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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Bleach 590

Marching Out the Zombies

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 1, 2014 14:50 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Shining with blinding light, a new challenger descends upon the battlefield...!!]
Giselle: With all that glare, I can barely see your face. / Who are you?
Mayuri: Well, well, well. // You are ignorant now, aren’t you?

Mayuri: Don’t you know that truly great men... // ...always appear surrounded by a blaze of light?
Giselle: I don’t think anyone asked about why you’re shining...
[Bleach 590]

[Side text: An incomparable presence?!!]
Ikkaku: I can’t see him either through all that light... / ...but that voice has to be Captain Kurotsuchi...
Yumichika: Even without his voice, is there anyone else who would have the gall to dress up like that...?
[Marching Out the Zombies]

Giselle: What’s this~~~~~~? // You’re going to protect me, Bambi-chan~~~~~~? // Why, thank you~~~~!♡
Bambietta: ...I need it...

Bambietta: Gigi... / I need your... // I... // I need it... // Please... / I can’t hold on... // I can’t hold on any longer, Gigi... / I need it...
Giselle: Oh, jeez! // What a disgusting mess you are!

Giselle: Look at you, all salivating with desire... / You really don’t know how to control yourself, do you, Bambi-chan?
Bambietta: Aurghh...
Giselle: You can have your reward... // ...after this is all over, remember~~~~~?
Bambietta: ...Y... / Yes... // I’m sorry...please don’t be angry... // Please don’t punish me... // I’m sorry... I’m sorry...

Mayuri: Dear me... / Dear me... // This is nice. // You two make quite an exquisite sight.
Giselle: Oh, you aren’t shining any more?
Mayuri: I’ve restrained my dazzling splendour... // ...so that common folk like yourself might better behold my visage.
Giselle: “Common folk”? Didn’t you just call me “exquisite”?
Mayuri: No need to feel insulted, my dear. // Compared to myself, all others are “common folk”.
Giselle: Bambi-chan.

Giselle: Let’s take him out.

Mayuri: Hmm... / It seems these projectiles travel at a fairly uniform speed. // Nemu. / Prepare the devices.
Nemu: As you wish.
Giselle: You think I’ll let you escape?!
Nemu: And the setting?
Mayuri: ...Let’s see... // About three seconds should do it.

Giselle: !

Giselle: (They’re not exploding.........?!)

Giselle: What just happened? // Why did they take so long to turn into bombs?
Mayuri: Worry not... // There’s no need to fret. // I call these Spirit Particle Suspension Devices. // They cause any spirit particles they come into contact with to cease all activity for a specific length of time.

Mayuri: So you see, they didn’t “take a long time to become bombs”. // They became bombs as soon as they touched your projectiles... // ...and then ceased all activity for precisely three seconds. // Extremely simple... // ...wouldn’t you agree? // And thanks to this simple countermeasure... // ...your little zombie’s ability is now completely useless. // Perhaps it’s time for the two of you... // ...to give up and become my experimental subjects.
Giselle: Heheh... // “The two of you”, eh? / Well, let me think...

Giselle: Which two do you mean exactly~?!
Ikkaku: !! // This is...!
Giselle: If you’ve been observing my ability, you should already know... // I’ve been building up an army of zombies ever since I got here.

Zombies: Aaahhhhhh... // Aaaughhhh...
Yumichika: I recognise quite a few of those faces... // How awful...
Ikkaku: That damn bitch...!
Mayuri: Oh, dearie me. // This is quite a pickle. // Though they may be zombies now, these men are nevertheless members of the Gotei 13! / How can a man such as myself, who may as well be the very essence of kindness made manifest and given a spinal cord and limbs... // ...possibly bear to fight against my own former comrades-in-arms?! // There is nothing for it. / I will have to leave this fight to someone who has no such emotional ties.

Mayuri: I think a few Arrancar... // ...should be up to the job.
[Insert text: Unexpected reinforcements!!]

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