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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 566

What is Your Fear?

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 1, 2014 18:59 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Before they descended upon the battlefield. What was their plan of attack...?!]
Flashback!Rukia: Renji!
Flashback!Renji: What is it?
Flashback!Rukia: We should decide what we will do once we reach the ground.
Flashback!Renji: ? / Didn’t we decide already? // We split up and take out whatever enemies we find... / ...then meet up wherever and mount an attack on the castle, right?
Flashback!Rukia: I do not mean that. / Setting aside the fact that the plan you described is rather vague itself... / That is not what I mean! // From the moment we land, we will be in the middle of the enemy formation. // If we find ourselves surrounded by numerous enemies, even with our new training the odds will be against us. // Yet you always fight in a way that makes you stand out like a massive fool.
Flashback!Renji: Hey, I don’t -
Flashback!Rukia: But never mind that. / I have already given up on that point.
Flashback!Renji: R...Right...

Flashback!Rukia: My point is... / After each battle, you must hurry and conceal yourself! // Do not allow the enemy to take the initiative! // Have you got that... / ...Renji?!

Renji: .................. // ...Oh right, it’s morning... // All right~~~~~~~! / I think I’ve stayed hidden for long enough now... // Let’s go find me another Sternritter.
Najahkoop: ......... // ...What a moron...

Najahkoop: He really was fast asleep...... // I came here to see what kind of guy had taken out Mask De Masculine... / ...and I found this guy snoring away without a care in the world. // I figured it must be some kind of trap, so I monitored him carefully... / But he seriously stayed asleep right until morning. // Who could’ve guessed a guy would actually go to sleep right in the middle of enemy territory...? // Even so... // His luck’s run out now.

Najahkoop: This is the first time I’ve ever... // ...”observed” an enemy for this long. // You’re finished... // ...Red Monkey.
[Bleach 566]
[What is Your Fear?]
[Side text: A crisis approaches...!!]

Rukia: I really can’t... / ...feel any sign of Gotei 13 soldiers’ reiatsu anywhere. // Is this a sign that the Shinigami side are losing badly...? // ...At any rate... / I suppose I should be thankful for this dearth of reiatsu, since it allowed me to locate Lieutenant Kotetsu all too easily...

Rukia: Come to think of it... // Not only can I not sense any Gotei 13 reiatsu, but I sense no Quincy presence either... // Perhaps it would be best... // ...to wait for Renji to arrive and mount our attack on the enemy fortress right away...

Rukia: ?! // What the...?! // What was that sensation?! / Some kind of reiatsu...? // Who is it...? // And where...?
ÄsNödt: Ahah! // Are you afraid?

ÄsNödt: I am feeling... // ...lonely...
Rukia: ...Who or what... / ...are you...?
ÄsNödt: I am lonely... // Lonely... // Lonely... // So lonely.........

ÄsNödt: Where is... // ...my Senbonzakura?
Rukia: !! // Of course... // You are the one who stole my brother’s Bankai...... // Äs Nödt.........

ÄsNödt: I know... // ...your face. // Kuchiki Byakura’s sister... // ...Kuchiki Rukia. // Where is Kuchiki Byakuya?
Rukia: I see no reason why I should tell you.

ÄsNödt: Will he come here... // ...if I kill you?
Rukia: Perhaps he will!

[no text just spikes]

Rukia: (Something is seeping forth from the places where those spikes of light landed... // Is this his ability of “fear”...?) // ! // Sode no Shirayuki.

ÄsNödt: Ahah! // It is no use! // You cannot stop fear with ice!

ÄsNödt: Ahah... / Ahah... // Ahah... // Ahah... // Can you not move? / That is only natural. // That is “fear”. // This is how... / ...fear works upon you.

Rukia: ...This is... // ...fear...
ÄsNödt: Indeed.
Rukia: Then tell me... // What is your fear...?
ÄsNödt: ...What?
Rukia: Does your “fear” proving ineffective... // ...make you feel afraid?
[Side text: Overcoming the “fear” that plagued her brother...!!]

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