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Pink Heaven 5

My Life is Over! Personal Search

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Dec 27, 2010 23:43 | Go to Pink Heaven

-> RTS Page for Pink Heaven 5

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

I don't like shojo manga...D:

Inui Ranmaru (First year high school, 16 years old)
A sumper model who goes to the same school as Momoko. He loves women and everything perverted. Can be brutal or indifferent, with an unpredictable personality. He is rumored to be the heir to the Inui Company.
Shiina Momoko (Second year high school, 17 years old)
A novelist going by the name of her late father, "Aihara George". A virgin. She became Ranmaru's slave after her secret was exposed. Her mother is in the hospital, so she lives alone with her brother Kouta.
Shiina Kouta(Fifth year elementary school, 10 years old)
Momoko's younger brother. Helps her out and does the house chores.

Chapter 5: "My Life is Over! Personal Search"
Chapter 6: "Get! Love Advice"
Chapter 7: "Operation Valentine"
Chapter 8: "First Night's Stay"

Page 1
My Life is Over! Personal Search

Page 2
SFX: *Grip*
Momoko: ...This should do it.
Box: My name is Shiina Momoko.
Momoko: I just need to give it to the publisher on my way back from school.
Box: At a glance, I seem just like a normal high school student.
Kouta: Sis, what are you doing? You'll be late if you don't leave soon.
Momoko: I forgot that I had to give my signed book to the editor by today. (side): Ah, sorry, sorry!
Momoko: You can leave first.
Kouta: Ok~~ See you later.
Momoko: That would be 10 books... I think I should put them at the bottom of the bag.
Momoko: If would be really bad if they find these...

Page 3
Momoko: Since it's just today, it should be fine. (side): Yeah!
Box: In reality, I'm secretly a roman novel writer---.
Momoko(thought): So sleepy~~~
Outside: *Whistle--*
Gather around--!!
Momoko: ...
Momoko(thought): ...Huh?
Momoko(thought): ...Ranmaru?

Page 4
Momoko(thought): What is he doing!? Just observing...!? (side): ...No, right?
Momoko(thought): It's so rare for him to not be surrounded by girls-----
Momoko(thought): Although it doesn't feel like he would have any male friends---
Momoko(thought): He seems so bored... (side): Doesn't look like he wants to do anything-
Momoko(thought): ...But,
Momoko(thought): This is the first time I've seen him by himself...
Woman: Yasuda-sensei---
Woman: Did you hear about the surprise inspection today?
Yasuda: For the entire school right? It's fine.
Woman: Lately people's morals have really dropped.
Yasuda: Yeah, you're right-
Momoko(thought): Oh no~~ I'm late--!!

Page 5
Momoko(thought): And I even told him I'll be early today for lunch---
Momoko(thought): This is bad~
Someone: Ran...
Momoko(thought): ...Huh?
Momoko(thought): This is strange---
Momoko(thought): Ah.
Momoko(thought): There he is.
Momoko: Hey,
Don't move around like that---
Momoko: I thought that you weren't---
Momoko: ...Here.

Page 6
Momoko(thought): ...Huh!?
Momoko: ...Ah.
Momoko: Um...
Momoko(thought): Crap!!
Momoko: S-s-s-s-s-sorry!!! I made a mistake-----!!!
Guy: Ah!
Guy: Wait!
Guy: Are you...

Page 7
Momoko(thought): What...!?
Momoko: Um...
Guy: Ranmaru asked me to be here.
Guy: And get the boxed lunch from you.
Guy: Apparently he forgot about it after going to work.
Guy: He did say that he'll be back in about an hour or two---
Guy: Um...are you listening?
Momoko: Ah!
Momoko: Yes!! I'm listening!!
Momoko(thought): This person---
Momoko(thought): Sure is handsome...
Momoko: Um...are you by any chance Ranmaru's friend...?
Touma: Yeah. (side)Ah.
My name is Kazuki Touma.
Momoko(thought): Kazuki...Touma? Where have I...
Momoko(thought): Ah!

