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Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu 13


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 31, 2010 08:55 | Go to Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu

-> RTS Page for Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu 13

Reserved for Keishou Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Box: School festival first day, morning
Minami: Even though he always appear to be an idiot,
Sakamoto's leadership skills sure are amazing.
Mimani: Making our crappy classroom into this in such a short time.
Text: The Chinese cafe is finally open!!
Yoshii: With just a glance, you can't tell the difference between this table and a real one.
Mizuki: Ah, Kinoshita-kun made it for us.
He brought those pretty cloths from somewhere and covered up the tables.
Hideyoshi: I just borrowed some props from the drama club, to alter the apperance.
Hideyoshi: Using cloths is the natural thing to do.

Page 2
The Problematic Duo is unbeatable!?

Page 3
Minami: If people see this, our rating will drop to the floor.
Yoshii: I'm sure we'll be fine.
People wouldn't think to look under there. Besides, even if they do, they'll lock it deep inside their hearts.
Mizuki: That's true. I'm sure no one will come here and purposely pull of the tablecloths.
Yoshii: The classroom is well-decorated, so I think everything will go well.
Kouta: ...The yumcha is also ready.
Yoshii: Wah!
Yoshii: Mu-Muttsurini, everything is fine in the kitchen as well?

Page 4
Kouta: ...Try it.
Minami: Wow...It looks tasty...
Minami: Tsuchiya, is it really ok for us to eat them?
Hideyoshi: Then we'll go ahead and have some.
Mizuki: Oh, this is really good!
Minami: Yeah!
It's crunchy on the outside, but quite chewy on the inside!
Hideyoshi: And it's not too sweet either.
Mizuki: And the tea is good too. I'm so happy...
Minami: You're right~~
YOshii: I'll give it a try too then.

Page 5
Yoshii: Hm, hm.
YOshii: The outside is really hard, and the inside is really sticky. It's not too sweet, but too spicy. The flavor is very...
Yoshii(thought): Aah, those were good times...
Yoshii(thought): But aren't those hallucinations someone has before they die!?
Hideyoshi: Ah, that looks like what Himeji made a while ago.
Yoshii: Mu-Muttsurini!!
Yoshii: Why are you trying to force that sesame dango into my mouth!?
Yoshii(thougth): A yumcha that made me see all those things!! I definitely can't give it to other people!!
Yoshii: Stop! I can't eat this!!
Yuuji: Hey, I'm back--

Page 6
Yuuji: Oh?
That looks really good. Let's see...
Hideyoshi: ...What a brave guy.
Yoshii: Yuuji, you are shining at your brightest right now.
Yuuji: What the heck are you two talking about...?
The outside is really hard, and the inside is really sticky. It's not too sweet, but too spicy. The flavor is very...
Yoshii(thought): Ah. This feels like deja vu.
Yoshii: Ah-- Yuuji, that was really good, right?
Yoshii(thought): Yuuji, this is Himeji-san's cooking. You wouldn't say anything bad about it right!? ...I wonder if that didn't get across to you?

Page 7
Yuuji: Fu, there are no problems whatsoever.
I can cross that river, right?
Yoshii: Yu-Yuuji!! Don't do it!
If you cross the river, you can't come back anymore!!
Himeji: Huh? Did something happen to Sakamoto-kun?
Minami: Ah, is Sakamoto alright?
Yoshii: He's fine. It just looks like he just has a little leg cramp.
Yoshii: Oooi, Yuuji-- Get up--!!
Yuuji: Sixty-thousand you say? Don't be stupid.
Usually the fee for crossing is fixed at sixty-thousand---
Yuuji: Huh!?
Yoshii: Yuuji, you had a leg cramp, right?

Page 8
Yuuji: Leg cramp?
Yuuji: Don't be stupid! It was obviously because of that dango---
Yoshii: ...I'm going to make you eat one more.
Yuuji: Yeah, my leg cramped up due to lack of exercise.
Yuuji: ...Akihisa, someday I'll kill you!
Yoshii: ...Like that'll happen. I'll kill you before you kill me.
Minami: Hmm, Sakamoto, do you have leg cramps a lot?
Yoshii: Yuuji doesn't have any excess fat, so it's easy for his muscles to cramp up.
I know because your chest often cramps---

Page 9
Yuuji: ...I didn't even have to do anything.
Hideyoshi: By the way, where did you go, Yuuji?
Yuuji: Oh, I had to talk to someone.
Yoshii(thought): Actually, he went to the director's office and practiced giving the exam subjects.
Yoshii(thought): Maybe because it isn't a fair thing to do, and it's unusual for him to be untruthful, his reply sounds kind of strange.
Mizuki: Is that so~~ Thank you for your hard work.
Yuuji: It's nothing.
Rather, is the cafe ready to open anytime?
Hideyoshi: Of course.
Kouta: ...Both the tea and the yumcha are good to go.

