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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 395

Underground Muay Thai World


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 395

Reserved for Keishou Scans. Do not use without my permission.

I'm bad at making up new spellings of names.

Page 1
Top text: The destroyer of people's kindness, Apachai's past revealed!!
Side text: I will always be friends with Apachai!!
Battle 395: Underground Muay Thai World

Page 2
Side text: Agaard and Apachai met in the Underground Muay Thai World. Even though they will have to fight each other in the future, those were peaceful days...
Agaard: Reureu, that's it, very good!!
Boy: Champ, I'm next!!
Boy: No, it's me!!
Apachai: No, it's my turn next.
Boy: That's not fair, Apachai! Did you finish the road work to the hill!!?

Page 3
Apachai: Apa, I already went back and forth 10 times.
Boy: Huh!? No way!!
Boy: Reu! Reu!
Boy: It's true...I saw him, but he was just like an engine.
Old man: Agaard really is good with teaching.
Man: Yes, even though he is a Champion, and probably wants to focus on his own training.
Man: He is a fine man, loved by everyone in the gym!
Apachai: See, you're being cornered.
Agaard: See, I let my guard down!!

Page 4
Agaard: Ooh, very nice kick.
Boy: Yes-!! I won against the Champ!!
Apachai: Some day, I want to be a Champion like you, and be good at teaching others.
Agaard: Kakah!
Agaard: Then you have to learn to go easy on your opponent!
Agaard: Or your students will all be sent flying.
Agaard: Well, it's all thanks to the late master that I'm good at teaching. He was known as an expert at training.
Apachai: Apa, thank you for all the good food.

Page 5
Apachai: "I'll think about it after I beat you to death!" "Your brain is for hitting people!!"
Agaard: Sounds like him!
Agaard: ...Those were good times.
Old man: Agaard.
Agaard: Yes?
Old man: Sorry, it's about what you just said...Making master's death a good thing...
Agaard: It's fine, don't worry about it.

Page 6-7

Page 8
Old man: Aye yi yi, he went overboard again!!
Old man: Again, within 5 seconds of round 1, and one-punch-KO.
Crowd: He's the Shinigami...
Crowd: Shinigami...
Old man: It's getting harder and harder to group the fighters at this rate.
Agaard: It's fine, just keep him that way.

Page 9
Apachai: Ah, Agaard! Agaard!!
Apachai: I couldn't go easy on him, but I fixed what you told me, so my punch became stronger!!
Agaard: Hahaha, remembering the main points of the punch gives you the exact opposite effect of going easy.
Agaard: Is it finally almost time for our showdown?
Apachai: !!
Agaard: ..
Agaard: No way, it's still far away!
Agaard: I want us to fight when we both get to the top of Muay Thai!!
Apachai: Apa!

Page 10
Speaker: Next up is today's main event, the current Champion "Demon Emperor", Agaard Jum Sai VS,
Speaker: "Poisonous Snake" Hantakku Chattarada~!!
Apachai: Ah, he seems strong!
Old man: Yeah, Chattarada is pretty good.
Old man: When master was still in good health, our gym was full of people of Chattarada's caliber~
Apachai: ...
Old man: And then it became hard to live in the Underground Muay Thai as well.
Old man: Because of money and the worthless government, everyone went away to other gyms...

Page 11
Hantakku: Hah!!
Speaker: It's the deadly flying knee attack of Underground Muay Thai!!
But Jum Sai blocked it!!
Apachai: 1! 2! 3, 5, 6!!
Old man: He's bleeding.
Apachai: It's not always Agaard!!
Apachai: I can see it! With his special blows...
Apachai: Striking at a speed that can't be seen!!
Man: Rom Taifunjim-san.
Man: You should know that.
Old man: ...Talking to your opponent's Second is against the law!!
Man: Kuku...
Man: So you are Apachai Hopachai-kun?
Old man: If you don't leave soon, people will start spreading rumors.

Page 12
Apachai: ...
Apachai: What was that about, Manager-san.
Old man: ...
Old man: This match...
Old man: Has to be lost no matter what.
Apachai: ...
Apachai: That's not good!!
Apachai: Agaard...Agaard, he shouldn't ever agree to that!!
Apachai: I know that for sure!!
Old man: He also agreed.
Apachai: That's not supposed to happen:
Apachai: Agaard, hurry and beat him up---!!

Page 13
Old man: If we don't lose on purpose...
Old man: Apachai,
Old man: You'll be taken away to their gym.
Old man: But what happens if they want the Apachai that can't hold back, and is hard to group?
Agaard: ...There are lots of things we can do.
Agaard: "Purposely hurting the ligaments to reduce power."
Agaard: "Smashing one eye to lose the sense of distance..."
He'll be perfect if he is injured.
Agaard: At least in the Underground Muay Thai World.

Page 14
Apachai: Agaard!!!
Agaard: Heh.
Hantakku: Shit!!
Hantakku: Oi, Champ! Do you really understand what needs to happen?

Page 15
Hantakku: Gah!!
Speaker: Ooo, Chattarada seems to be having a coughing fit right now.
Speaker: Because of the nature of risking one's life in Underground Muay Thai, it is possible to be executed for excessive lack of respect!!
Agaard: Yeah.
Agaard: I do understand.
Apachai: Apa!!
Apachai(thought): That's how Agaard pretended to lose to the little kid!
Hantakku: Heh, I've always wanted to kick the "Demon Emperor" in the face!!

Page 16
Agaard: Good for you, your dream came true.
Hantakku: Gr...
Agaard: Well then...
Speaker: N, no way, the final blow, and KO----!!

Page 17
Apachai: Agaard!!
Old man: ...
Agaard: Don't worry about it, Apachai. Underground Muay Thai is just a game after all...
Agaard: In order to protect you, this is nothing.
Agaard: Besides, the late master told me to especially look after you.
Old man: Let's go. I don't want to see some fake champion.
Speaker: The new champion is acting a bit strange. Why is that?
Speaker: Huh? What did you say...?

Page 18
Speaker: He's dead!?
Speaker: What's going on!? This kind of dramatic death is a first for Underground Muay Thai!! It will without a doubt be handed down as a legend to future generations!!
Agaard: The place that I belong...
Agaard: Is elsewhere!!
Side text: With that look, Agaard, Apachai's friend, is starting to draw near to the abyss of darkness...! Next issue, it's the time to make choices!!

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