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Ten de Showaru Cupid 3

A Wonderful Date

+ posted by ComradeLewis as translation on Nov 12, 2013 14:46 | Go to Ten de Showaru Cupid

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title: "A Wonderful Date"

Right box: Today's a fun holiday, and it's nice outside.
left box: why then...

maria sfx: humm humm
maria: yay, it's a date. a date!
ryuji: ...do I have to be on a date with a demon?

ryuji sfx: sigh
maria: Ahh... It seems like your not into this when you sigh like that.

maria: if you don't put more effort into this, I'll use my undressing

incantation in the middle of town!!
ryuji: OK, OK, I understand!!

right box: that's right. I was coerced into this date by threats of her

left box: Angels, forgive me. It's a threat after all.
bottom box: scene from a previous tragedy

maria: so, where are we going?
ryuji: hmm? Wherever, it doesn't really...

maria: I'll do it...
ryuji: ahhh, that's right. To a movie!! Let's see a movie!

maria: ah, then this one looks good!! let's see this one!!
ryuji: hmm?

left white box: Forced!!
black lettering: train with standing room only \ center row \ high-speed heaven
left white box: Stand Up Japan!!
black lettering: The Sailor Uniform Hunter
maria: this!!
ryuji sfx: twitch twitch

ryuji: there's no way!!
maria: huh?

ryuji: I know, let's have some juice at a cafe.
maria: I guess...

maria: Here!! Let's go here.
sign: PINK \ naughty tea shop

ryuji: there's no freakin' way!!
maria: you're no fun

maria: hey, why not? let's just have a little adventure.
sfx: stare
ryuji sfx: gulp

ryuji: nope!! to a more wholesome place!! I know, to an amusement park!!
sfx: ta-da
maria: huh? no way. Such a childish place would be boring.

big sfx: bam pop
small sfx: ahh wow chatter chatter

maria: ah ha ha. that was fun. hurry up
ryuji: she's finally in a good mood
maria: let's ride that one now

maria: kya ha ha haa

right box: I don't get it!! Why in the world did she approach me like this? As

a tutor for lecherous training? It can't be.
left box: That's her "official" reason. She's a demon. Is she after my soul?

But what's the point targeting a timid person like me?

maria: hurry, hurry

ryuji sfx: snicker
outside: somehow, when I only see her innocently frolicing around, rather than

a demon...

outside: she's just like...

maria: hey, what are you day dreaming about?
small black sfx: what?
right sfx bubble: stare
left sfx bubble: thump

ryuji: it's... it's nothing
maria: really? wanna try that? \\ ok, let's ride that one then!!

ryuji: I don't have that kind of money. You should pitch in a little!
maria: pfft, just because your poor.

maria: there's no choice then
sfx: snap

chanting: (leave untranslated)

sfx: here
maria: voila

ryuji: isn't that counterfeit!!
maria: what kind of a demon would I be if I were afraid of a crime?

maria: such a huge place won't go bust over 10 or 20 thousand Yen. Now come on.
ryuji: she's a genuine demon all right

skull: I missed the fireworks... sob

ryuji: hey, don't get so close
maria: that's impossible, there's too many people here

maria: ahh, help!
sfx above kids: vroom
sfx bubble: squeeze
ryuji: hey, hey! hey!!

maria: kyaa, they knocked me down!
sfx: woahhh

skull: hey! Maria!!
maria: huh?

skull: there's something I want to tell you
maria: oh, Levi, what are you doing here*?
*note: this world

Levi: just c'mon already
sfx: yank
maria sfx: ahn

maria: sorry Ryuji, give me a minute

levi: hey maria, what's with the pretense!?

maria: what pretense?
levi: you were hanging all over that brat

maria: what? your the one that gave me those orders

levi: certainly, I did say to get close to the boy and show him the splendor of

a woman! \\ however, there's no need to flirt with him. think of another way...

box: Project Manager \ Demon World Soul Bank - Japan Branch \ Levi
maria: and why can't(italics) I flirt with him?

levi: you sure are an ill-tempered demon... fine, I'll tell you.

levi: it's because I love you!
sfx: guts

levi: I wouldn't have you following this kid around if it wasn't for the order

from above.
sfx: serious
maria: being a salary man sure is tough

outside: There's no choice. The Koinobori family of souls are a super high-

grade commodity. Just one is worth several hundred million Devii alone. \\
releasing nothing but dazzling, evil power, it's just like a jewel \\
They are a source of great pride to those of us at the demon world's soul bank.
levi: If you compare 1 Devii to 1 Yen, you can tell they are quite valuable.

levi: however, that(italics) disaster occured to the Koinobori house!!
sfx: ah \\ ah
levi: that boy Ryuji was born, without any evil power at all!!