Page 8
Momoko(thought): Now I remember! He's the person who entered the school this year and was ranked number one in his year...!!
Touma: ?
Momoko(thought): I didn't expect him to be friends with Ranmaru---
Touma: Shiina-san, will you be eating lunch now?
Momoko: Ah...yeah.
Touma: Then is it ok with you if we ate together?
Touma: I hardly get a chance to eat on the rooftop,
So if you don't mind-
Momoko: ...Ah.
Momoko: ...If it's alright with you!
Between: The prince-filter in effect.
Momoko(thought): Wah~~~
Momoko(thought): He's such a gentleman~~~~~
Momoko(thought): So different from a certain someone---
Momoko(thought): Shiina-san, are you going out with Ranmaru?

Page 9
Momoko: No, no!!
Touma: He's not the type who would stay with the same girl.
I couldn't believe it when he told me about you.
Touma: Why do you make him lunch?
Momoko: Uh.
Momoko(thought): ...I see.
Momoko(thought): So Touma-kun doesn't know...
Momoko: I...I'm a big fan of Ranmaru, so it's an honor to make them for him!!
Touma: I see.
Momoko(thought): I can't say that I'm his slave, even if it kills me!!
Momoko: Touma-kun, have you known Ranmaru for a long time?
Touma: Me?
Touma: It was around 4th year...or 5th year of elementary school.
Touma: So you two were in different classes until then?
Touma: No, I was in Nagano Elementary School and he was in Eimei Academy.
Momoko: Huh...?

Page 10
Momoko: Isn't Eimei Academy an escalator school from elementary to high school for the rich!? TN: Escalator schools are ones that typically go from Kindergarten to university, without the need for entrance exams.
Touma: ...
Momoko: Why did he come to this school...
Momoko: Could it be that he expelled!? Because of his bad behaviors! (side) Ah!
Touma: Shiina-san, you're pretty funny--- (side) Heh heh...
Momoko: Eh!?
Touma: I thought you were just a fan, but you seem to know his true nature.
Momoko: Ah...! But it's not... You see...
Touma: Let's see--- He's been like that ever since a long time ago.
Touma: My first impression of him was the worst.
Touma: He lived pretty close in a huge mansion, and didn't know any boys his age living in that area.

Page 11
Box: We were playing baseball in an empty lot,
Box: And the ball flew into the garden of his home.
Touma: Rather than a garden, it was more like a forest. I couldn't find it---
Touma(thought): Crap--
I can't find it~~
Ranmaru: What the heck are you doing.

Page 12
Ranmaru: You think you can just come in here without permission?
Touma: Ah~~ Sorry.
I'm looking for a ball...did you see it?
Ranmaru: ...Ball, you say...
Ranmaru: This one?
Touma: Yeah, that's it!!
Touma: Than...
Touma: !!
Touma: ...What are you doing!?
Ranmaru: If you play with me---

Page 13
Ranmaru: Then I can give this back.
Touma(thought): What's with him!
Box: I felt that he was a selfish, conceited boy.
Box: But I was also interested in Ranmaru, who was in a completely different world from me.
So I came to go to his house to play often.
Ranmaru: Touma, how long can you stay today?
Touma: Today?
Touma: When...
Touma: Crap!! It's already past time for dinner!! (side)Oh no~~!!
Touma: My mom would never shut up if we aren't all there for dinner---
Touma: It's SUCH a pain...
Ranmaru: Just go.

