or for pointing my blade at an ally!
Rukia: I...I do not enjoy pointing my blade at an ally any more than you!
Renji: Yeah, and that's why you look as worn out as I do.

Renji: Besides which... // I'm still not used to the atmosphere of this place...
Rukia: It is true... // The concentration of spirit particles in the air here is quite irregular. // It no longer feels so oppressive that it physically weighs down my body... / But every motion I make here still feels like moving through water. // I cannot imagine what kind of effects all this spiritual particle concentration must have on our bodies... // !

Rukia: Yes, this is Kuchiki! / Yes... / ...! Really?! // Yes! / Of course!
Renji: ? / Who is it?
Rukia: That was Kirinji-dono!
Renji: Ohhhh...
Imaginary!Kirinji: [aside]you have a flashback of me but you don't show my face? what's up with that?[/aside]
Renji: The guy with the hot springs and the beak hair... / When did you get a hold of his number...?
Rukia: He says my brother... // ...has made a full recovery!
Kirinji: You sure spent a long time in that bath. // I think you're the first guy who's ever stayed that long in one of my springs. // How you feeling? // Blood rushing to your head from the heat?
Byakuya: ...There is no danger of that.

Byakuya: I have learned all too well... // ...that I am still far too weak to allow myself to grow headstrong.
[TN: Silly Japanese pun here - "noboseru" means both "to grow dizzy from bathing" and "to become arrogant".]
Byakuya: As I have been lucky enough to survive... // ...I must strive to once more achieve strength enough to justify the pride I once held.
Renji: He's back in action?! / That's great news...! // ...Which means next he'll be stuffing his face, reforging his blade, and then...
Rukia: ......That place.

Renji: ...That place was harsh, all right... / The measuring-up from hell...
Rukia: Indeed... / Stripped down naked... // It is painful even to remember... // Oi... / Renji! // Why are you remembering it?!! // Stop! Do not do this to yourself! // Renji~~~~!!
Flashback!Renji: Eh?

Flashback!Shutara: Do not make me repeat myself. / I sincerely doubt you failed to hear my instruction. // Now hurry and remove your undergarment.
Flashback!Renji: Hold it, hold it... / You're just measuring me for a new Shinigami robe, right? // I'm sure you can do that while I'm wearing a fundoshi!
Flashback!Shutara: ...I see... // Very well. / So be it. // I will slice off your most precious part before taking your measurements.
Flashback!Renji: Okay, I'll strip, I'll strip!!!
Rukia: Have you come to your senses, Renji?! / Thank goodness! / I was afraid you would recall all the way up to the point where you removed your undergarments!! // Still... / It is one thing for you to undergo such treatment, but when I think that my brother must experience the same ordeal, it pains my heart deeply...
Renji: (For me it's one thing.........?)
Rukia: Ah, poor brother of mine...

Hyousube: Wahahahahahahah!!! // You have both become quite talkative, I see!
[Box: Division Zero / "The Eyeball Monk" / Hyousube Ichibei]

Hyousube: When you first arrived here, you were so overcome by the spirit particle density that you could scarcely breathe or move, and could only lie cowering on the ground... // ...but look at you now! How far you have come! // What do you say? // Are you ready to train with me in the inner chamber?
Rukia/Renji: Yes!!!
Shinji: Listen, all right~~~~~~~~~~?!!

Shinji: I ain't orderin' you around or nothin' here!! // I'm askin' you for a favour with my head bowed low!!
Hiyori: Head bowed low? Don't make me laugh!! // Even over the phone, I can tell that's a barefaced lie!!!
Shinji: Just take care of it for me, okay?! / You're the only one I can count on here!! / How's that make you feel?!! Special, right?!! Like a chosen hero, right?!! Y'see~~~?!!
Hiyori: Ah - !! // Hold it, don't you dare hang up--
Hacchi: Hiyori-sa~~~~n! // A package has arrived for you from Soul Society...
Hiyori: That was fast!! // Hang on, how does post from Soul Society to here even work?!!
Hacchi: There are two senders listed on the label. // Hirako Shinji... / ...and Kurotsuchi Mayuri...

Hiyori: Ohhhhh, forget it! I've just gotta do this thing, don't I, dammitall!!! // "Team Fixin' Up Those Stupid Distortions Between The Human World And Soul Society"... / hereby assembled!!
Lisa: "Assembled"...?
Love: You including us in this thing?
Hiyori: 'Course I am, you layabouts!!!
Tatsuki: Ichigo?

Keigo: Y'know... // I just thought you might have some idea where he's gone off to, Arisawa.
Tatsuki: How am I meant to know that?
Keigo: Even you don't know, huh...? / I guess that's all our options spent, then...
Tatsuki: Did you try asking Yuzu-chan and Karin-chan?
Keigo: They said he's gone to a training camp with the Soccer Club. / The tournament finished last month already, though...
Tatsuki: Why, that little...
Mizuiro: Now, now... // At any rate, since Chad, Inoue-san and Ishida-kun are all missing too, it seems likely that this is something Soul Society-related. / I'm sure he'll show up again sooner or later.
Shunsui: ...Excuse me, fellows.

Keigo: ...Who's that?
Tatsuki: You idiot! / He's obviously someone here about Ichigo!
Mizuiro: The Captain of the Eighth Division, isn't that right? / I recall hearing the soldiers calling him that during the cleanup after the Aizen conflict.

Shunsui: I'm honoured that you would remember me even though we haven't been introduced. // Though I would have been happier if it was a girl.
Mizuiro: What do you want with us? // If a Captain is coming to see us personally, I presume it must be something important.
Shunsui: ...Well, yes. / I came here today... // ...because there is something very important I need to tell you all. // It regards... / ...your parting with Ichigo-kun.

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