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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 564

Red Bristled Kings

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 19, 2014 00:20 | Go to Bleach

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[Insert text: Gazing upon an utterly changed world, she turns her mind to that which must be done.]

Bleach 564
Red Bristled Kings
[Side text: The light of a star, destroying all, burning the world to ash!!]
Jameses: Star... // Super... / ...staaarr...
Mask: Ahahahahahahah!! Worry not, James!! / A star and his fans are joined at the heart!! // As long as I live, you will be reborn!! // We shall...

Mask: A giant snake skull... / Is this the “Bankai” I have heard so much about...? // With your dying breath, you used the last of your strength to summon it...? // How pitiable... // ?!

Mask: ...What is this...?! / What is happening...?! // Can a Bankai... / ...change its form in such a way...?!
Flashback!Ichibei: “Hihiou Zabimaru”?

Flashback!Ichibei: Hmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~... // This will not be easy for you to hear... / But, Renji... // That name is a lie.
Flashback!Renji: Eh...? / Whaaaa?! // A lie?! / What the heck are you talking about?!
Flashback!Ichibei: Perhaps a “lie” is not the nicest way of putting it... / That is no more than half of this blade’s name. // If that name is all your blade has told you... // I am afraid... / ...that means it has yet to fully acknowledge you.

Flashback!Renji: ...You’ve gotta be kidding... / After we’ve fought together for all this time...
Flashback!Ichibei: That is why I told you this would not be easy for you to hear.
Flashback!Renji: ........................
Flashback!Ichibei: At any rate... // I will now tell you the true name of your blade!
Flashback!Renji: No way... / You’re just gonna tell me? Is that really how this is going to work?
Flashback!Ichibei: You know the title I have been granted from the Spirit King, yes? // “Manako Oshou” - the “Eyeball Monk”. // However, in truth, “Manako” here does not mean “eyeball”. // It is written with the characters meaning “to speak true names”.

Flashback!Ichibei: It was I who created... // ...the name “Zanpakutou”.
Flashback!Renji: Eh...?
Flashback!Ichibei: “Shikai” and “Bankai”, too... // ...are names of my creation. // All things that exist within Soul Society... // ...were originally given their names by myself.
Flashback!Renji: ..............................
Flashback!Ichibei: And the names of all Zanpakutou, too... // ...are known to me from the moment each Asauchi forged by Ouetsu passes into the hands of its Shinigami wielder.

Flashback!Ichibei: Renji. // I will now proceed to tell you the true name... // ...of Zabimaru’s Bankai form. // You must then convince Zabimaru... // ...to acknowledge your strength and allow you to call it by that name! // Right here... // ...and now!
Renji: Bankai.

Renji: Souou Zabimaru.
[TN: “Souou” = “Twin Kings”]

Mask: ............ / Very dangerous, villain... // That Bankai is dangerous...... // To think that it could block the greatest attack in this star’s arsenal... // Truly I cannot allow you to live...! // My heart has now begun to blaze with furious flames... // Flames of justice, that will not rest until you lie defeated!!! // Die, villain!!!

Renji: Hihiou!!!
Mask: Hm?! // Hah - this is nothing!

Mask: Urgg... // Gyaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Mask: Damn you... / Damn you... // Damn you to hell, you piece of shit!!! // How dare you break the left arm of a star?!! I won’t forgive you for that, you pathetic piece of scum!!! // Forget justice, forget evil, I don’t care about that crap!!! // I’m gonna murder you!!!!
Renji: Orochiou.
[TN: “Great Serpent King”]

[no text just attacking]

Renji: Souou Zabimaru...

Renji: Zaga Teppou!
[TN: “Snake-Fang Cannon”]

Renji: Looks like you went down in flames. // Bet you like that... // Mr. Superstar.
[Side text: Reduced to crumbling ash...!!]

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