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Shunkan Heroism Oneshot

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 11, 2010 07:49 | Go to Shunkan Heroism

Reserved for Keishou Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
The two are bonded together by X!!
A deep friendship between delinquents, in a 47-page color story!!

Page 2
Box: ----There is a rumor.
Box: A rumor...that spread among delinquents, within a matter of only a few days----
That is----
People: "Hey! Yesterday someone did some guys from our school in I heard----"
"Seriously!? According to what people say, it's a girl."
Side text: The rumor sounds like trouble----
People: "A X mark on the back..."
"That person is in first year of high school right? Can they really be that strong?"
"Idiot! If you don't want to be killed, then you better not even have any eye-contact!"
Box: "Hero with the X mark..."

Page 3
Top: Girl: Kinami Shino(16) Role: Heroin
Center: Guy: Hyoudou Batsumaru(16) Role: Protagnist
Box: It was the first day of my school transfer.
Box: I was called out by a girl for the first time in my life----

Page 4
Shino: You must be Hyoudou Batsumaru!
I have something to say to you!
Batsumaru(thought): She's a Yankee~~~~~~!!
Batsumaru(thought): Uwaah------------!!
Batsumaru(thought): D...don't tell me she's going to beat me up!?
Batsumaru(thought): NO!
Batsumaru(thought): Is it because of my hair!?
Batsumaru(thought): But it's my real hair!
Batsumaru(thought): I can't do anything about it!
Batsumaru(thought): I don't want to be huuuuurt...
Box: White
Box: Red
Batsumaru(thought): ...She must be from the Ladies Gang! ...For some reason she's wearing that band? around her stomach...
She must be planning to say things like "you'll be my underling from now on!"...
Shino: ---You'll...

Page 5
Shino: Be my friend from now on!!
Batsumaru: Ain't gonna happen.

Page 6
Batsumaru: !?
SFX: *Crack*
Shino: "I won't take no for an answer"!
Batsumaru(thought): Huh~~~~~~!!?
Shino: See ya then (star)
Batsumaru: !

Page 7
Crowd: ...
Crowd: Wah!
She's the real deal?
Crowd: Isn't that it?
From the rumor...
Crowd: Seriously? She's from our high school?
Crowd: She really does have a X on her back.
Crowd: Isn't she kinda cute?
Crowd: Dumbass! If you don't want to be killed...
Crowd: Then don't get close to her.
Shino(thought): ...
Someone: Wai...
What do you want!?
Shino: !

Page 8
Bully #1: You see,
Your friend here refused to give me any more money.
So I'm thinking of getting some from you-
Guy: ...Uuu...
Bully #2: You don't wanna end up looking like your friend there, do you?
Shino: Stop that.
Bully #1: Ah?
You must be the first-year from the rumor!
Bully #2: Don't get cocky!
Shino: ...Well then,
It's "Hero Time"!

Page 9
Girl: Ah-----
That's probably "Kinami Shino".
Batsumaru: Is...is she really such a well-known Yankee...?
Kitagawa: There isn't anyone in this town who doesn't know her.
She's a really notorious Yankee you know!
Batsumaru(thought): Uooo...! Really----!?
What the hell!
Kitagawa: And she's the leader of that all-girls gang, Ladies!
Kitagawa: Pyo!?

Page 10
Batsumaru: Wah----------------
I don't want to get hurt...! Shit!
Kitagawa: He...he really surprised me!
Kitagawa: D...did you know that Ladies was disbanded?
Batsumaru: Really!?
Kitagawa: Yeah...
But the real reason for her bad reputation is her "Legend of the Hero".
Batsumaru: ...!!
Batsumaru: "Legend of the Hero"?
Kitagawa: Hyoudou-kun, it's true that you've lived here in this town until two years ago, right?
Batsumaru: Yeah.
You really do know your stuff like people say, with those round glasses of yours.
Kitagawa: Then you should already know. Even though there are lots of disturbances here, it was even worse two years ago.
Batsumaru: Fights and situations involving the police were common occurrences!
Kitagawa: In those days! In a town like this, there were some thugs who got into a fight with someone.
Rumor has it, the person, beating the male delinquents to a bloody pulp while laughing loudly, was a "Kinami-san"!

