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Devil☆Clutch Oneshot

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 7, 2010 04:37 | Go to Devil☆Clutch

Reserved for Keishou Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Save the Desire!! A 45-page-story of a devil that brings salvation by defeating the "evil" that destroys the feeling of desire!!
The burning flame is proof of his unstoppable determination!!

Page 2
Teacher: ---And that's what you have to do.
Paper: My Dream
Boy(thought): ...
Teacher: Write "My Dream" by Monday!
Side text: A young man embraces his dreams!!
SFX: *Wave, wave*
Teacher: If you forget, I'll have you stay in after school and finish it!!
Class: This is the worst! I don't even have any dreams!
Class: Let's go to our clubs now!!
Class: Hey, hey, did you watch it on TV yesterday? About the special on lethargic people!?
Boy: ...
Boy: *Glance*
Class: I saw--! There are so many of those people around recently--
Boy: ...
Class: They do what they absolutely have to do, and nothing else!
Boy #2: "I want to marry Shinomoto-san!!"
Boy: Buu!!?

Page 3
Amon: Wha...Tani, why you...!!
Tani: Gyahihihihi!
That would be "My Dream" for you, right??
Amon: N...no!! What are you saying...!
Amon: Grr...
Tani: Whoa, whoa! Don't get excited, or you're gonna start smoking~~
Because of that special ability of yours!!
Amon: Shut up...
Amon: My body has always been like this!
Box: Debochi Amon/2nd year middle school, 14/Smoke comes out of his body
Tani: !
Tani: What didya write for your dream!?
SFX: *Twitch*
Watanabe: Dreams are greedy things, and are unnecessary.
Watanabe: I will go to church and write whatever God tells me that is the correct answer...
Tani: Huh!!?
Lately he's been funny in the head...
Beside Tani's head: So scary...
Amon: ...

Page 4
Amon: !
Girl: Hey--- Did you hear??
The rumor about Shinomoto-san not paying her school lunch fees!
Girl: Huh!? No way, her family is poor!?
Girl: I heard that she doesn't have a dad!
Box: Shinomoto Sako/2nd year middle school, 13/Amon's classmate
Girl: Did he die?
Sako: ...
Girl: Who knows~? Although I think she has lots of siblings...
Girl: They have such a big family, that's too bad~!
Girl: The mom is probably not very upright?
Tani: Amon! Do you wanna go to the arcades today!?
Amon: Sorry, I'll pass.
Tani: HUH------!?

Page 5
Girl: Ah!
SFX: *Slip*
Girl: What's wrong with him!? (outside) Apologize!
Girl: Just leave Debochi alone. (side) Now, now--
Amon: ...
Amon(thought): ---Alright? Calm down and listen, Shinomoto-san.
Person: Your mother,
Person: Collapsed.
Sako: Sniff
Sako: Sniff...

Page 6
Sako: Sni-!
Amon: Are you crying?
Sako: !
Sako: I...
I'm not cr---
Amon: Hm.
Sako: ...Huh?
Amon: Give this...
Amon: To your mom!
SFX: *Glance*
Sako: Thanks!
Sako: Then to your mom, Amon-kun,
I'll give her my hairclip!!
Amon: Huh!? Ah...ok!
Amon(thought): Shinomoto-san...seemed down today.
Did something happen to her mom...?

Page 7
Amon(thought): Anything is fine...if only there's something I can do for her.
Amon(thought): Although...it's not like I want to get close to her...
Amon: Hm?
Amon: !?
Why is smoke coming out!?
Amon: Uwaah! This is too much!!!
Amon: Ow...!!?
Amon: P...
Amon: Pain!?
Amon: Owowowowowow
Amon: My...my head!! My heeeeeaad...!

Page 8
An eye...!!?

Page 9
As I expected, sake in the human world is superb!
At this rate, I'm falling more and more in love with the human world~~~~<3
Master!! Please give four bottles of tequila to Lilim-chan!!!

Page 10
Amon: Wh...wha!? What are you!!?
Where did you come out of---!!!
Guumin: Hiyaaaaaaaaa!!!
I, Guumin, used Amon-sama's assets to hang out at a cabaret!
Please don't jump to conclusions!!!
Amon: Whaat!?
Did you kill the pig that I worked tirelessly to bring up!!?
Guumin: Is that what you say, Amon-sama! Now matter how much I like the human world, leaving me here is terrible treatment!! Going away without me is so unfair!!!
Amon: ...
This thing sure talks a lot.
Could this be someone's pet bird!?
Guumin: ...Huh?
Guumin: Amon-sama, you should have died 14 years ago when you were defeated by an Angel...
How are you alive...!?
Amon: Hm.
Amon(thought): Now that I think about, what was that eyeball?
Guumin: !!!