levi: Because his pure soul is engrossed with fairies and angels, he doesn't

even show an interest in real women!! \\
at this rate, he won't even get married, and that's a problem!! because,

certainly, we want the souls from many of his children to come!! absolutely!!

sfx: sneeze

ryuji: darn it... someone must be talking about me

ryuji: I wonder what they could be talking about.
sfx: glance

right box: who in the world is he, dressing like a weardo?
dark sfx: peek
light sfx: fidget
left box: he called himself Rabies, did'nt he? Just what kind of a relationship

does he have with Maria, I wonder...

outside: I see how she is!! It looks like she enjoys that kind of guy... \\

despite saying she would be back soon!
small writing: seems like Ryuji think's that's the look of her enjoying


outside: hold on... why am I getting so irritated? could it be that I have

feelings for Maria? \\ I should be glad to be free of her for a little while...

ryuji: sure... that's right. No worries.
sfx: snub

background: annoyed \ irritated \ frustrated

ryuji sfx: peek

ryuji: that asshole! he's putting his hand on her!
levi: shall I tell you why they want that boy's kids so much?
maria: I'll listen, but take your had off me, it's intruding.

levi: according to the black crystal's prediction, his children will come out

with the ultimate in high-grade souls that surpasses anyone by several

thousand Devii
sfx: terrifying
small sfx: waaa \ waaa

levi: in short, the ultra-heinous power that accumulated from all his previous

generations of evil \\
will rebound in the next generation several thousand times stronger!!

levi: if he were to reform, become lascivious, and have about 100 children...

with that kind of heinous soul power, the demon world would have enough power

to control the whole world in one blow!!
sfx: roar roar roar

ryuji: what's he talking about? he's getting a little too excited. sfx: ahh ha

ha haa

ryuji: ahh! ah! this time he's really getting close!!
levi: understand? bear with it, it's for our entire demon world. maria: bear

with it? I'm enjoying myself.

levi: liar!! Aren't you just pouting because your lonely being away from me?

sfx: smack
maria: Wrong!! your totally missed the mark!!

levi: are you saying I'm not good enough?

levi: until now there has never been a demon or human woman that has not fallen

for... \\
This beautiful face!!

levi: my refined taste!!
sfx: whoosh

levi: coupled with the forged body underneath!!

maria: gross

maria: don't get the wrong idea, I'm just interested in my target this time. \\
I have an interest in this Ryuji Taneuma kid.

levi: what!?
maria: the boy is cute. he's the kind I like to tease. \\
I'm slowly falling for him.

levi: you can't!! I'd never allow such a thing!!
maria: I told you, don't get rough with me!!

ryuji: hey!!
sfx: shake
ryuji: la.. la.. leave her alone!
levi: what?
maria: Ryuji

levi: you've got guts kid... \\ think you can tell me what to do?(creepy font)

levi: I like that... if you wern't something special... \\
I could have erased you from the earth with my power so that not even a speck

of dust remained, got it? (creepy font)
sfx: sob \\ sob
little sfx: caress

maria: ah, it's useless. he's already lost all his nerve. \\
it was impossible. he is a mid-level demon afterall.

maria: it's fine Ryuji. We were done talking anyway.
levi: ah, ma.. maria

levi: i'm not done talking \\ wait!!

maria: spirits, raise the wind (creepy font)

levi: wait...!!
sfx: ta-da

sfx: whooosh

maria: kya~ a pervert!!
maria: come on!!
ryuji: you fool!! right in front of the kids...

levi: maria!! I'll remember this!!

maria: ahh, that was fun

ryuji: hey, who was that guy?

maria: you worried?
ryuji: there's no way!

maria: he's like my co-worker \\ though, since he's a mid-level demon, his

power is greater than mine

ryuji: that guy was a demon?
outside: I could have erased you from the earth with my power...

sfx: heh

maria: thanks for earlier! you sure have courage. were you watching the whole

ryuji: not really, it's not like I looked because I was worried.

ryuji: just... I went to see because you were a bit late \\ by chance

maria: late? no more than 2 or 3 minutes passed while we were talking.
ryuji: huh!? \\ is... is that so?

maria: hey? \\ hey?

ryuji: ah!! more importantly!...
maria: hey, don't change the subject

ryuji: that guy said I was someone special, or something \\
you were talking about me, weren't you?

ryuji: why in the world did you approach me? ...for what purpose?
sfx: ignore

ryuji: hey!!

ryuji sfx: thump
sfx: spin

maria: I'm a... \\ love cupid
sfx bubble: flash

right bottom sfx: sting

maria sfx: giggle giggle
maria: as if

right box: what... what's this feeling?
left box: angels, it looks like I've fallen more and more into darkness.

right bubble: ah! don't lie! \\ hey!

[blank page]

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