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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 554

Desperate Lights

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 26, 2013 23:04 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Parting words at his comrade Cang Du’s grave...]
BazzB: The hell’s with that. // You tell me to leave the guy to you, then you go and get your ass kicked? // Man, that’s lame.

Hitsugaya: ...It’s over... // Hold on... // Matsumoto...... // I’ll be there... // ...for you soon...

[Side text: With a faint sound, the wings of ice crumble...]

[Desperate Lights]
Juchabach: So the Bankai... / ...have returned to the hands of the Shinigami...

Ishida: Did you perhaps... / ...anticipate this development, Your Majesty?
Juchabach: ...I did. // However...
Bambietta: Hah! / What / are / these / dumb / asses

Bambietta: playin’ at?!
Shinigami: ........................
Bambietta: I dunno why they’re getting so worked up about losing some little thing that wasn’t even ours in the first place. / What a bunch of sissies.

Bambietta: Turns out that dog-boy I was meant to be fighting was never even here in Seireitei at all! / I never even noticed until his Bankai rejected me and flew off into the distance somewhere! // He could at least have let me know he was leaving! // Right?! // Are you lot listening?! // Why the hell ain’t there anyone here?!! / Now it looks like I’m a weirdo who stands around talking to herself! And besides... // Who was it that said the five of us should stick together for this mission anyway?!! // It was you, wasn’t it, Liltotto?!! // Lil!! / Gigi!! / Minnie!! / Candy!! / Get your asses out here!! // Nggghhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!

Bambietta: I SAID GET OUT HERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Shinigami: What the...?! // Guaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

Bambietta: If you’ve forgotten what happens to subordinates who make me mad... // ...I’ll be all too happy to remind you...! // I’ll flatten this whole damn area... // ...and find you whether you like it or not!!
Komamura?: Stop!!

Bambietta: ...Dog-boy? / Didn’t expect you to make it here so quickly. / What’re you wearing that bucket for?
Komamura?: ...I was given it.

Bambietta: I see, I see. / Well, I’ll rip it off you later, so either way. / Actually, aren’t you here a bit too soon? Heroes are meant to show up late, right? // It’d be way more exciting if you showed up after I’d laid waste to a good bit of Seireitei.
Shinji: Is that right? // I guess we just... // ...ain’t cut out for the whole hero thing, then, are we? // I ain’t patient enough to sit around waiting ’til Seireitei’s in ruins. // Sorry ’bout that.
Bambietta: Who the hell are...

Bambietta: ?!
Shinji: [vertically-flipped text]What’s up? // You sure you’re... // ...feelin’ all right?[/vertically-flipped text]
Bambietta: What the hell... / ...is this...?

Shinji: Sakanade. / That’s my Zanpakutou’s name. // It reverses the direction of everything you see. Front-to-back, left-to-right, up-to-down. / It ain’t something you can just get used to. // Feelin’ dizzy, ain’t ya? // Oh, yeah... / I’ve been practicing, and now I can make you hear my words backwards an’ all.
[TN: In that last bubble, the penultimate line has the characters rotated at various angles towards the end as though they’re “spinning”, and then the final line is completely vertically reflected so it appears backwards like the bubbles on the previous page]
Bambietta: This won’t stop me from...
Shinji: I told you, it’s no use. // Striking girls down ain’t something I’m fond of, but... // You’ll have to forgive me.
Juchabach: It is true...

Juchabach: I had anticipated this situation. / It would be foolish to hope that the Shinigami whose Bankai had been stolen would not seek a way to recover them. // Eventually, they would surely find a way to take back what was theirs. // However... // Even though we had anticipated it...
Shinji: ......... / What now...?
Juchabach: Truly, this is cause for celebration! // Rejoice, my Sternritter!

[no text just kafshooooom]

Komamura: .........!
Shinji: The hell... // ...is this.........?
Bambietta: Quincy Vollständig. // We couldn’t use it, you know. / This power. // Not while we had your Bankai. They got in the way. // So I guess we should be thankful. // For restoring... / ...our own power to us! // You’ll soon regret, dumb Shinigami... / ...that you ever sought to get your Bankai back. // The warm and pleasant battles... // ...like a midday nap, filled with hope, end here.

Bambietta: From here on out... // ...you taste true despair.
Mayuri: ...It would appear matters have taken an unfortunate turn. / What now...?
Urahara: Well, let’s see...
[BubbleSFX: bipbipbipbip!]
Urahara: ! // Yes? // ............! // Kurosaki-san?!
[Side text: A sudden call...from Ichigo!!]

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