Page 11
Guumin(thought): Th...this guy seems like a human...!!
Amon: Oh well. Anyway, you, bird!
At least tell me where you live.
Guumin(thought): What's the meaning of this?
Amon: Although since they force you to wear clothes, you probably don't want to go back.
I'll take you home, as proof that you're loved.
Guumin(thought): The only one who can call me is my master, "Devil Amon"-sama...!!!
Guumin: ...
Amon: ...Why are you quiet all of a sudden, and stiff like a doll?
Do you hate home that much?
Guumin(thought): No way...Something like that really...
Amon: Your owner is that terrible!?
Guumin(thought): Amon-sama was reborn as a human----!!?
Guumin: Lilim-chan~~~~!!!
Guumin: To Bahama then----!!
Guumin(thought): Amon-sama has become such a weak human!? And it seems like he even lost his memories...!
Amon: Hah! You want to go back after all! Enough to shout out the name of your owner.

Page 12
Guumin: Gieeeeeeeeeee!
Guumin(thought): This is a dream! I don't believe all this!!!
Sako: Ah.
Sako: Amon-kun.
Amon: !!!
Amon: SHI-Shi-Shi-Shi-Shinomoto-san!?
Um, this is...! My friend, or rather...!!
Guumin: Ooh!! What a beauty!!!
Amon: D...don't speak! I'll break your wings!!
Sako: Fufu!

Page 13
Sako: This somehow feels so nostalgic.
...Hey, can we walk together for a while?
Amon: Huh?
Amon: ...
Amon(thought): Wh...what should I do!!?
Amon(thought): Her outfit is so cute... And she smells nice!!!
Guumin(thought): This kid here, with that girl...
But anyway, the legs of young girls are very nice after all~~<3

Page 14
Amon: Shi...Shinomoto-san...um,
Have you thought about what to write...for "My Dream"?
Amon(thought): Ugh...the same train of thought as Tani...
Sako: I haven't written it yet, but I know what to write.
Amon: Really...
Sako: I...
Want to become a nurse! That's my dream!
Amon: Speaking of that, your mom----
Amon: ---!!
Amon: S-sorry! I shouldn't ask something like that!
Sako: It's alright. She's fine right now.

Page 15
Sako: For a little while...her condition worsened.
But my brothers helped out.
Sako: Um...
Sako: ...Actually, the only one who knows about my mother's condition is you, Amon-kun.
Amon: I don't know why I know about it though...
Sako: But,
Sako: Every time I see you, I become happy!
Sako: ...And,
Sako: Just like you,
I want to become someone who can make others smile...
Sako: ---!
Sako: Se...see you tomorrow then!!
Amon: ...

Page 16
Amon: *Drip*
Guumin: Oyoyoyo... What a good girl. I want to make a champagne tower for you two...!!!
Guumin: ?
Guumin: ---!!!
Guumin(thought): Th...
Guumin(thought): That is...!!
Sako(thought): Th...that was so embarrassing... To think, talking about my goals in front of my role model himself.
Sako(thought): But now I feel a bit better... Amon-kun always gives me energy.
Sako(thought): I hope mother gets well soon too...

Page 17
Angel: What a foolish way of thinking.
Sako: !!?
Angel: Expectation, yearning, a heart that desires...
SFX: *Grip!*
Angel: Give birth to seeds of evil.
Angel: Cut them down before they start budding.
Sako: Wh...who is it!?
Sako: A voice is coming from somewhere---
Angel: Before your hope is cut off and despair settles in,
Angel: Pray, rather than hope.
So you are not overcome by your own mistakes and disgrace.

Page 18
Angel: And then,
Angel: Devote yourself to God.
Guumin(thought): An Angel's Feather.
Guumin(thought): ...This...
Guumin(thought): This is bad!!
Guumin: Kid! This is no time to be idle!!
If we don't go help right away, we won't be able to get it back!!!
Amon: Woah!!
...What? Help? With what...
Guumin: Are you fine with that girl being brainwashed!!?
Amon: !!?

