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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Bleach 686

Death & Strawberry

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 26, 2016 20:03 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Who is this boy with such kind-looking eyes...?]1
Hiyori: Oi!! THe hell d’you think you’re doing over there, brat?!! // How did you even get in - / ?! // ...The heck? // That kid sure knows how to pull a runner...

[Insert text: May this moment last forever...]

Shinigami: The reiatsu reading suspected to be a remnant of Juchabach’s power is coming from West District 55! // It’s the final restoration area, beside the Division 13 building!
Soifon: Kuchiki! // I assigned this task to you because it seems the Division 13 Captain already left after the ceremony, but...
Byakuya: That is fine. // Rukia and the others are enjoying a well-earned break. / There is no need to contact them. // I will take care of this.

Mayuri: ............Hmm? // How strange... // I do not recall sharing any information with you people.
Soifon: Don’t underestimate the information network of the Covert Ops.
Byakuya: If you are here, I presume that indicates our information was accurate.
Mayuri: Dear me... / It won’t be long... // ...before you see first-hand just how accurate it was.

Ichigo: Hey.

Rukia: Greetings! // Your place seems as unpopular as ever! / It’s completely empty!
Ichigo: It’s a good thing for a clinic to be empty, isn’t it? / Now quit skulking around and come inside. // You’re the last ones to arrive.
Keigo: Ahh! It’s Rukia-chan! // Come on in, Rukia-cha~~n!!
Tatsuki: Don’t say that like it’s your own damn house!
Mizuiro: Long time no see, Rukia-chan! / I see you’ve grown your hair out. It suits you!

Yuzu: Out of the way, Onii-chan!
Karin: Popcorn and cola, coming through!!
Yuzu: Ah! It’s Rukia-chan! / Long time no see!
Rukia: It has been quite a while! You two have certainly grown!
Karin: C’mon, it’s going to start! Ichi-nii, sit down over here!
TV: Y-Hans presents! The WBO World Heavyweight title match!
Keigo: Ahhh! There he is!!
TV: Let’s take a look back over the matches that brought today’s challenger, Sado Yasutora, to this point!
People: Man, isn’t Chad incredible?! / He’s only gone and become the most famous of all of us! // When you say “us”, does that include you? // What part of the word “us” would not include me?!

People: Where’s Dr. Ishida? // He’s taking an extended lunch break, up on the roof. // From what I heard... / He wanted to take the day off today, but couldn’t make it work... // So he’s taking a quick break now to watch this show that he really wanted to watch with his friends. // Well, isn’t that sweet.
Ichigo: It’s starting, Orihime!

Orihime: Coming~~~~~~!
Ichigo: Where’s Kazui?
Orihime: Mmm... / I think he’s back upstairs now. // From what Tsubaki-kun was telling me... / I think he dropped in on Hiyori-chan and the others just now.
Yuzu: He’ll be in your room, won’t he, Onii-chan? / Kazu-kun loves it in there.
Ichigo: It’s your room now, remember? / Don’t you mind?
Yuzu: Nah, it’s fine! I like having Kazu-kun around!
Karin: ‘Cause he’s a dead ringer for Ichi-nii, right?
Yuzu: Karin-chan!

Ichigo: Huh? / Come to think of it, weren’t you guys saying you were gonna bring your kid?
Rukia: Ah, yes! / She finally became an official apprentice with the Gotei! // So we were able to get a special pass, just for the Obon season! / Come on in, now! // Well! / It seems she has disappeared!
Ichigo: What the heck?!
Rukia: Worry not! She is a Shinigami! // No human would be able to harm her! // [aside]now let’s get watching![/aside]
Ichigo: Your kid’s the type to pick fights with random humans?! / Go and find her already!!!

Soifon: Here it comes! / Stay back!

Mayuri: ............What is this......?! / The remnant of Juchabach’s power simply............ // ...vanished...?!

Aizen: So, the last trace of Juchabach’s power... // ...has finally disappeared............

Flashback!Juchabach: The path... // ...has now closed. // Ichigo. // The path to a world... // ...without fear. // The human world... // Soul Society... // Hueco Mundo... // They belong together as one. // They should have been brought together... // ...that life and death may mingle as one.

Flashback!Juchabach: But now... // That path exists no longer. // All thanks to you... // Ichigo. // How disappointing. // Because of you... // Life and death will not lose their form... // All living things will continue to live their lives in fear of death... // For all eternity.

Aizen: Juchabach... // The world that you desired to create... / ...may indeed have been devoid of fear. // However... / In a world without the fear of death... // Men could not face that fear and seek out hope. // Certainly, they could keep walking onward by merely living... // But that would be very different from walking onward whilst conquering their own fears. // That is why... // ...we give the act of walking onward a special name.

Aizen: We call it “courage”.
Kazui: Who’s there?

Ichika: Abarai Ichika! // Shinigami in training! // And you?
Kazui: I’m...... // ......Kurosaki Kazui.
[Bleach 686]

Kazui: I’m a Shinigami too.
Ichika: Ehhh?!
[Insert text: Thus the blade...]
[Death & Strawberry]

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