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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Bleach 547

Peace from Shadows

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 11, 2013 19:41 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: With twin souls in his hands......!!]

The Bloodwar Begins

[Side text: The scene before their eyes suddenly begins to change. The world is shifting...]
Shinigami: ......What the......

Bleach 547
Peace from Shadows
Shinigami: What's... / What's going on here...?!! // Seireitei......

Shinigami: Seireitei is...... // ...disappearing......!!!

[no text just reactionfaces]

Shunsui: ...Dear me... / We anticipated that their attack would come suddenly, like before... // ...and set up all kinds of measures within Seireitei in preparation... // But nobody foresaw them taking away our home advantage like this...
Kiyone: Ahh......
Sentarou: Ahhhh......
Kiyone/Sentarou: Captain!! / It's terrible! Seireitei has... // Captain!! // Captain Ukitake!!

Hiyosu: Ugh! / Nothing's showing up at all! // Damn it!!
Akon: Hiyosu...
Hiyosu: Shut up, Akon!! // You're telling me Seireitei's vanished?! / Don't be ridiculous! That's impossible!!
Akon: You're not going to trust what the instruments we developed ourselves are telling us? // You should know... / ...that the values you're looking at are absolute.
Hiyosu: Then what about the reality I can see with my own eyes?! // The instruments in the Institute are right here, they haven't disapp-

Akon: Ugh...!!
Hiyosu: Wha......... // What is this......? // What in the world... // ...is going on...?!

Hiyosu: What in the hell is happening here?!!!
Juchabach: ......I see they do not understand. // When my Quincy were defeated in battle, a thousand years ago, with nowhere left to run... / They fled the human world... / ...and sought refuge in the place where you were the least vigilant...Seireitei itself. // Within Seireitei... / ...they created hidden spaces from spirit particles for themselves in all the city's shadows...

Juchabach: And they named this realm... // ...our "hidden empire": the Wandenreich.
Askin: Our decision worked out perfectly. / After all, unlike in the human world, Soul Society is full to bursting with the spirit particles that give us our power. // There was no limit to what we could do.
Akon: !!
Askin: And so... / Over the past thousand years... // ...we've slowly been building up our strength here in the shadows.
Haschwalth: In other words......

Haschwalth: In both our previous assault and this assault... / ...we did not penetrate Seireitei's protective barrier and infiltrate it from the outside. // We were inside the barrier from the very beginning.
Nanao: !!
Shunsui: ...Welcome. // And thank you for the valuable information. // You certainly wasted no time reaching the place where the captain's quarters were located. / I guess you must have some pretty effective soldiers on your side.

Haschwalth: Wandenreich Imperial Advisor and Sternritter Grandmaster... // ...Jugram Haschwalth, at your service.
Shunsui: I'm Kyouraku Shunsui, Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 and Captain of the First Division. / Though you've probably not heard that news yet, since I was only just appointed. // Or perhaps you did know, since you were well-informed enough to come straight here?
Haschwalth: I did indeed. // That is why I chose to come here first of all.
Shunsui: Impatient, aren't we? // You've waited a thousand years for this battle. / Couldn't you take your time and enjoy it?
Haschwalth: ...His Majesty is a lover of peace. / He believes that a painful battle should be ended quickly. / Thus he has given but one order.

Haschwalth: "Swiftly annihilate... / ...all enemy forces."
Shunsui: ......I see.
People: ...Who the hell are you...?! // How long have you been here...?! // How did you get inside?!!

Askin: Oh, come on. / Weren't you listening to my explanation? // I would have thought a place called the Research and Development Institute would be home to a little more intelligence. // I didn't need to "get inside" at all. / I've been... // ...in here from the very beginning.
Hiyosu: ........................
Mayuri: Very true. // You Quincy were lurking inside the shadows. / Two worlds, existing in the same place at the same time. // They just never came into contact. // Dear me... // Creating a world in the shadows is an exceptionally unusual endeavour. // Although...

Mayuri: Personally, I have nothing against... // ...the unusual.
Akon: C... / Captain...!! // What have you done to yourself...?!
Mayuri: Using the data gathered from our recent battle... / I had already come to the conclusion that "shadows" had something to do with how the Quincy were invading Seireitei. // And so... / I modified the interior of my laboratory... // ...to prevent the formation of any shadows whatsoever. // Now...

Mayuri: Before you hurry off home, shall we do a little testing... // ...to see if you're correct about the lack of intelligence in my Institute?
Shinigami: U... / Ughh... // Don't let them through!! / Don't let them through~~!!

BazzB: Hah! / "Don't let them through", my ass! /The invasion's already complete, you idiots! / Seireitei is gone! That's it! The end! // Is there really any point worrying about whether we "get through" or not at this stage?! // !
Hitsugaya: You may be right. / Perhaps there is little point. // However...

Hitsugaya: Your flames don't seem to have made it through, either way.
BazzB: ...Ohhh?
[Insert text: A solid wall of ice...!]

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