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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Zennou no Noa - World of Lostmemories 7


-> RTS Page for Zennou no Noa - World of Lostmemories 7

Old stuff, still, do not use without my permission.

Page 4
I will now give a report to everyone involved.
Due to the small fire that started in this facility last night,/
The meeting scheduled for today will be postponed.

Page 5
I sincerely apologize to everyone who has gathered here---

Page 6
In the news this morning,
They treated the incident last night as an accident again...
It's good that we managed to get away.../
Are the police covering it up with their influence...?

Page 7
Report concerning Ikurumi Noa----- School (1)
Excellent grades, and excels in both the pen and the sword.
Although he is a KID'z,/
I can feel that he possesses an unusual gift----
However, because of the difference with the ones around him---/
Having to continually hide that fact, there is a sense of pride coming from him.
...Or does it also include a feeling of loneliness...?
He is very good at making friends, and takes good care of them.
Even though he leaves the impression of being over-protective,/
Because of that, he is regarded as a leader among his peers.

Page 8
Teppei: Hey! Is today ok, Noa?
Noa: Huh? Ah...yeah.
Noa: ...
Teppei: Alright, then it's decided!!
He strongly opposes those with power, or have not lost their memories----
But if I were to record my own impressions----
I do not like the fact that he is slightly narcissistic.
Himiko(thought): Why do I always fall like this...

Page 9

Page 10
But it's me.
The terrorist.

Page 11
Himiko: ...Huh?
Noa: Now,
Noa: You also know where Fuku is, right?
Noa: Lead the way.
Noa: ...Please.
Himiko: ...
I should have noticed when I first met him----

Page 12
Noa: Hah...hah...I thought I was going to die...
Himiko: This is a food processing factory. I guess the information was correct.
Noa: O...oi, you should go to a hospital...
...Normally, one would not worry about a criminal's injury.../
On the contrary, they would most likely run away----
He was like that because...
...He KNEW I wasn't a terrorist...!
...The fact that he knew about my identity means...

Page 13
Sachi: Oh~? Who's in there~~~~??
Himiko: !
Oh no! They're back!?
Himiko: Ah...ah, sorry! It's me!!
Sachi: Ah~~~~! It's the onee-chan from last night!!
Sachi: Hey- hey- then can take a bath together~~~??
Himiko: Ok./
Ah, no, wait! I'll be out ri...
Sachi: Fu-kun, let's go!!!
Himiko: No...no way!! Wai...!

Page 14
Himiko: ...Grr~~~~!!
Sachi: Kyahahahaha!!
Sachi: Fu-kun, you're so funny~~~!!
Himiko: You little brats~~~!!
Sachi: Wah---- The long-haired monster is angry~~~
Himiko: Wait, dry yourselves properly!!
Sachi: Kyahahahaha!!
Himiko: You have to put on clothes! Geez~~~~!!
Sachi: Don't wanna----(star)

Page 15
Himiko: Listen to what I have to.../
Guy: ...And, from there...you...
Old man: ...Um~ 7/3 is 2 with 6 as...
Old man: Got it! It's the Battle of Okehazama (star)

Page 16
Teppei: Hey,/
That girl...ish she...
Teppei: Noa's, you know?
Sudou: N...no, she's not!!
Sudou: ...She's an "adult".../

Page 17
Himiko: Hey hey, thanks for waiting~
Himiko: Sorry, I got my only clothes dirty.
Let me just borrow one shirt (star)
Himiko: What was that for!?
Noa: It's not all that different from how you were before!!
Noa: I'll lend you however much you need, so just put on some clothes!!!
Himiko: But I'm always like this at home.
Noa: You're not home right now, and there are other people around!!!
Teppei: I...think she is a very fine girl.
Old man: Same as above.
Sudou: ...

Page 18
Report concerning Ikurumi Noa
Relationship with friends
Himiko: Ahaha...
Himiko: Sorry for showing you all something embarrassing...
Teppei: No, no, don't worry about it!
Himiko: Ah, I will do it.
Sudou: Uh...um...Kisaragi-san?
Sudou: Sorry for asking, but with Ikurumi-kun, what kind of rela...?
Yuuka: Yeah! You're Noa's what!?
Noa(thought): ...Why won't they ask me...
Yuuka: Noa!! Even though you have women around like me~!!
Noa: ...
Noa: Yuuka-chan, aren't you just making assumptions? She is...

Page 19
Noa: My cousin.
Noa: She lived out in the country, so she wasn't affected by the Triple One incident./
And now she decided to find employment down here in Geo Front.
Noa: I don't remember anything about her, but she's easier to talk to than the other "adults"./
Until she finds a place to live, she'll be staying here.
Yuuka: I...I see, so that's how it is.
Guy: So she's your cousin~~~
Old man: ...
Sachi: But cousins can get married too! Did you know that!?
Someone: Where did you learn that, Sachi!
Old man: ...

Page 20
Old man: How about it?
Old man: We should have a test to see if she's really only his cousin.
Someone: A test?
Kazu: Keizo-kun, doing that is so uncool!
Keizou: Well, just listen, Kazu.
Keizou: Everyone take one single stick,
Keizou: From these that I prepared.
Keizou: The first one to draw the one with a red marking...
Keizou: Is the king!!
Keizou: And the king can order everyone to do whatever---
Yuuka: It would just be a normal king's game then!!!
Himiko: ...

