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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Blood Alone 24


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jan 18, 2010 14:57 | Go to Blood Alone

-> RTS Page for Blood Alone 24

This is not to be used by anyone outside of Trinity BAKumA without my permission.

Note: M stands for Misaki, K stands for Kuroe

Page 1

Page 2
Hey you!
Cute little girl over there.

Page 3
Guy: Yeah, I'm talking to you.
M: ...
M: I'm waiting for someone. Can't you go to someone else?
Guy: Don't be so cold. Can't I just talk to you for a little bit?

Page 4
M: ...
Guy: Oh?
M: !?
Guy: I don't think I'm bothering you all that much.
M: ...?

Page 5
K: You were followed by a suspicious guy?
M: Don't worry, nothing happened.
M: He only gave me this.
K: His card?
M: Even though he was weird he didn't seem like a bad person.
K: ...
M: He looked like an entertainer of some kind.
K: Entertainer?

Page 6
K: ...It's not good to be with strangers like that.
M: Of course I ignored him.
M: Although that person somehow feels similar to me-
K(thought): ...
K(thought): Izumi...? Feels like I have heard of that name before-
M: ...
M: Kuroe, are you jealous?
K: Huh?

Page 7
K: I told you to be careful of strangers like that.
M: It's alright.
M: I'm good at judging people.
M: I can tell if someone is good or bad.
K: That's not the point-

Page 8
K: ...Are you going out Misaki?
M: Yes. I have to go buy something.
K: Then I will go with-
M: No, you don't have to go out of your way.

Page 9
M: Your deadline is coming up isn't it?
K: Urk...
K: Be careful of strange men!
M: I know.
M: I'm going!
K: ...

Page 10
Guy: Hey.
Guy: We meet again.
M: Y, you!!
M: !?

Page 11

Page 12
M: N...
M: Nn...
M: ...!
M: Huh? What happened-?
Person: You are awake?

Page 13
M: ...
M: Who...are you...?
M: Where is this-?
Aoi: I am Izumi-sama's servent. My name is Aoi.

Page 14
M: Izumi...sama!?
Aoi: Yes.
Aoi: This is master's estate.
And from now on, this room is for you to live in.
M: ...Huh?
M: What are you saying...?
M: I...have to go back-

Page 15
Aoi: I cannot let you do that.
Aoi: If I let you go back, the master will surely scold me.
M: Wai-!?
M(thought): What...is with this person...!?
M(thought): She's so strong-!!
M: Th-that's right-

Page 16
M(thought): Using Farumek*-!! *TL's Note: a vampire's ability to control humans by using their eyes.
M(thought): Release me-!!
M: ...
Aoi: ...
Aoi: It will not work. Even if you use that.

Page 17
Aoi: Us Renfields are, after all, binded to our blood parents.
It will not have any effects on me.
Aoi: Renfield...!
M: Then that person...must be a vampire after all!?
Aoi: Yes.
Aoi: Master is my blood parent.
M: Blood parent...
M: What does he want with me!?
Aoi: For that, please ask him directly.

Page 18
Aoi: I was simply ordered to offer you the best possible hospitality.
M: I can't stay here long! I have someone who's worried about me!
Aoi: Do not worry. The message should arrive anytime now.
M: Message...that's not the problem right now!
M: I already told you, I have to go back now!
Aoi: You cannot.
M: Gr-!
M: What's going on!?

Page 19
This name...where have I-

Page 20
Higure: ...
Higure: It's the Count.

Page 21
K: The Count?
Higure: Remember the trouble we had before in the neutral territory*? TL's Note: Refer to ch. 9 of the manga.
Higure: He is the nobility that I mentioned that time.
Higure: He is also like me.
There are other elders who control adjoining lands too you know.
Higure: Really, from where did he know about Misaki...?
Higure: -No. I guess it's not really strange that he knows...
Higure: ...Sigh.

Page 22
Higure: This is going to be a lot of trouble, having caught his eye like that...He is one formidable foe.
Higure: He's the type who would get what he wants through brute force.
Higure(thought): Best be careful

Page 23
K: ...Who is it?
K: ...A vampire?
K: Are you-the Count's servent?

Page 24
Man: ...
Man: You have very good power of observation.
Man: I am here to deliver a message from your young lady who is now under our care.
K: ...!! Misaki!?
Man: She no longer wishes to return to you.
Man: Instead she decided to live with our master-
K: ...!?

Page 25
K: ...What are you saying?
Man: Exactly as I said.
K: Don't be stupid. There's no way she would say that-!
Man: Even though your perception is very good, you are unskilled at reading people's hearts.
Man: After hearing master's words, she realized it.
How it's irrational and unnatural it to be with you.
Man: She is a vampire.
-From a rare and noble clan at that.