Page 14
Touma: ...Huh?
Ranmaru: I said you should just hurry up and go.
Ranmaru: How annoying.
Box: He was laughing just then, but his attitude suddenly changed.
Box: I often thought he was a difficult guy to deal with---
Touma: But...I found out that he was only like that when I talked about my family---
Touma: I always wanted to know the reason why---
...And then,
Box: It became clear during the winter of my second year in middle school.
It was the day before Christmas Eve.
Ranmaru: Touma---

Page 15
Ranmaru: What's that.
Kat(hohoho): Meow--
Touma: I found it on the way here.
Ranmaru: Don't bring it in! It's so dirty~ And covered in mud!!
Go get rid of it!!
Touma: I can't do that. It'll freeze to death out there.
Touma: It's not like I can just leave it.
Touma: I feel sorry for it since it's all alone.
Kat: Meow.
Touma: Right---?
Kat: Meow---

Page 16
Ranmaru: ...It's not up to you to feel sorry for it.
Ranmaru: You think it'll be happy just because you picked it up?
Ranmaru: You're cause it a lot of trouble too you know.
Touma: ...Why you!
Touma: You're such a cold person!!
Touma: You should be nicer---
Touma: Ah!
Touma: Hey!! Stop!!
Touma: Wai...

Page 17
Kat: Meow---
Touma: ...Ah.
Woman: What are you doing, Touma.
Woman: What is this.
Touma: Ma'am--- (side) Um...
Woman: Fumiko-san.
Woman: Yes, ma'am.
Woman: Take care of this.
Touma: Please wait!!
Ma'am, that...
Touma: !?
Woman: ...Ranmaru---

Page 18
Woman: It must be the kitten of a cat who comes in here to steal food.
Woman: But will you stop making this house any dirtier in the future?
Woman: By just you being here,
Woman: The place already becomes filthy.
Box: I heard that Ranmaru's mother was actually his stepmother---
And I understood the complex situation then.

Page 19
Momoko: I guess...
Even though Ranmaru is a cold person, the mother is pretty cold too huh.
Touma: She was pretty, but was really scary. (side) Yeah---
Momoko: But...
Momoko: Maybe, Ranmaru---
Momoko: Was...
Momoko: Thinking that the cat was just like himself---
Touma: ...
Touma: You're pretty amazing.
Momoko: Huh!?

Page 20
Touma: To be able to understand people like that, you're pretty mature.
Touma: I like girls who are like that---
Momoko(thought): !!
Momoko(thought): What's with him!? Saying it so naturally!!
Momoko: Ah...
A...and then!? What happened to the cat!?
Speaker: Attention all students---
Touma: ? What is it?
Speaker: During fifth period today, there will be an inspection for attire and personal belongings for the entire school---
Homeroom teachers and assistant teachers will be going to the classrooms now. Please hurry to---
Momoko(thought): Whaaaat!?
Momoko(thought): What should I do!? The signed books...!!
Touma: What's wrong, Shiina-san? (side) You don't look well.
Momoko(thought): Um...
Momoko(thought): U~~m...

Page 21
Touma: Are you ok?
Momoko: ...
Momoko(thought): ...Ah!!
Momoko(thought): Oh yeah!!
Momoko: Touma-kun!! Please come with me to the library!!
Touma: Huh!?
Momoko: ...Ok!
Momoko: Ten all together!
Touma: What are you doing with those book covers?
Momoko: Um...I need to cover up some books.
Touma: ?

Page 22
Momoko: Thanks for your help!! Do whatever you want with those books!! (side) Um...
See you!!
Touma: Huh!?
Touma: Wait!!
Touma: What's up...
Touma: No idea what she's doing...
Teacher: Please take out everything from your desks as well.
Momoko(thought): It's fine...!!
Momoko(thought): It's perfect...!!
Girl: What~~~
Teacher: I'll be taking that~~~
Teacher: Alright.
Next will be Shiina-san---

Page 23
Momoko(thought): They look normal at a glance!!
Teacher: Wow, so many books~~~
Momoko: Y...yes...
Momoko(thought): Please don't touch them...!!
Teacher: Oh? This book!!
Momoko(thought): !?
Teacher: I read this when I was a student---
Momoko: ...!!
Teacher: This is so nostalgic~~~~
Momoko: Uh...Um, sensei~~~~!!
Teacher: The last scene really makes one want to cry.
Momoko(thought): !!!