Page 11
Batsumaru: Then she's not a hero,
Kitagawa: Hya!?
Batsumaru: but a devil---!?
Kitagawa: Well...but everyone she fought has been bad people.
There are also rumors of her helping people...but I don't know if those are true or not.
Kitagawa: No matter what, that person is really strong, so people who get beaten up have to be sent to the hospital!
None of them could remember the face of the person because they were so scared.
Kitagawa: But,
They can all remember one thing, and that is the X mark on the back of that person's clothes.
Kitagawa: And that is how people started using the name of----------

Page 12
Kitagawa: "X Mark Hero"!
Guy: Guh...!
Guy(thought): So strong...So she's no pushover.
SFX: *wheeze*
Guy(thought): Even Shaolin kung fu doesn't work...
SFX: *Wheeze*
Guy(thought): I won't forgive you...!
Crowd: Did you see that?
Just now.
Crowd: She's scary,
Just like I thought...
Shino(thought): ...

Page 13
Batsumaru: Ooh!?
Batsumaru: Ow----!! My old wound!!
Batsumaru: It's true that I've heard of that in passing when I used to live here...
Although only the name.
Kitagawa: Old wound!?
Is that why you wear a headband?
Batsumaru: The wound on the forehead hurts by just listening to the rumors!
It was from when I got hit on th head by a thug with a metal bat----
Batsumaru: And then, even though I ran away from all that violence...I thought I was ok...
Batsumaru: But now I'm targeted by the leader of Ladies!!!
Kitagawa: Uwah!
Gross! Hey...don't get your face so close to me!
Teacher: You over there! Don't talk in class!!
Do you want to get 0's on the test you took this morning!?
Board: Time to return the tests.

Page 14
Batsumaru: ...!
Batsumaru: Shit!!
Batsumaru: What kind of mistake would give me this score...
Batsumaru: Hm?
Shino: Fufu! <3
Shino: This was so easy huh, Batsumaru!
Batsumaru(thought): ...!?

Page 15
Batsumaru: Whaaat~~~~~~~!?
And why are you he...Huh!?
Guy: Ah--
It's always like this when I come.
Shino: When I wrote in the textbook, it helped me remember everything (star)
Batsumaru: ----No!!
That's not the point! Why...are you here?
Shino: !
Call me "Shino"! Speak casually with me, Batsumaru my friend!

Page 16
Shino: Actually, I was thinking that maybe we should eat lunch together, and I came to invite you!
Batsumaru: ...!
Uh, I haven't eaten lunch in five ye...
Shino: Let's eat outside!
Class: She's gone now?
Class: Phew--
Batsumaru: You round glasses~~~! Why did you just do that~~~!? Traitor----!!
Are those urban legends really that scary--!?
Kitagawa: I don't want to be told that by you.
Batsumaru: Why did she choose me~~~~~~~~!?
Kitagawa: ...
Kitagawa: It's because she doesn't have any friends...
Batsumaru: Uwaaaaaaaaaaan!!
Kitagawa: Well, she scares people away, so.

Page 17
Shino: Th...this is the first time I've seen an octopus-shaped sausage...!
That looks really good. Damn you...being spoiled by your parents~~~~!
Batsumaru: ...
I made it myself you know.
...Do you want it?
Batsumaru: Fuaaaaa!!!
Batsumaru: Don't you have your own lunch,
Shino: !

Page 18
Shino: I only have snacks and candies.
Batsumaru: Huh!?
Shino: ...
Just between you and me, I'm actually not the "X Mark Hero".
Batsumaru: !!
Really!? ...But what about that X mark?
Shino: It's just me trying to copy the real thing.
Batsumaru: So that's how it is...
--Then that means you being the leader of Ladies is also fal...
Shino: No, that's true.
Batsumaru: --Oooh...I see...
But I heard you don't have any friends because of that?
And why did you choose me of all people?
Shino: Because your voice sounds similar to the "real" hero.
My X mark has a reaaaaaly profound meaning too!
Batsumaru(thought): !
It's my remembrance mode...

Page 19
Shino: I was always alone---
Shino: By the time I gained awareness of the world, my parents have already died in an accident.
Shino: I couldn't make any friends since the beginning...
Shino: ---So I formed Ladies out of loneliness.
Shino: Finally...I made some friends! is what I thought----
Shino: But...
Shino: ---!
You should be satisfied after beating me this much!
As promised---
Shino: I'll have you return my friend too me!
Shino: She's a very important kouhai to me.
Girl: ...Hahaha! What are you saying, senpai!
Guy: You still haven't realized it yet?
Shino: ...Huh?

Page 20
Girl: I tricked you! I told them that if I was taken hostage, then they can just beat you up no matter how strong you are.
Girl: And I was tied up loosely too!
Hahaha! It's funny how easily you were tricked!!
Girl: You make me sick! Even though you're a member of Ladies, you do nothing but obey other people!!
And that's why we always get picked on by people from our school!
Shino: ...Huh?
No way...
Guy #1: Can I really do whatever I want with her?
Guy #2: Me first.
She's pretty cute.
Shino(thought): No...
Shino: ---That person,
Shino: Suddenly appeared.
Hero: Dokkaaan----------!!!

