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Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu 14


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Aug 31, 2010 07:01 | Go to Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu

-> RTS Page for Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu 14

Reserved for Keishou Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Yuuji: ...A hindrance you say?
Yoshii: Ahaha, no way! What would people gain from competing in a school festival...
Hideyoshi: It's just as Yuuji says.
Side text: An urgent situation in the Chinese Cafe?
Yuuji: Who's trying to get in our way?
Hideyoshi: They are third-years from our school.
Yoshii: Well, for stuff like that, just leave them to Yuuji.
You should let the small fries take care of other small fries.
Yuuji: Is that the kind of attitude for asking favors?
Yuuji: Oh well...If the cafe fails, then Akihisa's beloved Himeji will just have to transfer school.
Wonder if I should help.
Yoshii: I!! I never really said a word about...!
Hideyoshi: They're shouting in there right now.
Yuuji: Let's deal with it then.

Page 2-3
With the appearance of a new girl, Akihisa is in BIG trouble!?

Page 4
Guy: This table is nasty!!
Guy: can you really put food on this!?
Girl: Wah~ This is really terrible...
Girl: Looks like they tried to cover it up with the cloth.
Girl: Even though this is the school festival, it's still a place for selling food...
Yoshii: Yuuji, if you don't do something soon, it's going to affect our business...
Yuuji: Yeah...Hideyoshi, come here for a sec.
Hideyoshi: What is it?
Yuuji: I need you to prepare something quickly.
Hideyoshi: ...I can do that but...there's a second part?

Page 5
Yuuji: It's enough for now. The rest I'll deal with.
Hideyoshi: Understood. I'll be back soon.
Yuuji: Akihisa, remember those scoundrels well.
Yoshii: I don't really get it, but alright.
Guy: Geez!!
Guy: Where's the person in charge! The representative of this class

Page 6
Yuuji: I am Sakamoto, the class representative.
Was there something that did not please you?
Guy: Rather than that, sending the other guy flying across the room...
Yuuji: Do you disagree with my motto of "starting negotiations with a punch"?
Guy: What the hell are you talking about, you bastard....!!
Yuuji: Followed by "tying the knot with a punch".
Yuuji: And finally "ending negotiations with a pro wrestling move" awaits you.

Page 7
Tsunemura: I-I got it! Talk with Natsukawa over here!!
I won't do anything, so you don't need me!
Natsukawa: Wai, wait a second, Tsunemura!
Are you selling me out!?
Yuuji: what a good duo you make.
Yuuji: so would you like to continue the negotiations?
Tsunemura: No, we've had enough. Let us leave peacefully.
Yuuji: Is that so. In that case----

Page 8
Natsukawa: Oi! I'm not doing anything either!!
Natsukawa: Why are you using such-
Yuuji: ---And this concludes our discussion.

Page 9
Tsunemura: I-I'll remember this!!
Guy: I kind of lost my appetite.
Girl: The food looks good but I guess you're right.
Guy: Eating here might be bad for our stomachs.
Yoshii(thought): That's the vice-principal, Takehara-sensei? He didn't seem like the type to like festivals...
Guy: Let's go somewhere else.
Guy: Yeah, good idea.
Yoshii: Ah, please wait!!

Page 10
Yuuji: I'm sorry about that.
Yuuji: The tables were arriving late, and that is why we had to use the boxes as a temporary measure.
They are here now, so please do not worry.
Yoshii: So these are...tables from the drama club huh. Well it's true that it'll improve the sanitation.
Minami: Huh? You're replacing the tables?
Yoshii: Ah, welcome back. How was the first battle?
Mizuki: Yeah!
Mizuki: We managed to win!
Minami: Hey, is it really alright to replace the tables?
Minami: The drama club doesn't have that many tables right?

Page 11
Yuuji: Until the other tables arrive,
Yuuji: Please use this one.
Yuuji: Phew, like that I guess.
Yoshii: Good work, Yuuji.
Yuuji: Oh, looks like you two won.
Minami: Yeah. But more importantly, is the cafe doing ok?
Yuuji: At this rate, if there are no interferances, then we'll have no problems.
Mizuki: Um...will we have enough tables?
Yuuji: Oh yeah...Akihisa, how much time do we have until the second round?
Yoshii: A bit less than an hour.
Yuuji: We don't really have time...so we have to do this quickly.
Akihisa, come here.
Minami: You don't need our help?