Page 24
Teacher: Shi...!
SFX: *Slip*
Teacher: Shiina-san...
Momoko: Yes...
Teacher: Won't you tell me...about your thoughts on this book...
Momoko: ...Yes...
Girl: Momoko is caught. (side) Oh no~~
Girl: What did she do?
Momoko(thought): Th...
Momoko(thought): This is really bad---!!
Sign: Student Disciplinary Room
Teacher: What is the meaning of this?

Page 25
Teacher: This too...
Teacher: This, and this...!!
So many of them, and they're all signed too.
Teacher: Why is such a good student like you reading them...
Momoko: ...Do I have to tell you?
Momoko(thought): What should I do...
Teacher: Shiina-san!!
Teacher: Recently your grades have been dropping, haven't they?
Teacher: And you've been dozing off during class---
Momoko(thought): I can't think of any excuses---
Teacher: It must be tough at home...but isn't there another problem?
Momoko(thought): This is the end...
Teacher: Shiina-san!!
Momoko(thought): To think my high school life...
Would end like this---
Momoko: ...I...

Page 26
Momoko: Actually---
Ranmaru: Ah.
Ranmaru: Crap.
Did I kick too hard?
Momoko(thought): !?
Teacher: What are you doing, without even knocking!?
Ranmaru: Sorry. (side) Ah~~

Page 27
SFX: *Knock*
Ranmaru: Excuse me.
Momoko(thought): Ranmaru...!!
Ranmaru: Ah!
Momoko(thought): Why!?
Ranmaru: That!!
Ranmaru: This is a favor that she's doing for me.
Ranmaru: It would really be nice if you don't take them away.

Page 28
Ranmaru: I have to do a love scene in my drama.
Teacher: What about it!?
Ranmaru: You see--- it's reference material. Really helpful you know.
Ranmaru: I wanted to leave them at work or inside the car, so I asked for a lot.
And she's a big fan of mine.
Ranmaru: Right?
Momoko: Ah...yeah.
Teacher: But to do something like that---
Ranmaru: Ah. Oh yeah.
Ranmaru: Sensei, won't you tell me coach me a bit in acting?
Ranmaru: Weren't you the advisor of the drama club?
Teacher: !!
Teacher: Wait!! What are you doing!?
Momoko(thought): !?
Ranmaru: Ah. This one would be good.
Momoko(thought): What...!!
Teacher: What are you doing!? This is school!!
Ranmaru: It's fine, just listen <3
Teacher: L...let me go!!
Momoko(thought): What are you doing!?

Page 29
Ranmaru: Pushing through the young grass growing all around,
He found the swollen secret spot hidden within and proceeded to stick his finger in and out.
Ranmaru: With wet sounds, the nectar poured forth, and the sweet smell filled the room.
Ranmaru: "Aaah...!! Ha...ah!!"
Teacher: S...
Teacher: ...!! Stop it!!
Ranmaru: "No!! No no no!!"
Ranmaru: "What's wrong? Even though you are this delighted down here."
Teacher: !!
Ranmaru: "Can't you say that it feels really good?"
Teacher: ...Can...

Page 30
Teacher: Can you start again from the beginning...?
Teacher: Hah...
Arrow: Fell into it.
Momoko(thought): Hey!!
Momoko(thought): He's making a signal...
Momoko: !?
Momoko(thought): What!?
Momoko(thought): ...The books? Take them...?
Momoko(thought): ...And get out!?
Momoko: ...Then, Sensei!! I'll be going!!
Momoko(thought): What!!?
Momoko(thought): Geez~~~!!
Momoko(thought): I can't believe it...!!
What was he doing---!?
Momoko(thought): Why can't he be serious...!?
SFX: *Slide*

Page 31
Touma: Ah, Shiina-san.
Touma: I'm glad--- I was waiting for you.
Momoko(thought): Touma-kun---
Touma: Did you manage to avoid whatever it was?
Momoko: Ah...yeah. (side) Thanks to you...
Momoko(thought): This person really makes me blush---
Touma: Did you see Ranmaru?
He went to look for you---
Touma: You two weren't together?
Momoko: Ah!
Th-that's right!! (side) ...Um...
Momoko: About the story you told me earlier, I really want to know what happened next!! (side) Um...!
Touma: About the cat?
Momoko: YES!!
TN: Very subtle change of topic here.

