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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Bleach 549

The StormBringer

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 21, 2013 21:16 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Bathing in the thrill of victory...!!]
People: He did it...! // Captain Hitsugaya really beat him...!! // We can fight them...! // Even without Bankai, we can take on these Quincy and win!!

Bleach 549
The StormBringer
Oomaeda: Unghh... // Dammit... // !

BG9: Where is the Captain of your Division? // This is the third time I have asked. / I await your answer. // I have conducted a search of the area using sample reiatsu collected during our previous conflict, but it was unsuccessful. // I could detect nothing, even when extending my search beyond the borders of Seireitei.
Oomaeda: How should I know...?
BG9: So you refuse to answer.
Oomaeda: What are you, an idiot?! I've told you enough times!! / I don't have a clue where she is!! / Sure, in a situation like this I generally wouldn't tell you even if I did know, but this time I really don't have a clue!! / She didn't tell me where she was going!!! // You don't know what I'm like, do you?!! / I'm not clever! / I'm the kind of guy who'd accidentally let the Captain's location slip even if I was outright told not to say anything!!

Oomaeda: Besides, even if you did find out her location... // The Captain would never lose to the likes of you!
BG9: You have refused to answer for a third time. // Now switching to a different method of query.
Oomaeda: !

Oomaeda: Nguohhh?! // The hell are you doing all of a -
Mareyo: ...O... // Onii-sama... // ...Onii... / ...sama...

BG9: This is a relative of yours, correct? / I do not require verbal confirmation. // Though the visual conformity between yourselves is extremely low, the reiatsu conformity exceeds levels of 50%. // Furthermore, / I detect three other individuals with reiatsu conformity exceeding 50% with your own... // ...within a 30 metre radius of this location. // If you refuse to answer again... // ...I will eliminate all of these targets immediately.

Oomaeda: Get your hands off Mareyo......!!
BG9: ...I have two queries. // Firstly, / should I take your response as a refusal to answer? // And secondly, / If I release this individual now, large quantities of bodily fluid will be expelled from the wound, resulting in death. // Is this acceptable to you?

BG9: There is a possibility that your linguistic faculties have ceased to correctly function due to shock. / I will grant you 15 seconds. // I await your answer.
Oomaeda: You're not gonna... // ...get away with this... // I'm not gonna let you get away with this!!!
BG9: 15 seconds have expired.

BG9: How unfortunate.
Oomaeda: YOU BASTARD~~~~~~~~~!!!

BG9: ?!
Oomaeda: !!
Soifon: ...I was under the impression that Quincy used bows and arrows...

Soifon: It seems you are a little more advanced than I gave you credit for.
BG9: ...You were not detected by my sensors.
Soifon: You think a covert operative can't hide her own reiatsu?
BG9: Third-generation member of the Fon clan, Captain of the Second Division, and Commander of the Covert Ops, Soi-Fon. // What is the meaning of your clothing?
Soifon: My clothing? / If you're that well-informed, surely you should be aware of this particular costume.

Soifon: This is "Shunkou".
BG9: Of this I am aware. / Shunkou is the ultimate Hakuda fighting style, achieved by enrobing the back and shoulders with Kidou. // However, your mastery of the technique was incomplete -
Soifon: And you thought I would leave it that way forever? // After my battle with Yoruichi-sama, I honed my Shunkou to completion... // And since then, I have pushed my ability to the limits, taking the technique further still.

Soifon: My Shunkou is "wind". / I have perfected a method of causing the reiatsu I release to flow like a vortex around my body indefinitely... // As such... / Once I have activated my Shunkou, I am now able to maintain it for as long as proves necessary. // You have my thanks. / If you had not stolen my Bankai, I may never have honed my Shunkou to this level of mastery.

Soifon: Eternal Shunkou.

People: Ahhh! / This reiatsu is...!! // It's Captain Soi-Fon!! / Captain Soi-Fon is winning too!!

Rangiku: Things seem to be going well, Captain. / Shall we head elsewhere to support the other Captains?
Hitsugaya: ...That may be wise. / ...Although... // !
BazzB: .........Oi, oi... / You ain't gonna leave already, are you? // It's not nice to run off somewhere else when we're still just getting warmed up!

BazzB: You haven't even let me... // ...start fighting for real yet!
[Side text: The enemy stirs......!!]

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