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Ten de Showaru Cupid 1

A Naked Demon!

+ posted by ComradeLewis as translation on Sep 12, 2013 06:45 | Go to Ten de Showaru Cupid

-> RTS Page for Ten de Showaru Cupid 1

p1 (2 page cover spread)
blue curved title: wicked
pink title: cupid
under 1: "A naked demon!"
orange name: Yoshihiro Togashi

p2 (Yoshihiro Togashi's comments)
under picture: Yoshihiro Togashi
main text: Eeek!! Set me free~. Despite hearing that "You'll have every Wednesday off," and "You can make a lot of money," I never though a weekly serialization would be this intense!! But, I am submissivly happy! Living off of toons is not something I thought would have happened until 3 years ago. There is really nothing to regret... well, I have to pay back my loans... and I have to go on a diet... and I need sleep...
bullet: Appearing in Weekly Shonen Jump #32-40, 1989.

p3 (skip)

p4 (same as 1)

black text: Wicked
white title: cupid
corner text: Volume 1 \ "A naked demon!" \ Yoshihiro Togashi

top: "A naked demon!"

left text: Contents
"A naked demon!" 5
"The old man's woman!" 37
"The wonderful date!" 59

top photo: Wicked Cupid
bottom photo: Volume 1

right text: "The Dangerous buttocks!" 83
"Crime and punishment!" 107
"The night I was bewitched!" 127
"The beach is paradise!" 147
"After 6 years...!" Part 1 167
"After 6 years...!" Part 2 187

ch title: "A naked demon!"
right box: In the forest at night, on the 17th time running away from home...
left box: ... I saw something unbelievable

sfx: whoosh
boy: the pond...\\ it's glowing...?

boy: that shape...!!
sfx: fwoosh

boy: A magic circle!?

sfx: poof

title: "A naked demon!"

sfx: fsssh
demon: hmmm

sfx: splash

sfx: plunk

sfx: flash

demon: hehehe...

sfx: splash

boy: woah...

sfx: la lah

boy: It's... it's a demon\\ why here?

outside: known to be terribly wicked creatures... \\
they enter into a weak part of your heart to drag you down an evil path, or suck up your soul

boy: run!! at any rate...\\ i've gotta get out of here
sfx: sneak
sfx bubble: snap

sfx bubble: !

sfx: gasp

sfx: silence

boy: so...

bubble: rustle

boy: sigh \\ looks like she couldn't hear it

demon: you saw me, didn't you?

sfx: zoom

sfx: zoom

boy: ahhh // agghh

sfx: zoom

sfx: zoom

white shirt: hey, boy
sfx: screech

glasses: hey
white shirt: ah, it's the boy

glasses: welcome home little boss!!
sfx: zoom
white shirt: You've worried your father little Ryuji

white shirt: This is the fastest you've ever come home after running away!!
black sfx: slam
white sfx: whoosh
glasses: don't say such unnecessairy things...

glasses: little boss... we know you hate the Yakuza, but please don't worry your father // he is really quite a thoughtful man...

white shirt: he's gone already
sfx: crack

glasses: after all the trouble of painting it

women: demon!?

women: here he goes again with his fairy tales
boy: that's not it

right girl: whatever, it hasn't even been 3 hours since you ran away
left girl: amazing, that's your worst record

boy: it's the truth! // I really did see a demon

tatsuko: get a grip. come to my school!! I'll fix that fickle nature of yours.
box: eldest daughter Tatsuko (24): high school teacher. mother: great granddaughter of the president of the Kanto Yakuza association

tatsue: really, so basically you ran away to peep on someone bathing, came back and decided she was a demon
box: second daughter tatsue (17): 2nd year of high school. mother: a woman born in Osaka

tatsumi: your a Japanese man arn't you!! You should cut your belly for running away! cut your belly!!
box: third daughter Tatsumi (The Slayer) (14): 2nd year of middle school. mother: an American country girl.

tatsuno: if your scared to sleep alone, should I sleep with you then? ah ha ha ha...
box: fourth daughter Tatsuno (10): 4th year elementary school. mother: a bar patron

boy: enough already
sfx: smash
girls: idiot

tatsuko: but he is more serious than usual this time
tatsue: he's lost it. you can tell by looking at him

dad: it looks like Ryuji has returned
sfx: intense
girls: yeah, pops

dad: boy, even he is giving me problems
box: father: Tatsuzo Koinobori (43). Kanto family lineage and boss of the Koinobori gang.

tatsuzo: eventually he was to be my successor and shoulder the Koinobori gang... I should have raised him instead of leaving it to his mother...
sfx: blegh
tatsue: here he goes again...

ryuji: I'm sorry fairies, I saw a woman naked.
box: eldest son: Ryuji (15). 3rd year of middle school.

ryuji: and a demon at that... ahh... \\ why?... if something were to appear...

ryuji: why couldn't an angel or a fairy come for me?

outside: but that's fine. one day a cute angel or fairy will appear in front of me, and take me away from this house of debauchery.\\
then, we would live together happily in the beautiful forest with the animals and insects!! \\
I have to keep my body and mind pure until that day...

tatsuko: a fairy!!
tatsuno: elementary school students are more realistic these days
sfx: shriek

ryuji: hey, don't come in whenever you want!
tatsuno: that was too funny, so I'll take what I recorded to school tomorrow
tatsue: he's not crazy. this is normal for him.

sfx: ahh ha ha ha
small sfx: bravo \\ fine
recording: keep my body and mind pure

ryuji: are you all demons?! \\ no, normal women are lower than demons!!