Page 21
Girl: Ta...
Guy: Who the hell are you!?
Hero: ...Well then,
It's "Hero Time"!
Shino: ----It was over in an instant.
Hero: Ah!
My head is bleeding!
Hero: !
Cover: The conditions of being a Yankee
Shino(thought): A...amazing...!
Hero: Uuuuun, it huuurts...Who'd get whacked on the head by a metal baseball bat normally?
Damn those Yankees, fighting is scary after all...
Shino: ...Then why did you help me?
Hero: I'm the type who would never overlook acts of evil. What an annoying hero-type personality I have...geez.
Box: ---Finally...
Shino: I see...

Page 22
Box: ---Finally,
I think I found one...
A friend.
SFX: *Sniff*
Hero: "Those who are true Yankees",
Hero: "Would never betray their friends!"
Shino: What?
Hero: This is what they wrote about you in their book.
Hero: If you want it, I'll give it to you.
Shino(thought): ...
Hero: You really gotta treasure your friends!
Yeah, yeah.

Page 23
Shino: I could only see his back.
Shino: I treasured those words and decided to "never betray my friends"!
It made me feel stupid, but I drew a X mark on my back (star)
I also still have the book from that time!
SFx: *Take out*
Batsumaru(thought): Does she have a pocket from the 4th dimension!?
Shino: ---But, everyone is scared of my "Legend of Hero" so i can't make any friend. And I keep on getting silent phone calls~~~~~!
Batsumaru(thought): So she's actually a surprisingly unscary person?
Shino: Pat me on the back.
Batsumaru: Ah...ok...
Shino: ...It bothers me, but what's THAT?
There's no gym class today.
Batsumaru: !!
It...it's just a jacket! Don't mind it!
Shino: It's not good to hide things from friends--!
Batsumaru(thought): N...not good!
She's starting to get too friendly!!
I don't want to get involved in any fighting------!

Page 24
Shino: We should go somewhere after school today!
Batsumaru: Wait...today a limousine will come to pick m...
Shino: Let's go to McDonald's!!!
"I won't take no for an answer"!
Guy: ---Oi,
Let's start it soon!
Batsumaru(thought): ...But that recollection just now---
Batsumaru: Huh!?
Shino: That's pretty fun, Batsumaru---!
Batsumaru: What're you doing!?
Batsumaru(thought): Th...that was close-- She almost saw what was in the bag---
Batsumaru: Damn...it feels like I'm about to be taken over by an annoying habit again...

Page 25
Batsumaru: !?
Phone: Aah,
I failed-- I failed (note) TN: It's the lyrics of a song.
Shino: Hi,
This is Hero!
Phone: ...
Shino(thought): ---Another prank call I see.
Phone: ...Heh, hello?
If you don't want your own friend to be hurt---
Phone: Then come to the gym right away.

Page 26
Shino: !!
Wait a second! What do you mean---
Phone: *Beep*
Teacher: It's the middle of class right now----!
Shino: I have to go to the toilet----
Teacher: It's the middle of class right now----!
Guy: Ah---
Too bad. If you need to blame someone, blame your friend.
Batsumaru(thought): See, I got involved!!!
Guy: Byyye <3

Page 27
Guy: So you really came alone?
---Ah, but it's not like you have any allies!
Shino: Batsumaru is fine right?
...Your goal is just revenge?
Guy: Correct <3
Guy: Although it's fine to take care of this through violence,
I came up with a good idea.
Shino: ?

Page 28
Guy: Go out with every single one of us.
Shino: !!
Shino: What the hell! Who's want to go out with bunch of gross people like...
Guy: Are you suure?
Guy: Didn't I tell you on the phont? If you don't listen to us...
Guy: Then all of us...
Will go and beat up your friend.
Shino: !!
Shino(thought): ...

Page 29
Shino: ...
Shino: So I just have to go out with you right?
Guy: Yep yep <3
Shino: ---But, if you do anything to him, I'll kill you all.
Shino: !!
Guy: So there's anger?
Why you.
Shino: ---Ouch!
Guy: Do you know the situation you're in!?
Shino(thought): ...

Page 30
Guy: Huh!?
Guy: Huh!?
Underling: Hahaha, poor girl!
Shino: ...!
Shino: Hah
Shino: Hah
Guy: Even the "Hero" is no big deal if she doesn't do anything.
Guy: Hah! Who knew you'd care about your friend that much?
Guy: You must be so lonely without friends! Hahaha...

Page 31
Shino: ...
Shino: I made up my mind...
Shino: Because I'm a Yankee,
Shino(thought): "Those who are true Yankees..."
Shino: I will never betray my friends!!!
Shino: ...That's why, don't do anything to him...
Group: ....Pu!
Group: Gyahahahaha! Holy crap----!

