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Ten de Showaru Cupid 5

Crime and Punishment!

+ posted by ComradeLewis as translation on Nov 21, 2013 01:22 | Go to Ten de Showaru Cupid

-> RTS Page for Ten de Showaru Cupid 5

title: "Crime and Punishment!"

maria: ryuji (heart)
sfx: open
maria: look! I bought some new underwear. How's it look?

ryuji: a-ahh, lessons over summer vacation... \\ it's so uncool
black sfx: ignored
white sfx: silence

maria: hey, black is pretty sexy, don't you think?
ryuji: ahh-, there's English too!

sfx: silence
maria: hey

maria: hey \\ take a look
sfx: snub \\ snub

right box: I've also come up with defensive measures to use against Maria. \\

Ignore her!! She doesn't even exist. Her words don't even reach my ears.
sfx: hmph

maria: That was no fun. I'll take it off! \\ ahh, it's better just being nude

after all.
ryuji: The Taika reform - 645. Ancient Nara capitol moved - 710. Ancient Kyoto

capitol moved - 784. Repeal of envoys to China - 894.

sfx: tap tap

sfx: thud thud thud thud

sfx: brush brush brush

sfx: slam click
box: however......

right bubble: ah!
sfx: swish
left bubble: hello little boss.....

sfx: whoooosh

ryuji: I got it! I got it!! \\ I lose. Put some clothes on!!
right: We.. we're so sorry for seeing your woman naked!!
sfx: spewing \\ profusely
left: no way!! Since when is she my woman!!
sfx above maria: giggle giggle

right: we'll cut off our finger to make amends now!!
sfx: ready, and...
ryuji: woah- it's fine! stop!!

maria: you finally talked to me huh?
outside: it's no use... \\ I'm no match for her

maria: hey, wait \\ pant
sfx: power \\ walk

maria: I finally caught up
ryuji: ah!
sfx: grab

ryuji: let go already
maria: why?

maria: It's fine. You don't have to be embarassed.
ryuji: I told you, I don't like it!!

ryuji: what would we do if those 2 saw us?
maria: those 2?

ryuji: the 2 that sit in front of me. \\ The heinous pair!

ryuji: always starving for women... \\ they're just like wolves
sfx: women women women

outside: It must be nice having a woman \\ he he heh \\ should we beat him up~?
ryuji: if... if... \\ we're seen walking together...

ryuji: please!! walk farther back!!
maria: OK.

maria: I'll do as you say if you kiss me.

ryuji: Idiot!! How can I, in the middle of town?!

maria: embarrassed? the cheek is fine.

ryuji: old school \\ enginuity

ryuji: OK, fine. Close your eyes and give me your cheek.
maria: oh, it worked.

ryuji: here goes
sfx bubble: lick

ryuji: here
sfx bubble: touch
maria: mm(heart mark)

maria: OK then, I'll follow a little behind.
ryuji: clueless

sfx: skuffle
ryuji: well done. things are going my way this time.

maria: trying to deceive me in such a small-minded way? \\ even humiliating me.

maria: then it's necessairy to... \\ award a punishment
sfx: whoosh whoosh whoosh

right bubble: hey!!
left bubble: confess already!!

left: what's Maria to you?

ryuji: how many times do I have to tell you? \\ she's just a boarder that my

old man knows.

right: would your dad ever be that generous?!
outside: don't call him "dad"
left: we'll hit you if you keep talkin' bullshit

outside: could I even say it?! that we're living in the same room to tutor me

to be lecherous. \\ they didn't even believe me that she was a demon after

sfx: smack smack smack

sfx: slam

girl: Ryuji \\ I have something I want to say to you

box: Oh!! She's Nao Mayumi, the madonna from the next classroom
ryuji: who, me?
box: what could she want with me?

sfx: slam
sfx bubble: rattle

right: why is he popular all the sudden?!
sfx: cry
left: A bad dream, that's what this is!!

right: actually I...
left: I've kept it to myself until now...

nao: I like you Ryuji.
sfx: blush

right box: Woah~ This is the first time I've ever had a girl confess to me...
nao: ah, I said it....
left box: Although, I've never confessed myself (smaller font)

nao: what do you think... \\ ...about me?

ryuji: "think?" I don't know a thing about her except her name... \\ ah... but

she's pretty cute...

nao: I know all sorts of things... \\ ...about you.

nao: like how every day you talk to your fairy picture, and how you sing off

key while taking a bath.
ryuji: how did you...
nao: that you have 2 moles on your right buttcheek. There's still a lot more

that I know about you.

nao: that's why... \\ I want you to know more about me.

nao: my underwear is white today, both top and bottom. My panties have 1 panda

on them, my bra is an A cup, and my chest is small but I would like it

ryuji: uh \\ hey hey
nao: my 3 sizes are 80, 61, 88, from top to bottom. I don't like that my hips

are a bit wide. My body is mostly pale. It's a little embarassing, but I'm a

little on the hairy side...

ryuji: hey- calm down a bit!! \\ time out!! that's enough already!

nao: you don't want to hear about me?
sfx: flinch

nao: do you... \\ hate me?
sfx: drip drip

nao: I would die if you hated me...
sfx: deflate
ryuji: what? that's not true. I don't hate you.

nao: then, you like me?
sfx: thrust
ryuji: uh...

right: please don't stare at me with those serious eyes! \\ at this rate, I'll

lose control.

nao: your thinking about it... you hate me after all!
sfx: sob \\ cry
ryuji: ahh- that's so not true!!

nao: then, you like me?
ryuji: yeah, yeah I'm crazy about you!

nao: show me proof...
outside: huh?

nao: kiss me...

right: woah woah, what a pickle~!! \\ Fairies, what should I do~~

ryuji: rule 36 - excell at running away!!
nao: ah!!
sfx: dash
ryuji: s.. sorry!!

right: no-
sfx: crack
left: don't run

sfx: flomp

bubble: grope

sfx: brush!

ryuji: I can't!! we're still middle school students!!
nao: no, don't go-!!

right: other girls have gone this far.
nao: please..... I'll die if you don't kiss me.

ryuji: if I kiss her and that saves her... \\ then I'm a volunteer, right?


right: don't misunderstand fairies.
ryuji: then... \\ here goes
left: this is an act of mercy!! an act of mercy!
sfx: thump thump thump

nao: heh

nao: I won't forgive you if it's your fingers this time.
ryuji: gulp

ryuji: this... this voice... \\ It can't be~

sfx: poof!
maria: spin
sfx: exhale

maria: you've got some nerve trying to deceive a demon. \\ Once she is back to

normal, can you win her over with that spirit of yours?

ryuji: so then you possessed her after all, maria?!
maria: yup \\ later~ (heart)

nao: uhhh \\ ah, what happened?

nao: kya- \\ help

right: Ryuji, you punk!! what have you done?!
ryuji: woah, Sensei, it's a misunderstanding!! it's not what you think!
duo: ryuji~~!!
sfx: chatter chatter \\ jabber jabber

shout: Maria, you idiot-!!

[blank page]

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