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Zennou no Noa - World of Lostmemories 1


-> RTS Page for Zennou no Noa - World of Lostmemories 1

Old stuff. Still, do not use without my permission.

Page 1

Page 2
Zennou no Noa [1]

Page 3
The day the sky became pure white---
...Lost their "memories" except words.

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6
Someone: Nn...Mnnn...
Someone: Ow ow ow...
Someone: What!?
Someone: Um~~ Why am I... In a place like this...
Box: What's going on?
Someone: ...!?
Someone: Uh...um... Who am I, where is this~?
Box: I can't remember---
Someone: Huh~? You're right. Who am I again...?
Box: Memory...loss...?
It's not just me either. Seems like everyone here is the same...?

Page 7
Box: Where is this...
Guy: Oh? Did I suddenly become dumb?
Guy: Wah~ I can't remember anything!
Girl: Kya! Let go, pervert!
Box: ...Who in the world am I---!?
Guy: Wh...who are you, hugging me like that!!
Guy: No way...
But it seems like that's the only...
Guy: Isn't this shocking?
Woman: What's with this girl!?
I don't have any kids yet!!
Girl: Waaaaaah!!

Page 8
Noa: D...do I have...
Noa: Something that tells me my name...
And age...
Noa: !
Noa: ...
Guy: Wh...what's that...?

Page 9
Noa: !!
Someone: Kyaaaa~~~!!!
Someone: Wh...what do you want!?
Someone: Let go!!!
Man: Silence!!
Man: This is an emergency situation! We are going through the evacuation procedure!!

Page 10
Man: We will take everyone to a safe place.
Man: Please hurry and---
Noa(thought): Janurary 11th, 2038---

Page 11
It was a mass memory-loss incident with an unknown cause, at the heart of downtown Tokyo.
People cannot remember their names, their family, nor their past experiences.
The number of people affected exceeds 1.045 million--------
The entire capital is paralyzed.
Economies in both Japan and around the world fell into chaos.

Page 12
Box: "Mass Memory-loss Disorder"
Box: With that name tagged on for the new disease,
Box: A new virus,
Box: Were among some of the conjectures,
But there are no leads for the cause or the treatment of this diseas---
Box: At some point--- the new government formed by people who narrowly escaped the disaster,
Box: Decided that people aflicted with it should be quarantined, in fear that the disease may be infectious.

Page 13
And that place is-----

Page 14
Two years later--- 1200 meters under Tokyo

Page 15

Page 16
Box: "Geo Front", a city under Tokyo, was built based on the country city development plan from 15 years ago.
Box: Until the cause and treatment of the disease are found,
Everyone affected are called "KID'z", and are required to live in this place...

Page 17
Man: Hey, hey, I want to eat that.
Woman: Be patient. I will cook as soon as we get home...
Guy: P...please, don't just take things from our store...
Guy: Wai... Call someone here!!
Man: No-----! Let go---- I want to eat iiiit!
Man: No-----!!!

Page 18
Police: Hey!! Behave yourself!
Man: Why!? Why can't I just take it---!?
Woman: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Hey, don't do such embarrassing things!!!
Man: Uwaaaahn!
Crowd: He's a KID'z.
Crowd: Again?
Crowd: His case is pretty severe.
Crowd: With that extent, he should be "isolated".
Crowd: I don't want to breath the same air as that guy.
Crowd: Hey! Even if you think that, you don't say it out loud.
Crowd: I don't understand, 'cause I'm stupid.
Crowd: But!
Crowd: ...

Page 19
Kid: Wah-----! Wait wait~~~!!
Noa: !!
Kid: ~~~~~~!!!
Kid: Huh!? Morning, Noa!!

Page 20
Noa: I thought you would be sick of broiled fish by now, so I tried using miso.
Instead of oil, I used butter, which I think is a very good cominbation.
Noa: Because miso has a very rich taste, it strikes a nice balance in the soup together with turnip.
Noa: ...Well, it seems like you're not listening at all...
Noa: But chew properly when you're eating, Sachi! Fuku!
Sachi: No way----!!

Page 21
Noa: You too!
Noa: You can't clean during a meal, ELU!
Noa: It seems like it needs a bit more adjusting.
Sachi: I'm so jealous! I want to learn to cook and make robots in school too!!
Noa: You're still small, so you need to study in the junior class.
Sachi: Even though we're both two years old!!
Noa: You see, didn't you go back to being a kid because you lost all your memories?
Besides, it's not like everyone can learn cooking or mechanics...
Phone: Buu----

Page 22
Sachi: I'll be going now, Noa---!
Sachi: You have to behave now----(musical note)
Noa: Hey! It's dangerous to stick your body out of the bus!
Sachi: I know---(note)
Noa: Heh.
Train: *Woosh*

Page 23
Box: Losing my memories.
Losing my home.
Box: Not knowing if I can regain them, I live through everyday aimlessly.
Box: During these past two years,
Box: I haven't been able to remember anything----

