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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Bleach 591

Marching Out the Zombies 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 9, 2014 09:55 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The Arrancar join the battle!!]

[Insert text: They have crossed countless battlefields. / Now these thirteen warriors face the battle to end them all.]

[Side text: Former enemies stand before them......!!]
Ikkaku: Hold on... // I know that guy... // I’m sure I fought him once in the human world...
Yumichika: Well, look at that guy. // I distinctly remember killing him......!

Charlotte: Hmmm~~? // Hm-hmmmm~~~~~~? // Who’s that ugly little darling lying down over there~~~~? // Could it be~~~~~~? // Yu~~~~? / Mi~~~~? // Chiii~~~~~~~~~? // Oh! / I’ve forgotten~~~! // Silly me~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

Charlotte: I just can’t seem to remember ugly people’s names~~~~~~!!
Yumichika: Oh, don’t you worry... / By the time I’ve killed you again, you won’t be able to forget it...!
Ikkaku: Hey, hold on, Yumichika! Don’t do anything stupid!
Dordoni: Hey! / What’s going on here? This isn’t quite right! // Where is the Niño~?! / I only came here because I was told that orange-haired Niño was here too!
Cirucci: And I’m only here to see that four-eyed Quincy! / I’ll make him regret ever trying to make a fool out of me!

Luppi: Ohhh, will you all be quiet? // We’re alive again now, so we’ll be able to to the things we want sooner or later... / Jeez, what a pain...
Cirucci: What kind of pathetic attitude is that?!
Dordoni: Have you not seen the madman responsible for our resurrection?! There’s no telling when he might change his mind and decide to kill us again!
Mayuri: Enough of the frivolous chatter.
Arrancar: Gyaaaaahhhhh~~~!!!!

Dordoni: You see?! I told you he would try to kill us!!
Cirucci: I always said we couldn’t trust that lunatic!!
Luppi: Why me?!! I’ve barely been saying anything~~~~~~!!
Mayuri: They can still talk? That is a surprise.
Arrancar: Guoooohhhhhh~~~!!!
Mayuri: No need to worry, my dears. / This won’t affect your bodies at all. / I’m just electrically shocking the pain centres in your brains directly.
Dordoni: And you think that’s better?!!!
Mayuri: At any rate... / It’s pleasant to find that you have turned out more resilient than I expected. // Now I can finally say...

Mayuri: ...it was worth the trouble... // ...of stealing your bodies from Szayel Aporro’s storeroom.
Charlotte: I wasn’t in there, though! // ♡
Mayuri: ............
Giselle: Ohhhh, I see... // So you’ve got your own zombies, have you? / So? / What about it?

Giselle: Do you honestly expect a measly group of four... // ...will be able to stand up to my zombie army?
Mayuri: It seems our little friend thinks... // ...you have no chance of winning. What do you say to that, hmm?
Dordoni: Don’t say anything you’ll regret, now, Niña!!
Cirucci: You can’t honestly expect us...
Luppi: ...to be defeated by mere Shinigami!!

Ikkaku: W... / Wait!!
Yumichika: Most of these zombies are soldiers from the Eleventh Division, and -
Mayuri: And what, exactly?

Mayuri: You’re not expecting me to show pity, are you? / And I thought yours was supposed to be the brutal Division. // Besides... // It is hardly the way of the Gotei 13... // ...to aid these soldiers in this situation. // I don’t recall the Gotei 13... / ...sworn to protect Seireitei... / ...being such a soft organisation. // “It is a soldier’s duty to live and die for the Gotei 13.” // “A soldier who does harm should choose death.” // Those are the words...
[Bleach 591]

Mayuri: ...of the late Captain-Commander you so respected.
[Marching Out the Zombies 2]
[Side text: His will remains in everyone’s hearts...]

Luppi: You’ve been dodging here and there for a while now... / You do know there’s no need to avoid these guys’ blood, right? // Baldie over there got splashed with a zombie’s blood a while back, but he hasn’t turned into one.
Cirucci: Anyway... // Seeing as we’re dead already, I doubt that zombifying blood... // ...would have much of an effect on us either way. // Right?!

Dordoni: I see. // Understood! // Then I shall hold myself back no further!
Giselle: Ohhhhhhhh, dear... // What a ruckus they’re all making. // Here. // Bambi-chan, put this back on now~~~~.

Giselle: ...Oh, you’re going to be the one to face me, are you? // Not Mr. Shiny over there?
Charlotte: Indeed. // My instincts are telling me... // ...you are the one I must battle. // After all... // ...there is such a close resemblance between us...!
Giselle: Like hell!

Giselle: Bambi-chan!!
Charlotte: I see no reason to draw my sword... // ...against such a feeble little child.

Mayuri: ...Disappointed you didn’t hit me, hmm?
Charlotte: Not at all~~~~~! // My hand just slipped~~~~~~!
Charlotte: Oh, my. // You’re still ready for more? // Perhaps zombies really won’t die unless you crush them into...

Charlotte: ...pieces?!
Giselle: Oohhhh~~~~~! / You are strong! // Looks like Bambi-chan didn’t stand a chance! // I guess there’s nothing for it, then~~~~~~! // You can come on out now~~~! // Mr. Captain~~~~~!

Mayuri: .........I see. // This is a little bothersome.
[Insert text: She summons forth.........Hitsugaya?!!]

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