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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bleach 668

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 10, 2016 18:50 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The “strongest Shinigami” faces the “strongest Quincy”!! Their evenly-matched powers send sparks flying, but then a damaged blade casts a terrible shadow upon the course of battle...?!!]
Kenpachi: ......The hell is this? // What’s going on?
Valkyrie: What is it you don’t understand?

Valkyrie: My power is that of miracles! // Miracles are the incarnation of the hearts of the people! // My great and impenetrable body... / ...was enlarged to incredible size by the people’s “fear”. // And my blade, “Höffnung”, is formed from the people’s “hope”. // So if it cracks, that can only mean “despair”!

Hitsugaya: I have no idea what you’re talking about... // But it would seem that your power isn’t bound by ordinary logic.
Kenpachi: Oh, so that’s it. // Then all I gotta do is slaughter you without harming that blade, right?! // You must be pretty dumb, giving away how to beat your own tricks like that! / You better believe you’ll regret it!
Valkyrie: I grant you this information as a token of pity, to compensate for the boundless gap in our strangths. / How foolish you must be not to understand such a simple notion! // You will regret it, to be sure!
Hitsugaya: Uhhh...... // Is it just me, or are these guys kind of similar......?

Bleach 668
Bigger, Faster, Stronger
[Insert text: A full-on showdown!!]

[no text just stab]

[no text just reckless charge]

Kenpachi: So you do know how to dodge! / You’re pretty nimble for such a big guy!!
Valkyrie: On the contrary - I was intending to crush you in my fist just now! // You’re quite the nimble one yourself!!

Hitsugaya: Gunchou Tsurara!!
Valkyrie: Irritating boy! // You are not my opponent!
Hitsugaya: What’s the big idea, Zaraki?!

Kenpachi: Right back at ya! // What’re you playing at, butting in on my battle?!! / I don’t care where you go, just get outta my face!!
Hitsugaya: Why, you......
Byakuya: Leave him. // There is no point arguing. / Like his opponent, Zaraki is not an individual to whom logic holds much meaning.
Hitsugaya: ......I know that. / But I can’t just leave him here, either. // This isn’t an enemy Zaraki can hope to defeat alone. // If you want proof... / Just look at him.

Hitsugaya: When was the last time you saw Zaraki...... // ......fighting without his eyepatch on......?! // Instinctively, he’s already realised himself... // ...that this isn’t an enemy he can defeat with his eyepatch in place.
Byakuya: (Many of his ice petals have already fallen...... // But that is no surprise. This battle has taken its toll on all of us... // Perhaps none of us have that much time left.........)

Hitsugaya: Kuchiki. // I’ll try to find an opening to freeze the big guy solid. / When I do, use Senbonzakura to shatter him completely. // From what I’ve experienced battling him so far, I’m pretty sure I should be able to freeze him through to the bone if I give it everything I’ve got. // But it will take some time. // I need your help.
Byakuya: ......Very well.

Valkyrie: What’s wrong?! // Your strikes are getting weaker!! // But I suppose that’s only natural! / To battle without damaging my sword is a futile notion! // No battle will leave its weapons unscathed... / ...and with each chip in my blade, still more despair is carved into your body!

Valkyrie: How indomitable! / I admire your spirit! // However... // Mere spirit cannot compensate for the gap in our strength! // !

Valkyrie: Hmph! // I can see your tricks... // Kuchiki Byakuya!! // And you too...... // Hitsugaya Toushirou!!

Valkyrie: I was watching every moment of your little scheme... / ...to strike when I was most vulnerable!! // I am the biggest, strongest and fastest of all Quincy!! / A warrior granted every blessing!! // Did you really... // ...expect to outwit me in battle?!!
Yachiru: (What’re you doing?) // Hey...

Yachiru: What’re you doing? // Ken-chan.
Kenpachi: ..................... // ............Yachiru.
Yachiru: C’mon, get up. / You have to keep going. // Just get up. / C’mon.
Kenpachi: Yachiru... / Where have you been this whole time......?
Yachiru: Ken-chan...

Yachiru: If you can only use me properly... // There’ll be no-one you can’t strike down.
Kenpachi: ...What the...? / What did you just do...? // ......This power............
Yachiru: You really don’t know anything, do you? // This power is called... // “Bankai”.

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