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Ten de Showaru Cupid 4

A Dangerous Buttox!

+ posted by ComradeLewis as translation on Nov 14, 2013 16:51 | Go to Ten de Showaru Cupid

-> RTS Page for Ten de Showaru Cupid 4

title: "A Dangerous Buttox!"

sfx: humm

ryuji: hey...!! why are you wearing my school's uniform?

maria: It seems fun... So, I'm going to school too!

superscript: wicked cupid vol. 1

ryuji: what--!!

ryuji: cut it out. school is not fun or anything. there's supplementary lessons

over summer break, homework...
maria: it's too late, it's a done deal

right box: even at school, train ryuji...
left box: to become a letch!!
sfx: splashhhh
ryuji: what?
maria: your father already forced my admittance.

right box: I'll be her possession...
left box: ...even at school, my last sanctuary
ryuji: this is... \\ rediculous

ryuji: hey~ why do you have to follow me around?

ryuji: out with it! what's your real objective?

maria: I told you already, didn't I?

maria: I'm your... \\ cupid (heart mark)
sfx: smile
gray bubble: right?

ryuji: uhh
sfx: thump

ryuji: don't evade. answer me honestly!!

maria sfx: stare

maria: honestly... \\ I like you...

outside: huh..?

ryuji: uhh \\ aah
sfx: stare~

maria: pfft

maria: ahh ha ha \\ you believed me?

outside: she's evading again!! \\ damn her, that nasty little demon!!
ryuji: i thought she was serious for a moment. I guess not.
sfx: thump thump thump

maria: I'm looking forward to school
large sfx: flap
right bubble: he he he
middle bubble: spin

ryuji: hey!! you've got no panties on!!
maria: 'cause I don't have any of my own

ryuji: borrow some from my sister then!!
sfx: ding
maria: never mind, it's more refreshing this way.

superscript: wicked cupid vol.1

ryuji: plus, I can totally see your tail!!
maria: huh?

maria: it's fine. it usually stays curled up like this. \\
see, look!
ryuji: I won't. I won't!!

ryuji: just make it disappear like last time!!
maria: I ran out of the medicine

ryuji: medicine?
maria: there's medicine to make our tails disappear

maria: although there's a spell to make tails disappear, I can't use it \\ I

don't have enough ingredients to make the medicine right now

ryuji: ingredients?
maria: poisonous snakes
sfx: hiss hiss hiss

maria: mixed and boiled with other medicinal plants, and drunk with a charm on

(heart mark)
sfx: gross
ryuji: I shouldn't have asked

maria: it's fine like this
large type: optimism
sfx: sparkle
maria: no one will find out

maria: yeay~ school.
ryuji: hey, don't move so much

ryuji: ah..
sfx: lift

ryuji: ahh!!
sfx: peek

title: wicked cupid vol.1

ryuji: hey~!! I'm begging you. don't frolic around!!
maria: it's fine. I told you, I won't let anyone see it.

ryuji: it's not fine. you're delusional.
sfx: glance

ryuji: it seems like all these slime balls are looking at maria with their

dirty eyes.

outside: since she's a demon, she's not at all self-conscious?
maria sfx: flap
outside: what will we do if they find out?

outside: but, why do I have to be nervous about anything? \\
how stupid
ryuji: i don't get myself lately

maria: I've transfered from another school, despite it being the middle of

summer. \\
I'm Maria Hijiri. Nice to meet you.
sfx: bow

right shout: supplementary lessons aren't so bad anymore.
left shout: over here teacher!! there's an empty seat next to me.

outside: you punk \ next to me \ me \ no me \ no me
teach: be quiet you punks

teach: I hear your boarding at Ryuji's house
maria: yes! we are living together
big sfx: chatter chatter
small sfx: ohh- Ryuji you jerk-

ryuji sfx: sigh

superscript: wicked cupid vol.1

teach: that's fine, then sit next to Ryuji.

right box: what a turn of events... the last seat by the window...
left box: i thought it would be my last sanctuary

outside: and yet, in the two seats in front of me...
sfx: glance

outside: are the evil duo

outside: I'm totally \\ surrounded by enemies
right bubble: He didn't say a thing about living together
left bubble: he intended to monopolize her

sfx: ding dong dang dong (school bells)

sfx: chatter chatter \\ yap yap

top right: Maria, you free today?
bottom right: Date of birth? Blood type?
middle top: Your hobbies? Are you in any clubs?
ryuji: ha hah...
sfx: whomp
top left: I'm so jealous Ryuji!!