Page 19
Amon: B...brainwash...!?
What do you...Ah! Oi!
Guumin: So you forgot about that too!!
Guumin: Angels hates people's "desires".
If he destroys those thoughts through brainwashing, he will create his own Utopia!!
Guumin: In order to prevent that from happening,
Guumin: You've been fighting all this time...
Amon(thought): Prevent...? Fight!?
Amon: Huh?
Guumin: In a world without desire...
Amon: !
Guumin: Tobacco, alcohol, all gone!!
Guumin: All the women hide their skin!
Guumin: And every single bar in cabarets and discos will disappear---!!!

Page 20
*Both tobacco and alcohol are for when you get over 20!
Amon: Are you screwing around with me!?
Guumin: Gohonn!
Guumin: ----In the perspective of kids,
Guumin: All of your games, snacks, and Weekly Jump will be confiscated!!
Amon: !
Guumin: Everyone will forget to use time for their own enjoyment.
Boxs(bottom): Responsibility/Studying/Quota
Boxs(top): Fashionable/Playing/Freedom
Guumin: There would also be no ambition or creative urges, so everyone will become the Angel's puppets!!!
Amon: Shi...Shinomoto-san...!
Amon: The bike fell over!!
Guumin: ...!
Amon: What are you doing!! The stuff...
Isn't your mom waiting!? Hey...!!
Sako: Waiting?

Page 21
Sako: She's just sleeping.
Amon: ---Sh...
Amon: Shinomoto...san?
Guumin: We're too late.
Angel: That girl's heart has already----
Angel: Been replaced with one made by the Angel.
Amon: Wai...wait a sec! Time-out...
I don't get what you're talking about...
Guumin: Her stolen heart should be inside the Bible that he's holding.
It's very unfortunate,
Guumin: But I do not possess the power to defeat him...
Amon: Angel...
Amon: Steals people's hearts!!?
Angel: I did not steal anything.

Page 22
Guumin: !!!
Guumin: Defeat...!!
Amon: !!?
Amon: Bird!!!
Angel: I saved her.
Amon: ...!
Angel: From her own impure heart.
SFX: *Pop*

Page 23
Angel: Hope, wishes, desire...
SFX: Shrink...
Angel: Are all obstacles for peace and tranquility.
Angel: With God's guidance,
Box: Angel Camael
Angel: I will cleanse those things!
Amon: -----!
Amon: An...Angel!!?

Page 24
Amon: Wait! Why would you cut Bird without any reasons!?
Besides, it's strange that you're wielding a sword!!
Angel: I did have a reason.
Angel: That thing over there is no bird.
Angel: The despicable incarnation of people's desires...
SFX: *Drip*
Guumin: ...Gu!
Angel: In other words, A devil!!!
Amon: ----Huh?
Angel: Although it's strange.
Angel: Even though you're supposed to be a human, I get the same feeling from you...
Angel: Anything with that despicable aura, I will deal with.
Amon(thought): Oh...oh no!!!

Page 25
Angel: All swords are meant to be wielded!!!
Guumin: Run, kiiiiiiiiiiiiid!!!
Amon(thought): I,
Amon(thought): I can't!!
Amon(thought): If I run away now, then Shinomoto-san will----!!!

Page 26
Angel: ---!!
Amon: Guh...!
Amon(thought): Crap----
Guumin: I told you to run!!
Amon: The hairclip...!
Guumin: You disobedient kid!!!

Page 27
Amon: !?
Voice: Fight!
Voice: To protect...
If you want to help Shinomoto,
Then fight!!!
Angel: How impudent.
SFX: *Step*
Guumin: Kid!! Why are you spacing ou---

Page 28
Guumin: ---A...
Guumin: Amon...sama!!?
SFX: *Step*
Sako: Thanks!
Amon: ...ve.
Angel: !?
Amon: Move that foot!!!

Page 29
What is that!!?

Page 30
Guumin(thought): Ooh...!
Guumin(thought): Such nostalgic flames!!!
Guumin(thought): Even though you were reincarnated as a human,
Guumin(thought): Your power still lived on...!
Guumin(thought): Please forgive me for doubting you even once.
Angel: ...!!
Guumin(thought): How stupid I've been!
Guumin(thought): Even though it's scary, I will once again----

Page 31
Vow to...
Follow Amon-sama forever!!!

