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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Bleach 552

The Fundamental Virulence

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 13, 2013 01:59 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The man who stole Hitsugaya's Bankai...]
BazzB: Stealing other people's prey, are you? / Cang Du. // His Majesty will punish you for that.
CangDu: It was His Majesty who decided on the rule... / ...that the Captains whose Bankai have been stolen should be handled by those who stole them.
BazzB: ...Tch.

Hitsugaya: ...............Matsumoto......!
CangDu: I found her wandering off somewhere... / So I brought her back here for you. // She's your precious Lieutenant, yes?

CangDu: Then you should die side by side. // I am Sternritter "I"... / "The Iron", Cang Du. / Those who spend their lives together should remain together in death. // That is my belief.

CangDu: Bankai. // Daiguren Hyourinmaru.

CangDu: This is your Bankai. / Doubtless you have never had the opportunity to see it from this perspective before. // It is quite a beautiful Bankai. / And of course... // This Bankai too is "one who lived by your side". // It pains me greatly... / ...that I must take it for my own... // ...thus allowing it to live on under a new master...

CangDu: ...long after you are dead and gone.
[The Fundamental Virulence]
[Side text: Words of remorse, cruel in their emptiness...]
Mayuri: ...Excuse me? // Did you just say... / ...you can recover the stolen Bankai?

Urahara: Yes. / To be precise, I have discovered a weakness in the method that the Quincy have used to steal the Bankai from their owners... // ...which should allow us to prevent them from using that method in the future... // ...and in addition, to recover those Bankai that have already been stolen. / That's the long and short of it.
People: .........Wh... // What the...?! // Incredible...! / Urahara Kisuke truly is amazing...! // Y - You idiot! // Ah - !
Mayuri: I see, I see. / Quite exceptional findings indeed.
Urahara: Oh, well, you know~~~~! / It's nothing, really, when you have my skills~!
Mayuri: However. / This does not affect the matter at hand.
Urahara: Eh?
Mayuri: For your crime of concealing an unauthorised communication device upon my clothing, death would be too kind a punishment.
Urahara: Ehhh~?! / Hold on a moment! Are you trying to cut off my transmission?!
Mayuri: Farewell.
Urahara: You're kidding, right?! Hold on a minute! / Don't hang up, don't hang up!!

Urahara: Aaahhhhhhhhh~~! // Ju~~~~~~st kidding!♪
People: Ahhhhhh!! / The man himself is here!!
Mayuri: ..................
Urahara: Ah... / I'm sorry, did I take you by surprise? / That was terrible of me~~~~~! // I was calling you on my way through the Dangai, you see~!

Urahara: ...Well, that's the deal, so... / I'd like to request your assistance in this matter, Captain Kurotsuchi.
Mayuri: Hmph. / I'm afraid there is no assistance I can give. // As you can see, thanks to the machinations of the Quincy, the Research and Development facilities have been rendered quite useless.
Urahara: Oh, but that's not true at all! // Whatever are you saying?! // We still have... // that room, don't we? // I must admit, it was very clever of you... / ...to figure out the Quincy's little trick with the "shadows"!♪ // Can I count... / ...on your assistance?
Mayuri: .....................

Akon: Identify the current coordinates of every Captain and Lieutenant! // Release all remaining Augmented Bugs we have to hand!
People: Yessir!
Akon: We're going to modify as much machinery as we can locate within the Quincy structures... / ...such that it can be connected with our own equipment and put to use!
People: It's no good! / I can't get them to connect!
Akon: We've never done this before, so of course it won't work! / Experiment until it does!

Urahara: This is "Shin'eiyaku".
[TN: "Shadow Penetration Drug"]
Mayuri: So that... // ...is your solution?
Urahara: Yes. // With this, we should be able to completely prevent the enemy from stealing our Bankai. // When I first heard... / ...that the Bankai of many Captains had been stolen, // that was when I decided to remain in Hueco Mundo. // I chose to remain... / ...because I had seen with my own eyes that Hueco Mundo contained... // ...a significant hint to solving this problem.

Urahara: As you are probably aware, Captain Kurotsuchi... / The Resurrección of an Arrancar... // ...is, in essence, the same as a Shinigami's Bankai. / Ordinarily, their souls' power is sealed in the form of a sword. / Upon using their Resurrección, that power is fully released. // In which case, surely this ability that allows the Quincy to steal the Captains' Bankai... / ...would also be able to steal an Arrancar's Resurrección? // And yet... / Not one of the Arrancar I encountered... // ...had been deprived of its Resurrección. // It cannot simply be that the Quincy were not interested in the Arrancar. / Indeed, they recruited many Arrancar to use as their own soldiers. // They view the Arrancar's power as a valuable military force. // And yet they do not steal their Resurrección. // There are only two possible explanations.

Mayuri: Either they "cannot" steal an Arrancar's Resurrección... // ...or else... / ...there would be some significant "demerit" to their doing so. // Judging from the existing research that has been conducted into Hollows, it seems unlikely that any ability that could steal a Bankai would be unable to do the same to a Resurrección. // In which case... / It seems safe to assume that there must be some demerit to doing so.
Akon: We've located the reiatsu coordinates of all Captains and Lieutenants both within and outside of Seireitei! // The Tentei Kuura is prepared and ready! / We can open the channel immediately!
Urahara: ...Very well.

Urahara: Hello, everyone~~~~~! / Calling all Captains of the Gotei 13! / And their respective Lieutenants, of course! // This is Urahara Kisuke!
Shunsui: !!
Urahara: Some of you may not have met me or be familiar with my name... / ...but I hope you'll forgive me if I skip the introductions!
Shinji: Heh. As if anyone wouldn't know your name, dumbass...
Urahara: Simultaneously with this transmission... / ...a number of small black pills should have been transferred to your locations.
Oomaeda: !
Urahara: These pills will react only to people who have a Bankai of their own!

Urahara: I ask all of you... / ...to touch these pills. With your hands, feet, swords, it doesn't matter. // The pills will be absorbed through the point of contact... // ...and do their work inside each of your souls.
CangDu: ............? // What's this......?
Mayuri: There is one thing... // ...that has always bothered me about the Quincy clan. // Namely, their excessive hostility towards all Hollows. / Does it really come from some kind of ancient grudge, as the tales indicate? // Hostility is born from a fundamental incompatibility in beliefs. // It is impossible to maintain a powerful hatred towards an enemy that does not even possess any beliefs or will of its own. // No, there can be only explanation... // ...for their ability to maintain such intense hostility towards the Hollows for so long.

Mayuri: That hostility... / ...is a reaction to a fundamental danger to their very existence. / It comes from fear.
Urahara: You are quite correct. // The Quincy... / ...are a race with no natural resistance whatsoever to a Hollow's power. // Every fibre of a Hollow's body is poison to a Quincy. / If a Quincy's body is invaded by Hollow material, it will not only dampen their spiritual abilities... // ...but ultimately cause their very souls to collapse, resulting in death. / Even the dangerous process of Hollowfication which Shinigami can undergo is not an option for a Quincy. / This is why the Quincy... / ...so ardently pursue the extermination of all Hollows. // What this means... // ...is that if we inject a small amount of Hollow energy into a Shinigami's soul... // ...thus causing their Bankai to undergo a temporary "Hollowfication", even if only for a moment...

Urahara: That Bankai... // ...will become poison to any Quincy.
[Insert text: The wings collapse...!!]

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