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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bleach 685

The Ends of Perfection

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 14, 2016 22:47 | Go to Bleach

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[Insert text: Ichigo - standing tall for 15 years]

[Side text: With a drink in hand, he speaks of byegone days, and of the future that lies ahead...but there is no reply...]
Shunsui: ......Looks like... // ...we might finally finish clearing everything up. // Apparently there’s just one last district that needs laying with tiles, and then that’ll be everything done for the moment.

Shunsui: .........Ten years, huh... // It took quite some time, but... // I guess it’s even possible to recover from a massive disaster like that if you put your mind to it.

Nanao: Captain-Commander! / We’re almost out of time! Please hurry up!
Shunsui: ......Dear me... / I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the bustle that comes with this job. // Makes me appreciate just how incredible old Yama-jii really was. // Well, then... / I’ll see you round. // Ukitake.
[Bleach 685]
Nanao: Captain-Commander~~~~!!
Shunsui: Yes, yes! / I’m on my way!

[The Ends of Perfection]
Mayuri: ......Hmph. // Looks like West 55 District is finally going to be complete. // They certainly took their time about it...... // Now I will finally be able to extend my Concealed Network across all of Seireitei. // Now, then...... / I suppose I had better go and examine the actual scene. // Come along!

Mayuri: Nemuri the Eighth!
Nemu8: Yes! / Mayuri-sama!
Mayuri: ...You don’t have to be so loud... // Honestly, I do wonder... / Why did you have to turn out like this, hmmm?
Nemu8: Right! / I’m very sorry, Mayuri-sama!

People: Good work out there today, Captain Zaraki!! // Good work out there! // Good work, Captain! // Good work! // Good work! // Good work, Captain!!
Kenpachi: Shut it, you lot!! I ain’t done with work yet, it’s barely past midday!!
People: Ehhhh?! // I guess that makes sense! We’re so sorry!! // Good day to you, Captain Zaraki! // GOod day! // Good day!
Ikkaku: ......By the way, Captain...

Ikkaku: Isn’t the ceremony at the First Division quarters? // Are you sure this is the right way?
Kenpachi: Ehh? / What’re you on about? Division 13’s in charge, so it’s at their quarters, right?
Ikkaku: ......It is at the First Division quarters, right?
Yumichika: I wouldn’t know, I’m only the Third Seat. / You need to keep track of these things!
Kenpachi: ......Now listen here, Ikkaku... / The only reason I always used to get lost all the time was because of Yachiru! // Now that she’s not around... / I always know exactly where I’m going!
Ikkaku: ............
Yumichika: Eh? Me?! / I...I’m sure the Captain is completely right! Ahaha!
Kenpachi: If we’re clear, then let’s get moving! // And hurry up about it, you two!
Ikkaku/Yumichika: Ahh...

Ikkaku/Yumichika: Wait up, Captain~~~!!
Hirako: Hmm? // That’s the Eleventh Division... // Where the heck do they think they’re off to?
Hinamori: Perhaps they’re...a little lost...?
Hirako: Folks who don’t know where they’re goin’ don’t usually move that fast!
Hinamori: I’ll go and intercept them!
Hirako: Seriously?! Don’t bother! / We don’t want to get caught up with them and wind up late too!
Hinamori: But...
Hirako: There ain’t no buts about it! // They’re grown-ups, let ‘em take care of their own selves! // That’s a Captain’s order!
Hinamori: Captain Hirako... / You only ever use Captain’s orders for pointless things, don’t you...?
Hirako: Hahah... I guess that shows a difference in priorities! / I wouldn’t call the way I use it pointless. / I use it when I feel like it!
Hinamori: ..................

Iba: Guoooooohhhhhh... // Hahhhh!!!
People: W... / We can’t follow you like that, Captain~~~~~!
Iba: Don’t sweat it! You guys can catch up later!!
Hitsugaya: Straight from the training grounds? / You certainly work yourself hard, Captain Iba.
Iba: Captain Hitsugaya! // Well, you know... / I still don’t feel like I’m really Captain material. // If I were to skip out on training... / I don’t think I’d be able to hold my head high in this job!

Hitsugaya: .........I see...... // That’s certainly a fine attitude...... / Perhaps that kind of spirit is exactly what one needs to become a Captain...... // I can certainly think of certain people who’d do well to follow his example...
Rangiku: Ohh~?! Whoever could that be?! // You mean Shuuhei, maybe?!
Kensei: True enough. // You’d do well to listen, Shuuhei.
Hisagi: What’s that supposed to mean, Rangiku-san?!
Rangiku: Hey, I’m pretty sure I just heard your captain backing me up.
Hisagi: You can say that all you like... // But let me remind you, I at least mastered Bankai a long time ago!

Rangiku: Suuuure you did. I still haven’t seen it.
Hitsugaya: Neither have I.
Rangiku: Are you sure you didn’t just make the whole thing up?
Kensei: I don’t recall seeing it either.
Hisagi: Oh, come on, Captain! I know I showed it to you!! // I... / It’s not like I can help it, anyway! // I haven’t had any opportunity to use it since back then!
Rangiku: Sounds like a lame excuse.
Kensei: Yep, he’s making excuses.
Hisagi: Could you quit siding against me here, Captain?!!
Hitsugaya: ......Actually... / Thinking about it, it’s probably a good thing... // ...that he hasn’t had any opportunity to use it in the past ten years. // After all... // ...it means Soul Society has been peaceful for a whole decade.

Hitsugaya: And I’d say today’s ceremony... // ...will be a fine way... // ...to wrap up that decade of peace.
Soifon: You’re late! // Where have you been?!

Kenpachi: Ehhh? / We just went on a run around the whole of Seireitei. // I’d say we made it here pretty quick, considering.
Soifon: Then let me ask you why exactly you felt the need to run around all of Seireitei... // ...on such an important day?
Isane: Wh-wh... / Why don’t we all just settle down and head inside? // Right? / Okay? / Shall we?
Kiyone: You could try to be a bit more forceful with them, Sis! You’re a Captain too, remember?!
Isane: Please don’t ask the impossible~~~~~!
Nanao: Now that everyone is present... // We will begin the inauguration ceremony for the newest Captain of the Gotei 13!

Nanao: The new Captain may enter!
Renji: ......Wipe that strained look off your face already. // Don’t worry. / If you stress out so much you trip and twist your ankle, I’ll give you a piggyback!
Rukia: O... / Oh, be quiet......!

Nanao: Captain of the Thirteenth Division... // Kuchiki Rukia!
Rukia: Present!

Akon: Huh? // Where’d the Captain go? / ......Oh, right. / Today’s the big day for that new Captain, huh.
Hiyosu: Actually... / I think he went to inspect the reconstruction district.
Akon: Why the heck?!
Hiyosu: Hey, you’re his Lieutenant. If you don’t know, why should I?
Akon: Ugh, what a pain... / I guess I’ll have to go and fetch him......
Hiyosu: Why, did something come up?
Akon: Well...... // There’s a strange reading coming up on the instruments. // It looks very similar...... // ...to Juchabach’s reiatsu from ten years ago......
[Side text: What is this reiatsu reading?! Next issue, the final chapter!! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion!!]

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