Page 10
Yuuji: Ok, I'll leave the cafe to you two for a little while.
Yuuji: Akihisa and I will be in the first round of the battle tournament.
Minami: Oh? You two are participating as well?
Yoshii: Huh?
Ah, yeah. Things happened, so...
Minami: Could you be after the prizes...?
Yoshii: Well~ For the time being I guess.
Yoshii(thought): To be precise, we want to trade the pair tickets for facility upgrade.
Yoshii(thought): Speaking of which, I wonder if we have to trade in the Platinum Bracelets as well...? I did hear rumors about those being helpful in summoning battles...
Minami: ...Who are you planning to go with?
Yoshii: Huh?
Yoshii(thought): Is this an attack!?

Page 11
Mizuki: Yoshii-kun, I want to know as well.
Who are you thinking of going with?
Yoshii: Even if you ask me that...
Yuuji: Akihisa is planning to go with me.
Minami: Huh?
You are going with Sakamoto to "become happy together"...?
Yoshii(thought): Fufu, it's not surprising that she find it shocking.
Yoshii(thought): Because this is the first time I've heard about it, so I feel the same.
Yoshii(thought): Idiot!! This will turn into a huge misunderstanding!
Yuuji: Akihisa, put up with it.
Yuuji: If they find out about everything, then the promise with that old bitch will go to hell.
Yoshii(thought): Gah... For Himeji-san's sake, I will bear it, and let people think that we're both gay...

Page 12
Yuuji: Although I declined many times.
Yoshii(thought): Huh? What? Back-stabbing?
Minami: Just as I thought, Aki...rather than Kinoshita, Sakamoto is more...
Yoshii: Wait a second!! What's with that "just as I thought"!?
Yoshii: And you, Hideyoshi!! Don't make that sad face, even if just a litte bit!
Mizuki: Yoshii-kun, because you are a guy, it's best if you are interested in girls instead...
Yuuji: Even if he could, Akihisa's not trying at all.
Yoshii: Yuuji!! You're not backing me up at all!!
Yuuji: Oh, it's almost time. Let's go.
Yoshii: ...Grr!!

Page 13
Yoshii: In, in any case,
Yoshii: It's a misunderstanding!
Man: And...the first round of the tournament will begin now.
Box: Math teacher/Kinouchi-sensei
Kinouchi: Because the general public won't be allowed in until round three,
Relax and give it your all here.
Girl: Let's try our best, Ritsuko!
Ritsuko: Yeah.

Page 14
Kinouchi: Please summon your beasts.
Girls: Summon!!
Above the numbers: Math

Page 15
Yoshii: Let's do the same.
Y+Y: Summon!

Page 16
Yoshii: ...Barehanded?
Yuuji: Idiot, take a closer look.
See, he's equipped with brass knuckles.
Yoshii: Y, you look like a small-fry!!
Yoshii(thought): There weren't any other summoned beasts that were equipped with brass knuckles.
Ritsuko: Let's go, Field Trip Souvenir Combo!
Girl: Ritsuko, that's not right. It's Small-time Yakuza Combo.
Yoshii: Talk however much you want!!
Yoshii(thought): !?
Yoshii: Yuuji!
Yuuji: What is it?

Page 17
Yoshii: Why are your points so high!?
Yoshii(thought): With 179 points, that would in the level of class B. He's supposed to be an idiot! An idiot!!
Yuuji: Ever since the last summoning war,
I've been studying with all my might, in order to win against class A.
Yoshii: But why studying?
Yuuji: Shouko asked me before.
Yuuji: ...Stuff like where I want to have the wedding ceremony.
Yoshii(thought): Kirishima-san is really into this whole-heartedly I see.
Yuuji: I can't lose anymore!
If I don't win, my life will... My life will...!!
Yoshii: Yuuji, calm down!! I'm sure you can build a happy family!

