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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Ten de Showaru Cupid 2

The old man's woman!

+ posted by ComradeLewis as translation on Sep 21, 2013 00:56 | Go to Ten de Showaru Cupid

-> RTS Page for Ten de Showaru Cupid 2

Chapter: "The old man's woman!"

ryuji: hah \\ hah

ryuji: hah \\ hah

ryuji: hah hah(bold) \\ hah(bold)

ryuji: hah(bold)

Chapter: "The old man's woman!"
Maria: you~ saw~ me~
sfx: boooomm
ryuji: woah~

sfx: jump

outside: guess it was a dream... \\ sigh, only bad dreams


maria: mm hmmm

maria: zzz \\ zzz

ryuji: what the...!

gardener: the boy's dreaming

right bubble: he's having a lot of those lately
left bubble: I know. how strange

sfx: whee~ze \\ ga~sp

ryuji: wha \\ what..
maria: calm down \\ what's the problem?

ryuji: that's my line! \\ why are you in my room?

maria(sfx): inhale

ryuji: anyway, hurry and put some clothes on!!! what if

someone sees you!!
maria: I'm clearly wearing your underwear
sfx: tug

maria: uhn~, what nice weather

tatsuko: shut up Ryuji!! \\ what's with all the noise at the

crack of dawn!?
sfx: bang

everyone: ahh!(bold)

maria: good mo-rning

tatsuko: Ryuji~
tatsue: you~

ryuji: it's not what you think \\ it was her idea

tatsuko: there's my little brother!
sfx: surprise

tatsue: you've got guts touching Dad's woman!!
small sfx: yahoo~
sfx: whoa
tatsumi: cheers! today's Ryuji's bloodbath!!

ryuji: listen to me, would you?! \\ she was the one...

sfx: wham

ryuji: ah... Father

ryuji: calm down, okay!! \\ listen to my side...

tatsuzo: admirable!(bold and hairy)

tatsuzo: splendid, flirting first thing in the morning!! \\

Maria, make a real man out of him like that.

maria: you've got it, boss(all bold)
tatsumi: huh?

tatsuzo: I guess I'll tell you! Maria is not my(italics)

woman!! \\ Ryuji!! She's a tutor I hired for you, Ryuji.
ryuji: A tutor?

p 48
outside: Listedn up Ryuji!! Young men of the Koninobori house

stand at the top of our great ancestors. As men of caliber, we

were born with a destiny. That power became our inborn,

violent nature and our amorous spirit!! \\ When I was 15 I was

feared as "the Lord of Hell, Tatsuzo" by the evil men in the

city. I even managed to steal 100 women from them.

tatsuzo: However(bold-italics)... \\ Ryuji!! You have none of

that power(all bold)
sfx: jolt

tatsuzo: when you see a fight, you scurry away. when you see a

gangster, you avoid their eyes. when you see blood, your legs

give out. plus you can't even take a cut from a shoplifter.
sfx: roar
tatsuzo: and(italics) you close your eyes to real women

because you're infatuated with these fairies and angels from

your fantasies, and in the end you're going to protect your

purity? Are you gay, you bastard?! Feel some shame, some

ryuji(sfx): flustered

tatsuzo: ....... I'm worried...

tatsuzo: at this rate, because of the decline of Ryuji's

generation \\ I won't be able to face our great ancestors

tatsuzo: however, my greatest worry is shining down on me!! \\

It would be difficult to make you into a violent man at this

point, but...

tatsuzo: all men are horny!!(all bold) \\ If a so called man

has a (picture of a circle, x, and triangle), then he is

capable of using it!!(all bold)

tatsuzo: listen up Ryuji!! Maria is going to teach you all the

merits of a real woman \\ and, without further delay, make you

into a respectable, lavacious man that's appropriate for the

Koinobori house.

tatsuko: Dad's also the one that thought of training you with

a tutor
tatsue: give it up Ryuji, you've got no choice but to become a

letch now

tatsumi: Papa, how thoughtful. I'm so touched
tatsuno: Good for you bro. Kiss your virginity goodbye.

tatsuzo: ha ha hah, how wonderful. how wonderful

ryuji: hold on a minute!!

ryuji: listen to me. she's not a human woman \\ she's a demon


right bubble: there it is again, his stupid fantasy
left bubble: cant he come up with something better than that

two-bit act?

ryuji: It's no lie. when I ran away, she appeared to me as a

demon in the nude
tatsumi: I don't get what you're trying to say

ryuji: Fine, enough talk, I'll show you proof. \\ on her butt,


ryuji: just like I said
small sfx: slide
large sfx: flip

ryuji: it's a demon's tail!!
maria: kyaa

tatsue: where'd you say it was?

ryuji: huh?

sfx: ta-da

ryuji: gone? \\ no... no way

ryuji: ahhhh \\ impossible!!
sfx: snap

ryuji: no way. it has to be there!!
maria: kyaa- cut it out!!
sfx: grab
ryuji: where is it? where are you hiding it!?

tatsuko: get a grip Ryuji!!!
outside: educational guidance & correction

ryuji: ah~ that hurt...
sfx: looking around
outside: you're...
ryuji: Huh? Did I just do something?

tatsue: that punk...
outside: hmm \\ he might be more scary than me...
tatsuko: Looks like he's unexpectedly dangerous when he


tatsuko: Anyway... Maria has no tale!
ryuji: crap... \\ She can hide her tale at will?
sfx: thumbs up
tatsue: Looks like you've completely given up.

right bubble: Listen up Ryuji!! \\ From now on, you two are

living together.

maria: good luck
sfx: heh heh

sfx: heh(bold)

tatsuko: Leaving? It's what your good at.
right sfx: grin grin
left sfx: rumble

ryuji: What kind of family are you, setting a pure boy up with

a demon, leading him down an improper path!!
sfx: grab
tatsuko: and he's gone
small sfx: ha hah ha haa
ryuji: I'm out of here, and I'm never coming back.

tatsuzo: wouldn't you have to be able to leave before coming

sfx: slam

glasses: Until told otherwise, we've been ordered to keep you

from leaving \\ Should we make you give up little Ryuji...?

tatsuzo: that's the only way. \\ Ryuji(bold)

tatsuzo: resign yourself to become amorous!!

tatsuzo: You're on guard Hirai.
Hirai: Yes sir.
tatsue: Well done Ryuji!!

Hirai: Then, have a good night.
sfx: creak

ryuji: ah!
sfx: thud

ryuji sfx: shudder
sfx: giggle giggle

maria: you told them about me(hairy)
sfx: whooshhh

maria: furthermore, you even showed them my butt, just like

that \\ that's not fair

maria: so, I guess I'll take a look... \\ at your tail(heart)

ryuji: no way... \\ don't joke around!!
sfx: hehehe

outside: I'll crush you
ryuji: If you're gonna be like this, I'll protect my body by


maria: DAMNED* (note: Undressing)(bold and hairy) \\ Sorry,

what am I saying?(small little comment)
sfx: pow

text outside panel: ahh, no way! this sucks!(super small)

ryuji: ahhh
sfx: whirl
maria: kya~ what a cute butt!!

ryuji: cut it out already
maria: it's fine. show me your front too
sfx: thump thump

ryuji: guys~! she's...
sfx: vroom
maria: I'm a de-mon

top right shout: ahh, cut it out \\ stop it
bottom right shout: hehehe, give up...
guard: Bro, for some reason, I'm feeling really guilty...
glasses: it's part of the job

maria: what's.. this..

(blank page)

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#1. by ComradeLewis ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2013
I didn't realize that I left off a few pages off the ending. It's all corrected now.

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