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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Blood Alone 27

Play Some Blues

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 22, 2010 00:40 | Go to Blood Alone

-> RTS Page for Blood Alone 27

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

K stands for Kuroe, M stands for Misaki, H stands for Higure

Page 1

Page 2
Hiro: Shizuka...
Shizuka: Hiro...

Page 3
Shizuka: You didn't have to do this for me.
Hiro: It's fine. I did it because I wanted to.
Shizuka: You're under no obligation.
Hiro: I know, Shizuka...

Page 4
It's the same, boss.

Page 5
Man: The victim's blood has been sucked out again.
H: ...
H: Hm...

Page 6

Page 7
Is it...Still not enough...?
Shizuka...I'll for sure---

Page 8
K+M: ...
Man: These are Higure-sama's words:
Man: "I want you to repay your debt".

Page 9
H: The criminal seems highly skilled.
H: I don't mind taking care of it myself, but the enemey is quite shrewd,
H: And won't appear in front of me or any others who are direct descendants of vampires.
H: Weaker vampires will only fall prey.
H: I don't want to make any more sacrifices.
K: So you want me to do it?
H: That's right.

Page 10
H: So far everyone killed has been of my blood family.
K: ...Who could be behind it?
H: I can't say anything for sure at this point.
H: There is one of my underlings that I can't get in contact with,
But I can't think that he's involved in this.
K: ...What about the Count?
H: He couldn't have done it.
H: If he did, it would have led to an all-out war.
H: And rogue Hunters wouldn't have any motives to attack either.

Page 11
K: But suppose that a Hunter is behind it, I won't be able to interfere if it turns out to be a human.
H: That can't be helped.
H: ...But you probably can catch the person without harming him.
K: It would be hard to present a human to a vampire.
H: But if the criminal hunts vampires indiscriminately,
H: It's possible that your precious girl will be targeted as well.
K: ...

Page 12
K: ---So, how will I catch him?
H: I created a false rumor.
H: I want you to ambush the criminal at the place mentioned.
K(thought): Sigh...It sure became a hassle...

Page 13

Page 14
Hino: Kuh...!
K(thought): A vampire...
No...a Renfield?

Page 15
K: Tch...!
Hino(thought): That level of skill...is he a Hunter!?
Hino(thought): Shit...why is he a human...!?

Page 16
I see...
I was deceived...

Page 17
...He's too far away---

Page 18
Fell for the same trick again...

Page 19
...Why is there a human on their side---
Does that mean they know my every movement...?

Page 20
...I should know this already...
That even if I do the same thing over and over again, it would be meaningless...
Even if it's the same blood, getting it from vampires of a lower class is no good...
If the blood...
Is much stronger---

Page 21
K: It was a Renfield.
K: He has the same powers that you do.
H: ...
H: Only Elders can use Aruta*. *Unique powers used only by the Elders of each blood family.
H: To have it transferred to a regular Renfield---
H: Wait---
H: Could it be, it's her---

Page 22
Maria: !!
Hino: You must be Maria-san.
Hino: I am a servant of Higure-sama---

Page 23
H: ...Maria?
H: ...Ok, got it.
K: What happened?
H: Maria was kidnapped.
K: Maria!?
H: It seems like a plan to lure me out.

Page 24
H: What are you going to do? You fulfilled your objectives.
You may get off here if you wish.
K: ...No. I have a debt to repay.
K: And Maria is important to us too.
H: Heh...What a human-like way of thinking.
H: Well, that's good to hear. You'll probably be useful.
K: Who is the enemy?
H: The Renfield of a high-level vampire.
H: Because of the blood, he can also use Aruta.
No wonder the lower-leveled vampires fell prey to him.

Page 25
I've been waiting!!

Page 26
H: Let Maria go.
Hino: Listen to my demands first!!
Hino: Or else she will die!!
H: ...It's no use.

Page 27

Page 28

Page 29

Page 30
What do you want?

Page 31
Hino: Your...
Hino: Blood...!!
H: Even though you're not a vampire?
Hino: That's not it!!
H: What happened to Shizuka?
Hino: ---!

Page 32
I see...
So she passed away first...

Page 33
Hino: No!!
Hino: Your blood...Since you're the head of the blood family, if I use your blood---
H: ...

Page 34
H: ...Watch.
Hino: ...

Page 35

Page 36
H: ...She used up her blood and died...
H: No matter whose blood is shed,
H: A lamp without a candle can never be lit again...
Hino: It's a lie...A lie---

Page 37
H: This happened a long time ago.
K: ...
H: I met her just around the time I returned to this country...

Page 38
H: She was a girl who contracted a widespread disease,
H: ...And was simply waiting for her death...
H: I either pitied her situation,
Or simply wanted company...

Page 39
Without knowing how she felt about it.
What was I thinking...
I can't avoid talking about this now...

Page 40
She was peculiar...Perhaps it's because she faced death once already...
But without succumbing to her own thirst for blood, she continuously gave out blood---
Life to the Renfields.

Page 41
Until her own light went out---

Page 42

Page 43

Page 44
H: ...Sorry I got you involved.
Maria: Not at all...
Maria: ...Um...
H: Hm?
Maria: It's nothing...Excuse me...
H: Alright.

Page 45

Page 46

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