Page 18
Kinouchi: Can we start soon?
Yoshii: Ah, I'm sorry. We're fine now.
Yuuji: I don't want to become part of her family...
Yuuji: Kirishima Yuuji will not...
Yoshii: See?
Yuuji: Huh!?
Kinouchi: I'm a bit worried, but please start.
Mayumi: Ritsuko!
Ritsuko: Mayumi!
Both: Let's go!!

Page 19
Yoshii: Heh~ Those two are pretty synchronized.
Yuuji: The bond between girls are only at that level.
Ritsuko: H-how rude!!
Mayumi: Our teamwork is the strongest!
Yoshii(thought): Sigh, if you insist, then we will show you some real teamwork.
Yoshii: Yuuji!
Yuuji: Akihisa!
Y+Y: I leave the rest to you!!
Yoshii: Hey Yuuji!! What are you trying to do, we can't do that at the same time!
Yuuji: It's obvious that this is your turn!
I didn't summon at all in the last war!!

Page 20
Yoshii: Wh-what a useless guy you are!! The least you can do is to become my shield!
Yuuji: How am I useless!? Your point value is like crap!
Yoshii: What did you say!? My score is high! It only appears that way!!
Yuuji: You wish!!
Ritsuko: The bond between guys is so weird...
Mayumi: I'm glad that we're girls.
Yoshii: Huh!?
Yoshii: ...Ah, *cough*
Yoshii: Teamwork is only half of it.
Girls: Huh!?
Yoshii: Besides what we learned in school, we have another kind of "wisdom"!
Yoshii: Even if our teamwork skills are on an equal level, we will win for sure with our wisdom!

Page 21
Mayumi: Ritsuko,
That guy stubbornly insists that our teamwork skills are equal.
Ritsuko: Don't listen to him. He's one of those types of people.
Yoshii(thought): It feels like all opinions of me are shifting gradually to one direction.
Yoshii: Yuuji, give me a battle strategy!
Yuuji: Fine. My strategy is this.
Yuuji: Akihisa will distract the enemy---
Yuuji: ---Meanwhile he'll defeat one of them.
Yoshii: Wouldn't that mean I do all the work?
Yuuji: Akihisa! Little tricks won't work here! It'll be a real battle!!
Yoshii: I can only tell that you have no strategies, but got it!
If we each take down one, it'll be our win!!
Mayumi: Ritsuko, what should we do?
Ritsuko: Like we can lose to those idiots! We'll accept the challenge!
Mayumi: Yeah!

Page 22
Ritsuko: Yah!!
Ritsuko: Why you!!

Page 23
Ritsuko: Hah, hah!!
Yoshii: Um...
Yoshii: It feels like I'm about to bully someone really weak.
Yoshii(thought): Now that I think about, wonder if they were the ones who were wiped out by Himeji-san with only one hit.
Yoshii(thought): Well, I can't only dodge the hits...
Yoshii: About time--- that I go for it!!
Ritsuko: Hah!!

Page 24
Ritsuko: Wah!!
Yoshii(thought): If I can't finish it in one blow, then I can win if I aim for weak spots!!
Yoshii(thought): ...But if I beat up a girl like that, I will look really bad...
Yuuji: Fuhahahaha!!
Useless useless useless useless!!
Yoshii(thought): There's someone more evil---!!
Kinouchi: ...As an instructor, I really wish the Sakamoto-Yoshii pair would lose.

Page 25
Yuuji: Time to end this!!
Yoshii: Same here!
Ritsuko: Grrr!! Damn it!
Mayumi: We lost to them!!
Kinouchi: ...The winners are the Sakamoto-Yoshii pair.
Yuuji: That's one win for us.
Yoshii: Yeah.
Yoshii: For next time---

Page 26
Yuuji: We'll finish settling things from before, you piece of shit!!
K+girls: ...
Yoshii: That's my line, you bastard!!
Hideyoshi: Akihisa, Yuuji.
Hideyoshi: This is no time to punch each other.
Can you can to the classroom right away?
Side text: State of emergency!?
Yoshii: Huh? Hideyoshi,
Yoshii: Did something happen in our cafe?
Hideyoshi: Yes. There is a little problem.
At this rate, we'll lose all of our customers.

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