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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

xxxHOLiC 170

Chapter 170

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 29, 2008 13:23 | Go to xxxHOLiC

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Chapter 170
[insert text large: "...I'll do whatever I can. Because I want to be here."]
[insert text small: Watanuki was subconsciously trying to erase his own existence. However, his bonds with his friends, the feelings left by his parents in the name they gave him, and above all his own will, are all working to change the future of everything!!]

[side text: As destinies are thrown into chaos, a telephone call arrives. Yuuko and the old fortune-telling lady... what is the meaning of the fate they are about to weave?!]
[bubbleSFX: ring ring ring // ring ring]
Yuuko: Hello.
FortuneTeller: Good evening, Yuuko-chan.
Yuuko: Good evening. / How are things going?

FortuneTeller: Mm-hm. / Yes. / I'm just fine. // Kohane-chan is doing well, too. // And you, Yuuko-chan?
Yuuko: The same as ever.
FortuneTeller: And by that... / ...I suppose you mean you are enjoying your drink as usual.
Yuuko: Yes, precisely.

FortuneTeller: Is Kimihiro-kun there?
Yuuko: No, he's out just at the moment.
FortuneTeller: There was something I wanted to let him know. // You remember back when you first brought him to me, to have his fortune told...
Flashback!FortuneTeller: Don't you worry. / Your parents have passed on just fine.

FortuneTeller: I saw that his parents were no longer in this world, thanks to some sort of grave event... // ...So I told him that they had passed on. / But when he came to visit me this last time, // ...I realised that I was mistaken. // Kimihiro-kun's parents may not be in this world, but they still live, in another place.

Yuuko: ...Indeed. // They are still waiting for their children. // Believing in the two of them, // all this time. // So you wanted to tell this to Watanuki?
FortuneTeller: That was my intention, but I feel that my failure to reach him is a sign. // It means that he need not be told of this just yet.

FortuneTeller: As for payment for this information, the delicious food we had back then is more than enough. // Please, tell Kimihiro-kun he should come and see us again sometime.
Yuuko: I will. // ...I promise.
[bubbleSFX: click]
Yuuko: By the time he next comes to visit you... // ...I daresay everything will have come to an end.

[sFX: touch // slide]
Haruka: Hey. // Good evening.

Haruka: This must be the first time we have met like this.

Haruka: It's good to be able to see you... // ...but it does make me wonder... / ...why we are now able to do so.

Haruka: The children you have been watching over... // ...have each made their choices and moved onward. // My grandson included, of course.

Haruka: Perhaps... / ...the time is near. // ...I pray...

[sFX: swish]
[TN: You know, I hate "su" sound effects. Nothing I come up with to translate them as ever seems remotely appropriate.]
Haruka: ...that the "butterfly dream" may be realised.
[TN: (EDIT) Okay, "butterfly dream" reference sorted. It had been mentioned in Holic before. See comments.]

[side text: Even a dream, if you believe, and wish, can become reality with the help of those you love. The butterfly never ceased to dream!!]
[bottom text: When the butterfly dream is realised, what manner of reality will be born?! Next chapter is on 15th December, with colour page(s)!!]

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#1. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
thanks carlos, i don't like this new thing is so difficult find everything!!
but i'm still love you!!
#2. by Thenakedcat ()
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
cnet128, "The Butterfly Dream" is a parable by the classical Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, whose ideas have enjoyed a revival with postmodern thinkers. The parable is thus: Zhuangzi had a dream of being a butterfly that was so fantastically vivid, so convincing, that when he woke from it he was no longer entirely sure whether he was a philosopher who dreamed of being a butterfly or a butterfly who dreamed of being a philosopher.

The "moral" of the parable is that reality is subject to our interpretations, no more necessarily "real" than our dreams. In Holic, the butterfly motif is ALWAYS connected to Yuuko. Thus, invoking the "Butterfly Dream" parable is likely to be foreshadowing that there's going to be a choice involved between reality as it is currently perceived and the future as it has been dreamed to be. It also likely references how Watanuki is becoming more "real" by altering people's perceptions, because even his very existence is subjective.
#3. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
thanks cnet, u'r the best as always...
Is it just me or CLAMP are trying to fix their own mistake with the Fortune teller lady? XD
#4. by cnet128 ()
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
Fix their mistake? CLAMP, make a mistake? Surely CLAMP always have everything plotted out about five hundred steps ahead ~_~ I can't see them having "made a mistake" on something as major as whether Watanuki's parents were alive or not, even that early on in the series...

And Thenakedcat - thanks for that information. Much appreciated. Perhaps worth mentioning, though - it looks like the "Butterfly Dream" parable is usually referred to as 胡蝶の夢, "kochou no yume", rather than the simple 蝶の夢, "chou no yume", we have here. Slightly different word for "butterfly". Hm.
#5. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2008
i was going to tell you, but i caan't find yet the old entrance of inarikami when this buterfly thingy enter in the holic picture:
also in here

issue put into short histories of two famous latin american writers: Jorge Luis Borges " El sur" and in Julio Cortazar "La Noche Boca Arriba"
i did this researsh for chap 133
#6. by cnet128 ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2008
Hm, thanks for that... So hard to keep track of things in Holic. I guess this Butterfly Dream is a running obsession of Haruka's.
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