Page 12
Yuuji: You two stay here and be waitresses.
Smile and be curteous, for the sake of gaining customers.
Mizuki: Yes! We'll try our best!
Yoshii: So where are we going?
Yuuji: Finding tables.
Teacher: Yoshii-kun, Sakamoto-kun!!
Teacher: I won't forgive you this time!!
Yuuji: Akihisa, run!!
If we get caught, it's to the detention room with us!
Yoshii: Ironman's stronghold!? Hell no!

Page 13
Yuuji: It's the table we stole from the reception room!
Don't drop or break it!
Yoshii: I know that!!
Man: Why is it...that they are running so fast...when they're...holding a table...
Yuuji: As soon as we get it to the cafe, it'll be our win!
Yuuji: No instructor would take away the table that customers are using!
Man: In that case, I'll call for Nishimura-sensei---
Yoshii(thought): They're gonna call Ironman!?
Yuuji: Akihisa!
Yoshii: Got it!!

Page 14
Yuuji: Take this!!
Man: Wah!
Yuuji: Sensei, I bid you goodbye!!
Yoshii: Ah, my shoe...
Yuuji: Alright, I told Hideyoshi of this place already.
The rest I'll leave to the retrieval group.
Yuuji: Ok, next stop, the break room near the staff room!
After that, it'll be time for our second battle!!
Yoshii: Sigh...It feels like we'll be suspended from school in the future...

Page 15
Box: Special stage for Summon Battle Tournament group D
Yoshii: So who are we fighting against this time?
Yoshii(thought): We were trying to get the table until the very last moment, so we didn't have time to do any research...
Yoshii(thought): I hope they're weak...
Yuuji: Judging from the chart, the ones who'll win----
Yuuji: Oh, just like I thought.

Page 16
Yoshii: Huh?
If it isn't the Class B and C reps couple.
Nemoto: Yo-Yoshii and Sakamoto!? You're our opponents!?
Girl: What's wrong, Nemoto-kun?
Girl: Winning against the baka duo from class F is only natural.
Endo: Please start with the second round in the battle tournament.
Box: English instructor/Endo-sensei

Page 17
Endo: Summon!!
Word above their heads: English
Yoshii(thought): This is not my strong subject, and Yuuji's score is pretty bad too, compared with math...
Yoshii(thought): But now I understand why he decided to use English for this match!

Page 18
Yoshii(thought): Without resorting to tricks in the first round, they will be more effective this time.
Yoshii: Yuuji, the item in question.
Yuuji: It's this, right?
Title: Look at the New Me!
Nemoto: Th-that is...!!
Yoshii(thought): This is the photo of Nemoto-kun dressed as a woman that we forced him to take, after he lost in the last war. It's probably a stain that he'll have to carry to his grave.
Yoshii: Now, Nemoto-kun,
If you don't want him to spread it around---

Page 19
Yuuji: Oi oi, Akihisa, you're talking to the wrong person.
Yuuji: Oi, you over there. I don't know if you're Nemoto's girlfriend or just the class C rep.
Girl: What is it?
Yuuji: Look at this.
Nemoto: Sa-Sakamoto! I got it! I give up!
Nemoto: That's why, only that photo...!!
Yuuji: Akihisa, hold Nemoto.
Yoshii: got it.
Yuuji: So, class C rep. If you want to see this photo collection, you'll lose to us.
Nemoto: Sa-Sakamoto! You're the devil!!

Page 20
Girl: ...Fine. We lose.
Yuuji: Negotiations complete.
Nemoto: Yu-Yuuka!? Please! Don't look at it!!
Yuuji: Akihisa, the match ended, and I'm worried about the cafe, so let's go back.
Yoshii: Yeah, let's go.
Yuuji: Endo-sensei, about us winning...
Endo: Ah, yes!
Endo: The winners are Sakamoto-kun and Yoshii-kun!
Yuuka: ...Let's break up.
Nemoto: Wa-wait, please wait! There is a reason...
Yoshii(thought): Trampling on people's feelings is deserving of divine punishment they say...

Page 21
Yoshii: I'm back---
But I don't see many customers.
Hideyoshi: Oh! You're back.
Yoshii: We won no problem.
Hideyoshi: Where's Yuuji?
Yoshii: Toilet, he said.
Yoshii: Hideyoshi, what's going on?
Yoshii: Where are all the customers?
Hideyoshi: ...Hm, I've been here the whole time,
But there hasn't been anyone troublesome.
Yoshii: Which means something's happening outside the classroom?
Hideyoshi: Perhaps.