Page 32
Angel: Wh...what!? Why does a human have the power of a devil...!
Guumin(thought): The desire to save that girl has drawn out Amon-sama's powers!!
Guumin(thought): That desire...
Guumin(thought): Is the very source of his power!!!
SFX: *Snatch*
Angel: !?

Page 33
Amon: Don't step on--
Amon: Other people's important things!!!
Angel: !!
Angel: ...!
Amon: Bwoah!
Angel(thought): What evil power...!!
Angel(thought): If I don't increase my holy power as well----
SFX: *Flip*
Guumin: Fire Wall!!!
Angel: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
Angel(thought): It's the servant...!!

Page 34
SFX: *Sizzle*
SFX: *Swipe*
Angel: Gah...
Angel: ...!!
Angel: I'm hurt...!
Angel: Don't get cocky!!!
Amon: !!!

Page 35
Guumin: I won't make the same mistake again!!!
Amon: !!
Angel: Kukuku!!
Don't think you can defend against my attacks with the same trick!!!
Guumin: !!!
Amon: ----!
Angel: You can't do anything!!
Angel: ...I am,
Guumin: Amon-sama!!!
Angel: Diciple of God...!!!

Page 36
Name: Binding Cross!!!
Guumin: !!!
Angel: Whether you be devil or human,
I will punish you if you turn your back on God!!
Angel: For the sake of making the world into an utopia of holiness!!!
Amon: Shut up.
Amon: You bastard Angel.

Page 37
Angel: Huh?
Amon: Don't think you can speak however you please.
Angel: Wha...
Amon: But you know,
Amon: You stole the worst possible thing you can steal!!
Shinomoto-san's smile...
Amon: Her smile...
Amon: Is incomparably...
Amon: More holy than you!!!

Page 38
Angel: What!?
My Binding Cross...!
Angel: It's melting...!!!
Guumin: Amon-sama.
Guumin: Your power is fueled by that fierce desire.
Guumin: It's the flame of destruction that is controlled by your feelings.
Guumin: And your desire will change into flames.
Guumin: Let us---
Guumin: Burn the Angel's ideals into ashes!!!

Page 39
Angel: Kuku...
Kukukuku, hahaha!!!
Angel: It's useless!! You think you can win against me even after I lost my sword!!?
Angel: I will definitely receive divine protection from God!!
To think that I would lose to humans like y...
Angel: ---Wha...

Page 40

Page 41

Page 42
SFX: *Crack*

Page 43
Sako: Fuh.
Amon: ...
Guumin: I heard...a voice.
Guumin: I daresay,
Guumin: It was a voice from you, Amon-sama, that was both yours and not yours.
Guumin: Maybe it was from the determination to "protect" something.
Guumin: Amon-sama, you came to like the human world more than anyone else in Hell.
Guumin: Dining in a beautiful night view,
Guumin: The love between couples, sports, school, and everything else,
Are the result of a person's desire! ----Is what you said.

Page 44
Amon(thought): It's because...
Amon(thought): I wanted to help Shinomoto-san...?
Guumin: Us devils are fighting with the angels even now because we can't live without people's desires...
But you are different!
Guumin: Not for the sake of Hell...
You fought for the human world...!!
Guumin: I would like you to...
Guumin: Not lose that determination!!!
Amon: ...Huh?
Box: Monday
Teacher: I will be collecting your "My Dream" essays----!!!
Teacher: For those of you who forgot or didn't write it, you will all stay after school and receive additional writing assignments----!!
Class: I can't believe it--!! How can you easily form your dream into words--!!
Class: Hurry and get bald, Yoshida!!
Amon: ...
Teacher: Hurry and bring them up!!! Wahahahaha!
Class: Th...that's so dirty, Yoshida, you bastard-!

Page 45
Tani: Oh!?
Watanabe, did you write anything!?
Watanabe: Eh?
Watanabe: Did I never tell you about my dream of becoming a pro soccer player?
Amon+Sako: !
Sako: Fufu!
Sako: Amon-kun, you're so funny...!
Sako: Kyaa--!! A...Amon-kun!?
Teacher: Debochiiii!!
Class: Sensei---! Debochi-kun is on fire right now!!!
Paper: I will defeat the Angels!!
Teacher: How did he catch on fire----!!?
Guumin: Hoooooot--
Side text: Amon's heart burns fiercely!!

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