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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Blood Alone 28

I Believe in You

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 28, 2010 05:38 | Go to Blood Alone

-> RTS Page for Blood Alone 28

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

M stands for Misaki, K stands for Kuroe

Page 1

Page 2
This bookstore is so wonderful. Just thinking about all the novels that I haven't read makes my heart race.

Page 3

Page 4
M: Gyah...!
M: Ow ow ow...
K: Misaki...!?
M: Ah!

Page 5
K: Why are you running away?
M: Ah...
M: Wai...!
M: Eh!? Ooe-sensei!? *TL's Note: She's a writer, and writers are referred to by sensei as well.
K: Are you surprised?

Page 6
Ooe: ...?
K: She's a huge fan of yours.
M: I didn't know that Ooe-sensei is an acquaintance an unskillful author like Kuroe!
K: "Unskilled" is a bit harsh.
M: I also read your newest book!!
M: It was really good!!
Ooe: Thank you.

Page 7
M: Ah, you must think that I'm acting stupidly...!!
M: It's because I never dreamed I could meet you like this...
K: What an exaggeration...
M: It's true. She's different from a trivial author like you.
K: ...You've been attacking me since a while ago...
M: ...I wonder why that is?
Phone: *vibrate*
K: ---Oh.
K: Excuse me for a bit---

Page 8
Ooe+M: ...
Ooe: ...You two get along pretty well.
M: Y...yes.
M: ...You could say we've known each other for a while...
Ooe: Do you trust Kurose-san?
M: Eh?
M: Yes...Well---
M(thought): With such a pretty person, I have to somehow flatter her...
M: Um...
Why do you ask---?

Page 9
Ooe: It's just that you gave me the impression of a wife finding out about her husband having an affair.
M: Th...that's not it!
M: I was just surprised that he was walking with such a pretty person---
Ooe: Is that so?
Ooe: ...Kurose-san seems like a reliable person...
Ooe: ---But my judgment isn't all that accurate.
M: Eh?
Ooe: Ah, sorry, how rude of me.
That's not it. By that, I meant that---

Page 10
Ooe: Recently I was betrayed by a person that I trusted very much...
M: ...
M: Um...Is that what you were talking about...?
Ooe: Yes...I just wanted someone who can listen...

Page 11
Ooe: There aren't many people I can talk to about things like that...
M: ...Is it...about love?
Ooe: No, that's not it. It's about work...
M: Work...
Ooe: Yes...perhaps problems with love would be easier to solve...
M: Is...that so?

Page 12
Ooe: I'm not one for love affairs...
Ooe: I don't care about things like that...
Ooe: But---
Ooe: To be an author---
Ooe: Is to dedicate my entire life to writing.
M: ...

Page 13
Ooe: ...I made my debut when I was a student.
Ooe: I started this job before I became famous.
Ooe: Knowing nothing of the world, I was still like a spoiled young lady.
M: ...
Ooe: ...Fufu, it's funny that I was so naive.
Ooe: That's why...I easily believed,
And was easily deceived.
M: ...
Ooe: I simply assumed that I can place my trust in people,
Ooe: And I was getting angry and depressed like an idiot...

Page 14
Ooe: I don't want to deceive, and I don't want to be betrayed...
Ooe: But the world wasn't made that way...
Just that fact...
Ooe: That simple fact took me so many years to finally understand.
I couldn't move on...
M: ---!!
Ooe: I'm not overly trusting, but I had no idea I was such a fragile person...

Page 15
If I can't read any more of Ooe-sensei's works...
I will be very sad...

Page 16
...I'm sorry.

Page 17
Ooe: This time...
Ooe: I came close to betraying someone who believes in me...
M: ...Yes.
Ooe: Even though I claim to know everything about life,
To come to a standstill for something like this...

Page 18
You're right---
I need to do something about it.
...Thank you.

Page 19
Ooe: It's because people like you exist---
And people who think that way, that I'm able to continue writing.
M: ...Then---
Ooe: Yes..
Ooe: Don't worry...I won't stop.

Page 20
M: I'm glad...
Ooe: Oh no...I'm sorry.
Ooe: I shouldn't have said anything like that to you.
M: S, sorry.
I was the one being nosy...
Ooe: I wonder why? I wasn't planning to speak of such things...
Ooe: For some reason your presence is very reassuring...

Page 21
Ooe+M: ...
K: ...
K: ...Did Misaki say something weird?
M: Wha...why would that be?
Ooe: N, no, I was the one who said something weird---

Page 22
M: ...Kuroe, do you trust me?
K: ...
K: Why the sudden question?
M: Just answer.
K: Trust, huh...
I never really thought about it.
K: But I can tell right away when you are hiding something.
M: Hmph!
M: ...That's not what I'm talking about!

Page 23
M: I'm not such a shallow person.
M: Although I'm a vampire.
K: There are things about me that you don't know about.
M: When it comes to certain things, you're much slower than you think.
K: Is that so?
K: Something that I don't know about...
K: Is there such a thing?
M: Of course there is---

Page 24
And that is...
How I love Kuroe very much!

Page 25
Thank you, young lady.
Under this star,

Page 26
If there is even one person like you who would believe in me, then I'm sure---

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