Page 22
Hazuki: Ah, I'm sorry onii-san. TN: In this case, onii/onee-san is simply a way for little kids to refer to older guys/girls.
Yuuji: I don't like this chibi kid.
Hazuki: I'm not a chibi kid! My name is Hazuki!
Yuuji: Sounds like Yuuji is back.
Yoshii: Yeah, seems like it.
Yoshii(thought): Wait, Hazuki...? Feels like I've heard of that voice somewhere before...
Yuuji: So who's the guy that you're looking for?
Guy: Oh, are you Sakamoto's sister?
Guy: How cute~ Hey, will you go out with me in five years?
Guy: Actually, I want to go out with you right now!
Yoshii: Um...those idiots are blocking my view.
Hazuki: Uh, um.
I'm looking for nii-chan.
Yuuji: Your brother?
What's his name?

Page 23
Hazuki: Ah...I don't know...
Yuuji: So he's not your real brother?
Does he have any special traits then?
Hazuki: Um...
Onii-chan was a baka!
Yoshii(thought): What an amazing trait.
Yuuji: ...I see.
Yuuji: ...There are a lot of guys like that here.
Yoshii(thought): Can't deny that.
Hazuki: Um, that's not it...
Yuuji: Hm? Does he have any other distinctive traits?

Page 24
Hazuki: Onii-chan was a REALLY big baka!
Guy: It must be Yoshii.
Yoshii(thought): Damn, why am I crying?
Yoshii: How rude! I don't know any small girls like her!
Yoshii: She's definitely mistaken-
Hazuki: Ah! It's the baka onii-chan!
Yuuji: What about her mistake?
Yoshii: ...It would be nice if that's the case...
Yoshii: So, who are you?
Yoshii: You seem to be in elementary school, but I shouldn't know anyone in that age group.

Page 25
Hazuki: Huh? Onii-chan...that's so mean...
Hazuki: Baka onii-chan, you're such a baka! I wanted to see you,
Hazuki: And I tried so hard by asking "do you know my baka onii-chan?" all the way here!
Yuuji: I'm sorry that Akihisa---no, baka onii-chan is really stupid.
Hideyoshi: Can you forgive that baka onii-chan for being so stupid?
Yoshii(thought): I want to cry again. Why is that?
Hazuki: But, but, baka onii-chan,
Hazuki: Promised to marry me---
Minami: Mizuki!!
Mizuki: Minami-chan!!

Page 26
Minami: I'll kill you!!
Mizuki: Gobwah!!
Yuuji: It seems like Himeji and Shimada won.
Minami: Mizuki, twist him from behind like that.
Minami: I'll do it to his knee.
Mizuki: L-like this?
Yoshii: Wait a second!! I never made any promise to get married----
Hazuki: You're so mean!! Even though I gave you my first kiss!!
Mizuki: Yoshii-kun, did this mouth do such a terrible thing?
Minami: Sakamoto, bring some kitchen knives here. Five should be enough.
Yoshii: Pwease! Lihen to wat I have to hay!!

Page 27
Minami: Fine...I'll listen to what you have to say after the second stab, so just wait.
Yoshii: Um, Minami, even one stab from a kitchen knife would be a fatal wound.
Hazuki: Ah! Onee-chan, I came to visit!
Yoshii(thought): Onee-chan... Hazuki-chan... Stuffed animal...
Yoshii: Ahh!! You're that kid with the stuffed animal from back then!
Hazuki: I'm not the kid with the stuffed animal.
I'm Hazuki!
Yoshii: Hazuki-chan huh.
Long time no see. Are you well?
Hazuki: Yes!

Page 28
Yoshii(thought): Last year I helped Hazuki-chan with her present for her sister.
Yoshii(thought): Many things happened after that so I completely forgot about it...
Yoshii: How did you know what school I go to?
Hazuki: You were wearing this school's uniform.
Minami: Huh? Hazuki and Aki, you knew each other?
Yoshii: Yeah, from last year.
Minami, you know who Hazuki is?
Side text: Minami's sister...!?
Minami: Of course I do.
She's my sister.
Yoshii: Huh?

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