Page 24
Girl: Now--- Everyone, please take a look,
At the Central Tower in the center of this dome-shaped Geo Front!
Girl: With a height of 1400 meters, it reaches all the way up to the surface.
Girl: It serves the function of collecting sunlight and make it reach all the way to the bottom(star)

Page 25
Girl: The island at the base of the tower consists of various public offices and business streets.
And the spiraling levels around the dome are residential areas~~~(note)
Girl: There are 60 ducts for transferring fresh air! 58 pipes for clean water!
And 30 elevators for transporting healthy people like everyone here~~~~<3
Crowd: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Girl: And(note)
Girl: We will transfer to a monorail now in order to see the areas the KID'z live in----(star)
Girl: However!
Girl: Please refrain from speaking to or touching those people.
Girl: Same with those children who lost their memories, and have the strength of adults.
We have the responsibility of looking after the healthy people----

Page 26
Crowd: It's from the elevator!!
Crowd: Is it a gas leak!?
Man: Go lead the residents into evacuation!!
Man: Hurry and close off the neighboring areas!!
Man: Set up inspection points! Detain those who don't show their ID!!
Man: Report any suspicious characters right away!

Page 27
Man: There's a good chance that it's the work of a terrorist.
Man: You have permission to draw your swords!!!
Noa: 8279135
Noa: 10894036
Noa: 10960165
Noa: 7469320581

Page 28
Noa: 7270031480
Noa: 199289102
Man: Alright.
Ikurumi Noa, you passed the calculations test!
A perfect score for the intelligence test in the special A Class. Well done!
Man: Next!
Man: And for the next one...
Man: Yonemura.
Yonemura: Y...yes, sir. Um~~~
Yonemura: 8x4=40
Yonemura: 8x7=...
Yonemura: Um~~~
Yonemura: Fi...56!

Page 29
Yonemura: 8x8=64
Man: Wait.
Man: Cheating are you, bastard.
Yonemura: Ah...
Man: Sigh, you're already 43, and you still can't multiply.
Like this, as a KID'z...
Man: Returning to your company is still far, far away, Yonemura...hmm?
Man: Listen up, it doesn't matter if you used to be a CEO, a politician, or whatever else.
Man: Right now, you're not an adult who can contribute to society.
Man: What about you, Sudou?
Sudou: Y...yes sir.

Page 30
Man: In recent years, revisions were made in the Swords and Firearms Control Law caused social problems.
Now, in what year was the revision law approved and enforced?
Sudou: Huh?
Sudou: ...
Sudou: Uh...um...
Doesn't that have nothing to do with today's lesson...
Man: Common knowledge has nothing to do with the subject. Now answer.
Sudou: Y...yes, sir...Um...
Sudou: I...I'm sorry...um...
Sudou: I...haven't studied it yet...
Man: Sigh, you too huh.
Sudou: !!

Page 31
Man: The answer is 2037.
Sudou: Wai...sto...
Man: Unlike men, women survive by living as merchandise.
...Aren't they getting the better deal and being spoiled?
Man: This is proof that you're all slacking off!! Every single one of you.
Man: Keep in mind that you only have a place to live thanks to the government!
Noa: 2037 was the year of proclamation.
It was enforced on April 1st of the next year, sensei.

Page 32
Noa: And according to that, guns are prohibited to the Japanese police force.
Instead, they are to use Japanese swords, or sword cellphones.
Noa: ...Isn't that right, Shimokusa-sensei?
Sudou: ...!!
Crowd: *Murmer murmer*

Page 33
Noa: ...Um...why did you hit me when I answered correctly?
Shimokusa: Who asked you to answer!?
Talking back to the teacher is the worst!!
Noa: Sigh,
What cheap pride.
Shimokusa: ...!!
Noa: Are you measuring a person's worth simply by his or her memories?
Noa: If all you care about is how long a person has lived...
Noa: Your life,
Noa: Is inferior to our two years.

Page 34
Guy: Gyahahahahah!
Guy: Did you see how upset that snake bastard was afterward!?
His face looked like a toad's!!
Teppei: Kuu~~~~!! Just thinking about it makes me break out in laughter!!
Noa: Look ahead of you when walking, Teppei.
Sudou: I'm sorry, Noa, it's my fault...Shimokusa will definitely get you back for it...
Noa: Don't worry about it, Koume. If he punishes me, then his tyranny will come to light. He doesn't have the guts to do that.

Page 35
Teppei: I don't get it-- Those "adults", they all look down on us KID'z! *TN: Adults here refer to those without any memory loss.
Teppei: It doesn't even matter that Noa is smarter than those "adults".
Teppei: There will definitely be other teachers who are on that snake bastard's side!
Koume: Whose side are you on, Teppei!!
Noa: I'll worry about it when the time comes. Wouldn't it be fun to openly go against the "adults"?
Teppei: Woah~~~ as expected of Noa~!!
Glad to hear it!!
Koume: Hey~~~! Why are you two so violent!?
Teppei: ...But you know~~~once in a while,
I think that I must have been a doctor or a lawyer before I lost my memories!
Noa: I think you could also have been a comedian, Teppei.
Koume: Ahaha, that's perfect for you~~~

Page 36
Koume: But look!
Koume: Be patient just a little while longer.
I hear that the development for the remedy is going well.
Koume: If that's the case, then everyone can regain their memories and go back above!
Teppei: How much of that lie is actually true?
Koume: Aah, what should I do then? Maybe I'll become a musician or a back dancer like I've always wanted to.
Koume: Or maybe I'll aim to become a part of Broadway chorus line (note)
Teppei: Sigh--- You're dreaming too much.
Koume: What's wrong with having dreams!!
Teppei: If we're talking about that, then I~~~
Koume: Noa, what about you? What would you want to do above?
Noa(thought): Back above...huh...
Noa: Good question...

