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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Bleach 551

The Burnt Offerings

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 6, 2013 00:14 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Kyouraku faces Haschwalth...!!]
Haschwalth: ............... // What's this.........?

Haschwalth: (I can't enter... // My power is being repelled...? Or absorbed perhaps...?)
Nanao: "Hakudan Keppeki".
[TN: "White-Severing Binding Wall"]
Nanao: A barrier with the power to completely prevent the entry of any Quincy power for a limited period of time.
Haschwalth: First Division Assistant Lieutenant Ise Nanao. // Is this Kidou of your making?
Nanao: I see my reputation precedes me. // I was appointed to my Lieutenant position purely on the merit of my skills with Kidou. / Creating a Kidou of this level was hardly a challenge.

Shunsui: Don't say harsh things like that~! / I didn't appoint you just based on your Kidou skills~!
Nanao: You can stay out of this, Captain. // It was a mistake to leave traces of your reiatsu all over Seireitei in your previous attack. // You were practically asking us to devise a way to counteract it.
Haschwalth: ...I see. // Then allow me to ask one more question. // This technique that you developed yourself using your high-level Kidou skills...
Nanao: !
Haschwalth: Are the other Captains capable of using it?
Nanao: .................. // ......No.
Haschwalth: .........I see.

Nanao: !!
Haschwalth: My dear, / you should not have settled for simply developing this technique to completion. // You should have refined it to the point that anyone would be able to use it. // Had you done so, perhaps your Captains at least...

Haschwalth: ...would have been able to die in battle... // ...rather than being summarily executed.
[Bleach 551]
[The Burnt Offerings]
[Side text: Merciless to a fault...]

BazzB: Oi, oi, oi, oi! // What're ya running for?! And you call yourself a Captain!! // I told you already, that ain't gonna work!!

[no text just ice wall]

BazzB: This time you're turning your ice into mist...? / You do love your petty little tricks, don't you. // What a pointless effort... // Burning Stomp!

BazzB: ............! // ...What now? // Don't just come out and stand right in front of me. / The hell are you thinking? // Weren't you gonna use that mist to hide yourself and think up a strategy?
Hitsugaya: ...You're right. / I didn't have time to think up a strategy.

Hitsugaya: But I did have time... / ...to lay a trap.
BazzB: ...The hell is this...?

Hitsugaya: Rokui Hyouketsujin.
[TN: "Six-Cloaked Freezing Array"]

Hitsugaya: .................. // ...No way...

BazzB: "No way"? That's my line...! // How many times do I have to tell you I can crush your ice with one finger?! // Or are you just trying to piss me off enough... // ...that I'll start using two?! // Burner Finger... // TWO!!

[no text just kaboom]

CangDu: I think that's enough from you... / Bazz-B. // The agreement was that the Captains whose Bankai have been stolen... // ...would be dealt with by those who stole them.

CangDu: I'll finish this one off.

Mayuri: ...It looks like two reiatsu have disappeared.
People: ......... // Yes... / It's Captain Soi-Fon... / ...and Captain Hitsugaya...
Mayuri: As I suspected... // It seems like nobody but myself can be expected to fight effectively without their Bankai...
Urahara: Hellooooooo~~~~~~~~!!
Mayuri: !!
Urahara: Ah! / I finally got through!
Mayuri: ............ / You...!
Urahara: Yes, that's right~! / It's me, Urahara! // I've perfected a method... / ...of recovering the stolen Bankai!

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