right: What's your 3 sizes?
middle right: from top: 85, 58, 85.
middle left: your nipple color?
left: pink
sfx: shriek
sfx bubble: whack

ryuji: don't answer just anything
maria: it's no big deal

sfx: gulp
left bubble: What's your pantie color today?

maria: I am not wearing any today (obscured by the shout bubble)
shout: whoa... wow...

ryuji: come here
sfx: clatter
left bubble: ah, damn that Ryuji

ryuji: be more careful with the way you act!!
maria: huh... was it really that strange?

ryuji: of course! what would happen if you let it slip that you have no

ryuji: wouldn't it be a problem if your tail is seen and your exposed as a


right bubble: ah, I see. that would be a problem.
ryuji: really
maria: looks like I ended up talking to them the same way I do with you

maria: ...but it's a surprise that you were worried about me
maria: I understand. Thanks for worrying about me.

ryuji: why did i...

right box: ahh!! I'm such an idiot!!
left box: if she did get exposed in a big uproar, she might have been forced to

return to the demon world!!

outside: lately, I've really been confused...
sfx: sigh~
ryuji: ah~ troubles

sfx: skuff
top: what could be troubling him so much?
ryuji: gulp

glasses: I wonder if he will explain it to us \\ ryuji
sfx: heh heh

maria: ryuji worried about me \\ he worried about me

maria: sniff...

sign: Lab Animals

maria: oh... this smell \\ could it be...

right: a demon? here he goes again
sfx: quiver
left: don't give us that bullshit!!

right: I'm not lying!!
left: he's just crying for attention

ryuji: she has a tail today
left: ohhhhh

glasses: then you can show that tail to us
ryuji: huh?
left: we just cant believe you until we see it ourselves

ryuji: ah
box: kind of a dangerous atmosphere here...
ryuji: well, but...

ryuji: there's no way to show it to you...
glasses: just lift her skirt all the sudden!

ryuji: I.. I.. can't just do it like that!!

right: you can't?
left: then it was bullshit after all?

box: crap!! I have to get out of here
ryuji: I'm not lying. Just, people will see us at school!!
glasses: idiot. if you do it out here, no one will see. just call her over


ryuji: ah, that's it! if I lie and leave to go call her, then go home... \\

they should give up for today

glasses: ah!!
left: huh? what's up?

glasses: maria is coming this way by herself!!
ryuji: what!!

maria: I wonder where ryuji has gone

right box: idiot!! why are you wandering off to a place like this!!
left box: couldn't you go one way or another!!

box: they don't believe me now, but once they see the tail...
sfx: he he he
glasses: do it flashy, like "whoosh!"

right: gyaaa~ it's true!!
outside: in a big uproar...

sfx: transform
maria: farewell
outside: then she will be gone, back to the demon world?

right box: ..... tisk!! what am I worried about!!
left box: why not!! then I can get back to my normal life
bubble: here she comes

box: but... well...
maria: thank's for worring about me

maria: fuu

right guy: now! do it!!
sfx: shove

ryuji: fine! have it your way!!

maria: kyaa!?
ryuji: Oh, Buddha!!

sfx: tada
cat: what are you lookin' at, punk?!

outside: the... tail... \\ it's gone?

right: well! he didn't even retreat. I never thought he would actually do it.
left: we'll forgive you for lying this time since you had the courage to do it.

right: well, we got shown something nice
left: something to hold onto tonight

outside: she wasn't discovered... but I'm totally confused now

ryuji: despite all that...

ryuji: Hey, your tail!! How did you make it disappear?

maria: since there was a viper specimen in the lab room, I made medicine from

it. \\ and I borrowed the panties from Tatsue.

outside: I see... Just in the nick of time
sfx: phew

maria: now it's my turn to ask. Which is the real Ryuji, the one that wants to

protect me or the one that wants to expose how I really am?
sfx: pop pop
ryuji: gah
box: from one danger to the next!!

ryuji: in a situation like this, that's deeper than the ocean...
sfx: crackle crackle crackle
ryuji: there is no answer!!

maria: I won't settle for stripping you this time
maria: oh spirits, call the tunderclouds...
sfx: roar

maria: Gekido--!! (*thunderbolt)
sfx: crack

box: a lynching by those two would have been better!!


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