Page 37
Noa: ...Airplane...
Koume: ...Huh?
Noa: The sky.
There isn't one down here.
Noa: I want to fly freely in the sky.
Noa: How is it? Is it weird?
TN: Those SFX are sounds made my the police car.

Page 38
Koume: They've been going at it all day today, even here in the eastern area.
Teppei: Yeah, it's probably because of that explosion in the northern area station this morning.
Teppei: Oh no, is this city getting old too?
Koume: Stop it, it's not an omen!
Noa: ...Oi, if you tag along till I get home, I won't show you my homework.
Teppei: Grr...
Teppei: Fine, got it---! You demon! You cold-hearted brains!!
Noa: See you tomorrow.
Box: ...
Box: What I got in these two years---

Page 39
Box: A temporary house, a temporary family.
...And a few temporary friends---
Box: All those right now,
Box: Are part of the reality of a human being named Ikurumi Noa---
Box: In that case,
Box: What us KID'z shoul seek is...

Page 40
...It still...seems fresh...

Page 41

Page 42
Woman: Hey, did you know?
Woman: I hear that they have everything in the sky.
Noa: ...Ah!!!

Page 43
Noa: T...the police!?
Noa: G...good timing! Someone is injured...
Police: Get away! That person is a terrorist!!
Noa: !?
Noa: !!!

Page 44
Noa: ...
Police: Gr...damn you!!!
Police: !!!!

Page 45
Man: Call backup! Hurry!!
Police: Yessir!
Man: Like I'd give up!!
Noa: Hah
Noa: Hah
Noa: Hah
Noa: Hah...hah...I thought I was going to die...
Woman: ...This is the warehouse of the food processing factory. So the information was correct.

Page 46
Noa: Information?
Noa: !
Box: A woman...?
Noa: O...oi, you should go to the hospital...
SFX: *Shuffle*
Woman: Did you not hear what they just said?
Woman: It seems like they want to blame me for the explosion this morning.
Woman: If I went to a hospital, they'll imprison me right away. Worst case, I'll be executed.
Although my beautiful skin has been damaged here.
Noa: If you're not a terrorist, then there's no need to run away...
Woman: You think just saying that I'm not one would work!?
Woman: But anyway, can I ask you something? I'm looking for someone.
The person is supposed to be living around here...

Page 47
Noa: !?
Woman: ...
Woman: Tch!!

Page 48
Gauze with blood on it... They shouldn't be far.
But the fact that I can't see the hostage means---

Page 49
I request a close-off of the area around a food processing factory in section F.
Resistence if futile!!!
Give yourself up!!!
EVen if you do it in a violent manner!
Well then!!

Page 50
Noa: ...Phew...
So terrorist-san is gone already...?
Man: You're alone?
Noa: ...Yes.
Man: ...Then why are you hiding your hand? Show your right hand.
Noa: ...

Page 51
Man: !?
Noa: ...I'm sorry...
Noa: I was hungry, so I had the sudden...impulse...
Noa: Ah but is it ok?
Man: ...!!!
Noa: Won't the terrorist get away...?

Page 52
Man: Kuh!!
Noa: ...
Noa: So,
Noa: What will you do? Can I go now?
Noa: Or,
Noa: Would I have to help you find someone now?

Page 53
Woman: Don't worry about it anymore.
Noa: !?
Woman: Two years ago,
..."A weapon that mass-kills without taking people's lives" was made.
Woman: The guy who made it was a friend of mine----
Woman: Right now he is in this city...
But he lost his memories.
Woman: I'm looking for him...
Woman: Sorry but can you help pull me out?
Noa: You sure hid well in there.

Page 54
That weapons doesn't take away a person's life, but everything else.
A person's dignity, pride, love and hate, past, future-----
When it explodes, it sends out special electromagnetic waves that will damage a person's brain cells...
It's a bomb that takes away memories.

Page 55
Noa: ...!!!
Woman: It sounds absurd...yes...like a made-up story----
But in reality, tragedy did occur that day.
Woman: One million people in the downtown area lost their memories...!!
Noa: Mass...Memory-loss Disorder...
Noa: The one who took away our memories was...
Noa: That guy lives in this area...!?
Noa: What's his name? ...If I just know that...
Woman: Didn't I already tell you? It's fine.
Woman: I already found him.

Page 56
The one who made the bomb was you.
Ikurumi Noa.

Page 57
You are responsible for everyone's lives and their past!!

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