Page 32
Group: Hahahahaha!!
Hero: ...So it's here.
Guy: !!
What the heck!?

Page 33
Hero: ---Hm, that person is pretty terrible.
Hitting me with a metal baseball bat,
And making me remember something traumatic.
Guy: !!?
Guy: Who...
Who is it!?
Hero: In the past, my forehead was hit and it left a wound.
It was so shocking that I had to move away. As soon as I came back, I get involved in this...
I always knew this habit doesn't fit my personality...hah!
Guy: Huh!?
Hero: Well...I won't overlook any evil.
Hitting one girl as a group is unforgivable----so I will punish you now.

Page 34
Batsumaru: Well then!
Batsumaru: It's "Hero Time"!
Shino: Batsumaru!?
Batsumaru: It's scary if people want revenge...
So I will make every single one of you forget!

Page 35
Guy #1: Huh!? Is he funny in the head!?
Guy #2: I'll do it.
Guy #2: Stop being so cocky!
Guy #2: ...
Guy #2: ...Huh?

Page 36

Page 37
Group: Huh?
Shino(thought): !?
---He's so strong! ...Why is Batsumaru like that!? Does that mean he's the "real" one...? Although he always looked so weak----
Shino: Haha!

Page 38
Batsumaru: Ever since I was small, my parents kept on hitting me because they made me study lots of stuff, but my grades never improved...!
That's why "pain" is extremely traumatic for me! I can't even stand the pain of pulling out my nose hair, so fighting is out of the question!
Batsumaru: Even so, I can't let the villains get away with their crimes...!
I've watched nothing but shows involving heroes on TV.
----So in order to punish without getting hurt, I learned by myself----
Guy(thought): What the hell!? This...monster is a good match for the girl.
Guy: ~~~
You use Shaolin kung fu then!?
Batsumaru: "It's Words Karate!!"
Guy: Don't fuck with me!!
Guy: Go, two of you at once!

Page 39
Guy: Die!
Batsumaru: ----"Deathstrike".

Page 40
Fatty: Damn you-----!!
Batsumaru: ----"Deathkick"
Fatty: !!?

Page 41
Batsumaru(thought): Uwaaaahn, it's so scary!
Batsumaru: Now, give up----!
Shino: He's so strong!
Guy: !!
Guy: Wa...wait! Give me a sec!
Guy(thought): Oi oi, seriously!? Who the heck is he... Like I have any chance of winning---
Guy: I will honestly reflect on myself...
SFX: *Click*
Shino: !!
Shino: Run! This guy's holding an exacto knife!
Batsumaru(thought): Eeh-----!
Guy: ~~~~~
Batsumaru: Waaaaah!
Batsumaru(thought): Eeeeh-------!!

Page 42
Guy: Huh...?
Batsumaru(thought): Ah...that was too close~~~~~!!
Shino: ...Are you really Batsumaru?
Batsumaru(thought): So the Yankees these days carry around knives~!? (side)Uwaaaaah...
Batsumaru: ...However, I didn't think the Yankee I saved in the past was Kinami Shino-san...
Shino: You are a really dependable hero, Batsumaru!
Box: ----No! That's definitely wrong-----!

Page 43
Guy: !!
Batsumaru: ---Well!
This'll be the climax!!
Guy: Wai...wait!
I won't do anything bad anymore...I'll apologize to you...
Won't you please forgive me, Kinami Shino-san?
Shino: ---Your verdict,
Shino: Death <3
Batsumaru: "Beat to Death"!

Page 44
Fists of~~~~~~!!!

Page 45

Page 46
Batsumaru: Uwaaaaahn! Hurry up and lose your memories!!
Batsumaru: It's fine if it's only stuff about meeeee---!!
Batsumaru: Go and forget----! Even as to where this is~~~~~~~!!
Shino: ...
Shino: Hyaaaah!!
Batsumaru: Oof!
Shino(thought): ----Finally,
Batsumaru: Uun-------
It huuuuurts... Baseball bat...and exacto knife...
Batsumaru: I hope it wasn't for nothing----!!
Box: I made one...maybe?
A friend.

Page 47
Shino: So yeah! Actually the thugs all over town really hate me!
And since now the fact that I'm not the real hero is out in the open, they're gonna start picking fights with me.
That's why I want you to help me fight against them!
Batsumaru: ----Well,
I have to go back to the Moon tomorrow, so...
Shino: Actually,
The fight starts now.
Batsumaru: ...
Side text: The birth of a cowardly hero!!
Shino: ...Alright then,
It's "Hero Time"!!

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