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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Blood Alone 25.2

Confrontation With the Past Part 2

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 4, 2010 09:48 | Go to Blood Alone

-> RTS Page for Blood Alone 25.2

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

M stands for Misaki, K stands for Kuroe.

Page 1

Page 2
Woman(left): Ah--I'm fed up.
Woman(left): In the 21st century, moving inside of a coffin is still the best if you ask me--
Woman(right): Don't complain.
Woman(right): Long ago, crossing continents wasn't this easy you know.

Page 3
Woman(short hair): That's true--
Woman(short hair): But I wish we had connections to get us a private jet.
Woman(long hair): Why don't you request for one from Sparuda?
Woman(short hair): No way!!
I don't want to associate with them!!
Woman(short hair): ...Hey Liv.
Woman(short hair): I will say this even now, but...
Can we really trust that tip-off?

Page 4
Liv: You came along because you also believe it didn't you,
Mev: I guess--
Mev: Although you could say that I was just bored--

Page 5
Sayaka: Thank you.
Sayaka: You were a big help.
Sayaka: I didn't know what kind of present I should give to a man.
K: Glad I could help.
K: I didn't think the straight-laced Sainome would...
Sayaka: Th...that's not it!
Sayaka: It's just a person transferring away at work, and everyone is getting something---

Page 6
K: No, no, I understand.
Sayaka: Idiot...Don't make fun of me, it's all true.
K: Then I'll see you--
Sayako: Wai...
Sayako: Sigh...
Sayako: This pattern again...
Sayako: Honestly...

Page 7
K: I'm back-
K: Huh?
K: Going out?
M: Yeah.
M: Just going shopping for a bit.

Page 8
K: Be careful.
M: It's fine. I'll be back soon.

Page 9

Page 10
Doorbell: Ding dong
K: Hm...
K: What is this...?

Page 11
Box: We have the person important to you.
If you want her back, meet at the following place---
K(thought): Misaki---!!
Sayako: Y...You two,
What do you want----!?

Page 12
Sayako: Doing something like this---!?
Liv: ...Look, this Easterner speaks English.
Mev: Then this won't take long.
Mev: Sorry, but you'll be our hostage.
Sayako: Wha...!?
Sayako: Hostage...!?
Whose hostage---!?
Mev: That man named Kuroe.
Liv: I'm sorry. You'll have to behave for a bit.
We won't do anything bad to you if you do that.

Page 13
Sayako: Eh...!?
Sayako: Kuroe...!?
Mev: We know you are the woman most important to him.
Sayako: Huh...!?
Sayako: Im...important---
Making me a hostage won't work!!
Liv: It's no use trying to deny it.
Mev: That's right--
Sayako: Deny...No, that's not it...
We aren't like that---

Page 14
Sayako: Kuroe---!!
K: Huh...!? Sainome...!?
K: Why...!?
Sayako: I'm sorry I---

Page 15
Liv: I'll silence you for a bit.
Liv: We'll be doing the talking now.
Sayako: Nn---!?
K: Sainome!!
Mev: Magician Kuroe!!
Mev: We won't let you escape!!

Page 16
K: ...Who are you?
Liv: I assume you would know if I told you we are daughters of Kairdolf?
K: Kairdolf...!?
Liv: You seem shocked.
Why is that?
Mev: We got some tip-off.
K: Tip-off---!?

Page 17
K(memory): Do you remember Kairdorf?
K(thought): ...Don't tell me it was Lady...!?
K(thought): That woman...!!
She wasn't just there to check up on me!!
K(thought): She would do that...
Mev: You know,
Mev: We weren't really interested in revenge.
Mev: But seeing you personally,
Mev: For some reason I'm filled with anger.

Page 18
Mev: I wonder if it's because of my desire for blood!!
K: Stop...!! I couldn't avoid fighting him!
K: I don't have any negative feelings toward him anymore!!
Mev: Even if there are none from you,
I have plenty!!

Page 19

Page 20

Page 21
Mev: Too bad.
Mev: My body can't be destroyed with bare hands.
K(thought): Body of steel...It must be the power from her "blood family"---!!
Liv: I can't let her have all the fun.
K: !!

Page 22
I can't believe Kairdorf was defeated by someone of this level.

Page 23
Liv: ...Or---
Liv: If it involves the hostage,
I wonder if you'll go all-out?
K: ---!!

Page 24

Page 25

Page 26

Page 27
Mev: ...!
Mev: Why you...!!
Mev: ...!!
K: I don't want to fight.
K: But if I'm forced to, I won't be able to stop.

Page 28
K: If we keep fighting, it will be to the death. Is that what you want?
Liv: ...I knew it.
Liv: We are no match for you...
Mev: Wait!!

Page 29
Liv: You saw the overwhelming difference in power between us.
Mev: ---!
Liv: We will have no regrets if Kaird--our father was defeated by someone stronger than he.
Liv: It's just---
Liv: We just have one wish. We want to know about his last moments.

Page 30
I see...
To alleviate bordom, he probably desired to fight and die like a knight.

Page 31
Liv: Here,
Liv: Is where it ends.
Mev: You're going to forgive him!?
Liv: I heard what I wanted to hear...I'm satisfied.
Liv: This is our loss.
You can decide whether or not to forgive us.

Page 32
...That's the case.

Page 33
Good evening.

Page 34
K: !!
Mev: Thank you for before, Magician-dono.
Mev: It's a pain to go back to our country, and since we came all the way here,
Mev: We decided to rent an apartment house close to here.
Liv: I hope we can get along in the future.
K: Huh?
Mev: well, try to prevent yourself from being assassinated by us in your sleep.

Page 35
Liv: Farewell then.
Mev: See you later--
K: ...
M: ...Who are they?
K: Old acquaintances you can say.

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