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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 559

The Night Right

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 1, 2013 01:25 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Through a wall of spirit particles, they face one another...]
Haschwalth: It seems the scales of battle... // ...are evenly balanced at present.
Shunsui: That’s quite the modest assessment. / But I’d be inclined to agree. // The battle seems quite even to me, as well.

Haschwalth: Indeed. // Were it not, there would be no reason for me to come here. // My duty here... // ...is to tip those scales in our favour.
Nanao: !

Shunsui: Now, that was a sudden movement! // Come to think of it, Quincy can steal spirit particles from their environment, can’t they?
Haschwalth: I gradually drained the spirit particles of your barrier from this side, in order to weaken it. // It took more time than I expected. / Your technique is most impressive.
Shunsui: High praise, eh?
Nanao: I suppose I may as well accept the compliment. // However...

Nanao: If it took you a significant length of time to weaken our barrier... / ...That’s time that we were able to put to use preparing a new one.
Haschwalth: ...It seems this barrier is constructed somewhat differently from the last.
Nanao: Quite right. / This barrier is formed from many smaller hexagonal plates. // Perhaps you think it weaker than the previous barrier, as it is not all one piece?
Haschwalth: Well, yes. / The joints between the plates are clearly weaker than any point in your last barrier. // But since that weakness is so obvious...

Haschwalth: ...it can only mean a trap lurks within. // I suppose there is nothing for it. / It would not be beneficial for me to wait any longer. // I will have to resort... // ...to less subtle measures.

Nanao: ?!
Haschwalth: ............... // .........Understood. // I have received orders to return to Silbern, our castle. // Now, if you will excuse me.
Shunsui: Oh, come on... / You’re going to just leave after all that?
Haschwalth: His Majesty’s orders are absolute.

Shunsui: And when will you be back?
Haschwalth: As soon as I am ordered to return.
Shunsui: I see. // Then I’ll wait here and brew some extra-strong tea to greet you with next time.
[Bleach 559]

[The Night Right]
[Side text: Darkness. Only the light of the moon illuminates the world.]
Ikkaku: ...It’s night.
Yumichika: Oh? // Hasn’t it been night this whole time?
Ikkaku: No, it’s just been clouded over where we are. / Now, even outside of Seireitei, / night has fallen on Soul Society. // Which just means more shadows. / Can’t say it makes me comfortable.
Hisagi: What’s this? // Oh, Madarame, it’s you.

Ikkaku: I’m the one who should be acting surprised. / What’re you doing meeting up with us?
Hisagi: I managed to get a bit lost. / It’s like a whole different place here now, after all. // And the enemy is scattering high-density spirit particles all across Seireitei to reduce our ability to track them.
Ikkaku: I reckon we’re better off not moving about too much during the night hours. // The enemy lurks in the shadows, right? // So moving about this unfamiliar ground in the middle of the night... // ...would be walking right into their...
Juchabach: My Sternritter.

Juchabach: I will now pass judgement upon the defeated. // Haschwalth.
Haschwalth: Yes, Your Majesty.
BG9: W... / Wait a moment, please! / Yes, we suffered a temporary defeat in battle, but by releasing our Vollständig, we were able to recover! // We can still fight for Your Majesty’s sake!!
Juchabach: I see. / It was good fortune that you recovered from such a precarious situation.

Juchabach: You should be thankful for that good fortune.
Haschwalth: However, // the scales of battle must always be fair. // Lives that were saved by good fortune... // ...must be swept aside by equal ill fortune.
BG9: W... // Wait! Please!

CangDu: ...Have you forgotten my ability? // I am “The Iron” Cang Du. // Blocking a blade such as yours... / ...is child’s play for me.
BG9: ............
CangDu: If you think you can slice me, go ahead and try.

CangDu: I will not be slain... // ...by any hand but His Majesty’s.........!
Haschwalth: ...I see. // How wonderful. // This is your second good fortune.
CangDu: !
Haschwalth: Can you see them?

Haschwalth: The scales of battle, tipping...?

Mask: Hey, ONE! // TWO!! // THREEEEEEEEEE!!!

Mask: Hey, James!
James: Yeah!
Mask: I’ve now eliminated all the Captain and Lieutenant-ranking Shinigami I’ve spotted. // But... // Even victory feels a little empty when there’s no audience around to watch, eh, James?!!
James: Yeah! / It is as you say, Mister!
Mask: !

Mask: Hmmmmmm~~~~~~~? // What the heck is that light.........?
[Side text: They descend!!]

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