Page 26
Man: Compared with a human like you,
Man: It is far more natural for her to be with us vampires, don't you think?
K: Don't be stupid-!!
Man: This is message, and also a warning.
She decided to be with us.
Man: Any attempts at taking her back will be futile.

Page 27
K: !!
Man: Listen-
Do not try to deceive us, even in your dreams.
Man: ...For instance, who you are.

Page 28
M: Ah, you...!!
Count: Ah my lady.
Count: Sorry I used a bit of violence before.
M: What are you trying to do!?
Count: Don't get angry.

Page 29
Count: You could say it was love at first sight.
Count: I became interested in you.
Count: I wanted you to be mine no matter what.
M: Wha...!
Count: That is why,
Count: I want you to live with me, honey-<3
M: Huh?

Page 30
M: Are you an idiot!?
M: If you make me do that, I will be angry!
M: Don't be stupid and left me go!!
Count: I guess I'm rushing it a bit too much.
Count: There's plenty of time for us to get to know each other. In fact, we almost have too much time.
Man: Master...
Count: Later, my sweet.
M: Wait...I'm still talking-!!

Page 31
You sure are early.

Page 32
Count: I thought you would have hesitated more.
Count: You sure made up your mind very quickly.
Man: Too bad...
Man: That you decided to not heed my warning...

Page 33
Count: It's alright.
Count: I will be his opponent.
K: ...
K: What is your objective?
Count: Of course that young lady of yours.

Page 34
Count: Two people...
Count: Just two people-
Count: As far as I know, they are the only vampires possessing the Adivuarat Kurai* ability exist. *TL's Note: Eyes that see the truth
Their numbers are very few.
Count: -However, there is one vampire among us who is the most famous.
Count: Misaki is the third person.
Count: They are a rare species.
It's not strange at all to want her for myself.

Page 35
Count: Furthermore, the interesting thing is that even though she is an elder, I can't feel her powers.
This is just my conjecture, but she may have gone through a slight rebirth.
Count: Very unique.
K: Enough with this talk. Bring Misaki here.
Count: Don't be so hasty.
Who said anything about giving her back just like that?
Count: You have to pay a price...For instance-
Count: How about telling me the whereabouts of the blood parent who made her a vampire?
Count: What do you think?

Page 36
K: ...
K: ...It's useless.
K: I won't be fooled by your words.
Count: ...
Count: Too bad.
Count: Although wouldn't I be helping you?
By leaving her in my care.

Page 37
Count: Aren't you chasing after him? The man with the eyes that see the truth...
Count: Wouldn't she be quite a burden?
Count: You can't just abandon such a weak girl to chase him.
Also, in addition to the possibility of having her controlled by the blood parent, it's also risky to take her along.

Page 38
K: ...That's out of the question.
Count: A negotiation failure?
K: I have no intentions of more time here-

Page 39
...Too bad.

Page 40
I know about you.
The magician Kuroe*. *TL's Note: It could also refer to Chloe.
I hear you have a very interesting skill.

Page 41
I'm going to take her back.

Page 42

Page 43

Page 44
Better than I expected.
You are the first human who have defeated all of my clones.
I see it's an ability to manipulate time.
It's true that it's a troublesome ability-

Page 45
Count: I wonder,
If you can defeat us?
K: ...The ability to create doubles huh...

Page 46
...If you are prepared-
If you are prepared to return to ashes-
Then come.

Page 47
...Let's stop.
What started out as fun and games would soon get out of hand.

Page 48
Count: It lasted only a short while but it's been a while since I've had this much fun.
K: ...
Count: She's in the inner room of the second floor.
Count: You can take her back.

Page 49
M: He was really a weird man.
K: ...Yeah, you are right.
M: ...

Page 50
M: Hey Kuroe,
I knew you would come.
K: Of course I would.

Page 51
Adivuarat Kurai
The vampired who turned Misaki into one of his own, and also abducted Kuroe's sister. According to the Count, he is one of the two vampires in existence with the unique power of the eyes. Could Misaki be the third...?

Einseigrad Sparuda (image: The Red Sword...)
A vampire assassins guild. Kuroe came across them several times before in Europe.

Renfield (image: ...Slaves huh)
Humans who have consumed the blood of vampires. They become half immortal and do the biddings of their blood parents.

Page 52
Image 1:
This guy-!!
He's an elder!

Image 2:
Straruda is both a vampire's "will" and its power.
It won't make much of a difference for us elders...
But for younger vampires, they are more likely revert back to their true natures.

Image 3:

Blood kin
Vampires who share the same Straruda.

Known as the elders. Their numbers are few, and all of them possess some kind of strong power.

Contained within vampires' blood, it is both their "will" and power. Makes them want to drink blood.

The rebirth of vampires.

Powers possessed by the elders. It is different depending on the blood kin.

A vampire's ability to hypnotize their opponents. Unlike Renfields, this effect is only temporary.

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