tatsuko: don't act all big! as your father's son, there's no doubt that your even more of a super perv.
tatsumi: Ohh, it's his fantasy
sfx: wiggle wiggle
ryuji: hey!
tatsuno: that's right. brother is just needlessly holding out
tatsue: there's father's hand-me-down perverts packed in there

right bubble: given the chance, he would show his true nature, for sure!
top sfx: rub rub
bottom sfx: he he he
left bubble: like turning into a perv on full moon... have you used it before?
ryuji: get \ get

ryuji: get out!!
sfx: dash

ryuji: i'll protect my purity!!
sfx: giggle

demon: hmm \\ so he(italics) was Ryuji?

demon: giggle

demon: giggle

demon: you saw me, didn't you?
sfx: suddenly
ryuji: woah, no I didn't!

ryuji: so dark...
sfx: chirp chirp

ryuji: someday she will appear \\ i'm sorry ms. fairy

ryuji: I had an indecent dream \\ please forgive me

right bubble: a naked demon?
left bubble: it must be because of his frustration

ryuji: are you guys saying that it was a hallucination?
glasses: well... wasn't it?

right bubble: didn't you know? his chastity is for a fairy he imagined
left bubble: seems like that would tempt him into a sex crime

right bubble: hey, if you look around your sisters are the really weard ones!!

left bubble: that's right. there are really good women all over the place.

right bubble: hey, let's just go have a looksie
left bubble: it's Saterday even. let's go have look this afternoon.

outside: ms. fairy, I'm sorry... \\ we're only looking

ryuji: hey~ there's no way! I can't flirt

ryuji: we're just looking, remember? "just looking"
left bubble: get a grip and grow some nerve, man

right bubble: it's all right, just try it once
left bubble: love might blossom from it

right bubble: oh, how about that one?
left bubble: the woman with the chestnut hair that's coming toward us

all: ohh

sfx: whoosh

ryuji: so cute...
sfx: thump
ryuji: just like the fairy I pictured in my mind

ryuji: but, it feels like I've seen her somewhere...
right bubble: a beauty
left bubble: she's coming here

right bubble: she's too much for Ryuji! I'll go
sfx: shove
left bubble: no way. I'll do it

right bubble: I will, I'll go \ No, I will, I'll go
sfx: pass

girl: we meet again

boy: huh?

ryuji: huh, me? \\ wh, who were you again?

girl: you don't remember? \\ how sad...

girl: my heart's beating like this \\ just to see you again
sfx: grope

ryuji: what! \\ who in the world are you?

girl: you still don't remember? \\ then...

girl: perhaps you were only looking at my nude body then \\ how naughty

ryuji: what?
outside: you...

ryuji: ah
outside: you saw...

ryuji: ahh
outside: you saw me...

outside: you saw me, didn't you?
girl: do you remember?

right bubble: hey you, introduce us already!!
ryuji: ahh \\ ahh
left bubble: what's with all the fairies when you actually know such a cute girl?!

ryuji: ahhhh \\ deeemmmoonn
sfx: vroom

sfx: vroom
boy: what's with him?
girl: he he

boys: hey, why not forget about him and go with us

boys: huh?

box: and then...
ryuji: I'm sorry fairies. I touched a demon's breast. \\ angels, I am so sorry...!!

ryuji: sigh

ryuji: that's 500 apologies already!! \\ those wicked thoughs are gone from my head!!
sfx: ha haa haa haa

sfx: dizzy
ryuji: hah...

outside: it's no use!! this soft, stimulating sensation in my hand won't go away.
sfx: dizzy dizzy

tatsuno: ryuji, dad is calling us
sfx: open
ryuji: woah

ryuji: why don't you try knocking?
tatsuno: ha ha ha, you must have had your head in the gutter

sfx: clunk
tatsuzo: well, then...

tatsuzo: it might be sudden, but I've decided to let a woman stay at our house \\ well, there's plenty of reasons for this

ryuji: wha...
tatsue: what? that's(italics) the important thing to discuss? that's nothing new around here.
tatsuko: at any rate, it's another woman for dad? how old?

right bubble: 15? well, dad's interests have changed
left bubble: they say when you get old, you extend your hand to the young. he he he

ryuji: what a load of crap!!
sfx: slap

ryuji: I've had enough already! this is a family? depravity soul, decayed morals, festering human relations with family scheeming. \\ you and(italics) you!! don't you think it's filthy!? such immoral conduct!!
tatsuko: here comes the wholesome speech again
tatsue: dummy, plaing with women is up to a man's resources

tatsuko: running away again?
sfx: thud
ryuji: of course!! I'm out of this dump
tatsuzo: i know Ryuji's opinion. what about the rest of you?

tatsuko: it doesn't matter how many people you bring anymore
sfx: thud, stomp, clatter
tatsue: we could chase her off if we don't like her
tatsuzo: right, yeah, uh huh

tatsuno: it would be nice if she could cook
tatsumi: bigger family, fun home
sfx: whoosh
ryuji: and i'll never come back!
tatsuzo: ah, I am glad to hear it

tatsuzo: actually, she is already here
sfx: slam

bubble: smile

sfx: vroom

sfx: smash, whack, thud, lock, lock, lock

right bubble: this time he ran away for 3 seconds...
left bubble: that was fast

ryuji: wha, why!! \\ why is there a demon in our house??
sfx: sink

girl: I'm Maria, nice you meet you \\ right?

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