Page 21
Yuuka: What did you come here to do today!?
Keizo: Ooo...bring back the days of my youth...oof!
Teppei: Ah!
Teppei: Hey! I just thought of something really good!!
Teppei: We should have a welcome party for Himiko-chan today!!
Teppei: And let's give up on studying for the test (and the test itself)!!!
Losers: I agree--!!!
Noa: Don't you say that you just thought of it!!!
How should I put it...
Noa: You know, you guys are...
Teppei: It's fine, it's fine.
...He seems to be surrounded by a group of really strange friends...
Sudou: But,
Sudou: Wouldn't it be find if we take just a little break?
Noa: Oi oi, Koume, even you...
Sudou: Then you should decide, Noa.
Sudou: Since you are the "king" and all.

Page 22
Noa: ...!
Noa: I see.
Keizou: Wah---- Stop----
Teppei: Why did you tell him that----
Noa: That's true.
Noa: Alright, this is an order.
Noa: Everyone here...
Noa: Tell me your wishes.
Everyone: !?
Yuuka: ...Huh?
Noa: Your desire right now, or dreams for the future. Whatever is fine./
A king should listen to people's wishes and try to grant them right?

Page 23
Teppei: Me me me me me me me me
Keizou: Harem for me!!! I want to have ha.../
Yuuka: What are you, half asleep right now!?
Keizou: Un...unlike you all, by the time I opened my eyes, I was already an old man!!/
I want to at least experience the love of youth!!
Sachi: Hey, hey, what's harem?
Friend (1) Oonishi Keizou (70) (Referred to as Keizo)/
He seems more interested in regaining his youth than hise memory. His intuition seems to be good.
Teppei: I want to be stinkin' rich!!
I want to become a doctor or a lawyer without much effort!!
Himiko: That's not going to happen any time soon.
Friend (2) Shimizu Teppei (25)/
Ikurumi Noa's close follower (?) It feels like he's not taking life very seriously.

Page 24
Kazuo: As for me...hm.
Kazuo: Maybe I just want everyone to live together peacefully...And no discrimination either.
Friend (3) Kumezu Kazuo (17) (Referred to as Kazu)
Teppei: What's with that wish?
Keizou: It's still laughable how it's so different from your appearance.
Even though he looks fierce, he is actually quite a nice young man. Apparently, his hairstyle was the same during the Triple One incident.
Yuuka: Mine is obvious! I want to win darling's heart~~~~~~~!
Noa: Oi oi, don't you already have a husband?
Yuuka: I don't remember ever getting married. Besides, I don't want that old man./
I should have the right to choose.
Friend (4) Akika Yuuka (40) (Referred to as Yuu)/
She is a middle-ag...lady, who is apparently married.
Sudou: I...I like things the way they are right now.../
I mean, isn't it nice right now? How we are together...see?
Friend (5) Sudou Koume (15)/
Although she is too shy at time...I like her. We can probably be friends.

Page 25
Himiko(thought): I see...
Himiko(thought): So everyone is kind of different.
Himiko(thought): I have never had the chance to interact closely with KID'z, so I didn't really know----
Himiko(thought): But I guess not everyone wants their old memories back...?
Box: Even after two years, we still try to make them regain their memories no matter what.
Box: But maybe that's not really something us healthy people can butt in on...
Himiko: Hey, what about you two's wishes?
Sachi: Hm, hmm~~~
Sachi: I want to meet papa and mama!

Page 26
Sachi: I have them too, right?
Noa: ...
Himiko: Y...yeah! Of course you do!
Noa: ...As for family, you have me and ELU you know.
Sachi: That's not right. You and I are Fu-kun's papa and mama!
Kazuo: Ah, is that so?
Teppei: Now then.
Teppai: What will you do, your majesty?
Noa: ...

Page 27
Himiko: Is it alright for you to make a promise like that?
Himiko: You/
Are going to become everyone's mother?
Noa: It's not impossible.

Page 28
Noa: I will grant their wishes.
Noa: ...Some day, for sure.
Himiko: Your facial expressions seem to have softened.
Himiko: When everyone is around, you seem a lot more relaxed than ever before.
Noa: ...I have no interest in my own past./
But I must know more about you.
Noa: What kind of relationship did we have?
Noa: I think it may have been a lot closer than I imagined.
Himiko: !?
Noa: The coffee that you poured for me,
Noa: You used half a bag of sugar, and stirred lightly with the spoon only once.
Noa: You know exactly what kind I like.

Page 29
Himiko: ...I...
Himiko: !
Himiko: Eh? Wh...what? Where are we going?
Himiko: Wait! If you pull me like that...
Himiko: Kyaa!
Himiko: Wh...what is it?
Himiko: People'll get angry if you enter their room without saying anything you know!?

Page 30

Page 31
Noa: This is the first time I let anyone in here.
Noa: ...You must know what this means?/
If they catch you, I'll be in trouble too.
Noa: We will tie our fate together.
Himiko: Fufu.

Page 32
Himiko: Even if we don't do that,
Our fate have been entwined long ago.
Noa: !?
Himiko: It's an engagement ring.
Himiko: Do you understand now? That was the kind of relationship we had.

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