Page 32
Box: In the end, I went home that day crying---
Box: The next day was Christmas Eve.
Woman: Touma,
You have a guest.
Woman: It's Ranmaru-kun.
Ranmaru: I have something to give to you.
Box: What came out of Ranmaru's snow-soaked coat was...
Ranmaru: This.
Box: The kitty from the day before.
Touma: ...! Your hands are bright red!!
Don't tell me you were looking for it the whole time---
Ranmaru: Look after it.
Touma: !?
Ranmaru: Since I spent so much effort looking for it.

Page 33
Touma: You didn't have to...!
Ranmaru: That,
And I decided to leave my home.
Ranmaru: It would be nice if I can see you again someday.
Touma: ...Huh!?
Ranmaru: See ya!!
Touma: ...!
Touma: Ranmaru!!
What are you going to do by running away from home!?
Box: That was the last time I saw him.
Box: After that, I had no way of knowing if he was still alive.
Box: We did not contact each other at all, but---

Page 34
Touma: When we met again,
Box: It was at this year's spring entrance ceremony---
Touma: ...You.
Touma: Why are you here!?
Ranmaru: I had no one to play with,
Ranmaru: So I had no choice but to come.
Momoko: Ahaha...

Page 35
Touma: I have no idea what he's thinking.
Touma: But him being that way is not bad either.
Momoko: Hehe.
Momoko(thought): ...I see...
Momoko(thought): Ranmaru...
Came chasing after Touma-kun---
Touma: What is it?
Momoko: No, it's nothing. (side) Ah...
Touma: What? Now I'm interested.
Touma: Tell m...
Touma: !?
Ranmaru: What are you two doing?
Touma: Ah- You scared me~~!!
Ranmaru: Are you two going on a date? Hey, take me along too.
Touma: Yeah right! (side) But let me go! It's so gross!!

Page 36
Ranmaru: So unkind. I was just planning to tell you about this part-time job---
Touma: Eh seriously!?
You should've said so sooner~~~<3
Ranmaru: Oh? You seem interested---
Momoko(thought): Those two...
Momoko(thought): No matter what, at the end of the day, they are really good friends---
Ranmaru: Oh yeah. I'm going to call the car so do you need a ride, Touma?
Touma: It's alright, I still need to go to the library.
Momoko: That's right, the books!!
Ranmaru: Then you ride in my car.
Momoko: Huh!?
Ranmaru: I need to get my bag, so meet me behind the school. (side) I'll pick you up.
Touma: Alright then...Shiina-san, I'll put the books back, so give me the covers.
Momoko: Ah...ok!
Momoko: Thank you~~
Touma: ...Oh? There are only nine of them.

Page 37
Momoko: W-wait a second!!
Momoko: ...!
Momoko(thought): I forgot to take off one of them...!!
Momoko: Um...
Momoko: Ah...!
Momoko(thought): Uh...
Momoko: ...
Touma: ...Woah---
Momoko(thought): ...He,
Touma: Shiina-san---
Momoko(thought): He found out---!!!
Touma: Even though you're a girl, you read these kinds of books?

Page 38
Momoko(thought): Huh!? He didn't find out!?
Momoko: I really like this kind of perverted ones!! (side) Yep!!
Touma: I see.
Touma: Heh.
Momoko: See you then.
Momoko: And thanks!
Momoko(thought): Phew-!!
Momoko(thought): He really helpe...
Momoko: ...
Momoko: ...Ah...
Now he thinks I'm some sort of perverted girl...!!
Momoko(thought): This...is the worst~~~!!
Touma: ...I see.
Touma: So she is...
Touma: Aihara George---

Page 39
Momoko: Sigh...
Ranmaru: ...What's with that sigh.
Momoko: It's just that...I'm tired...
Momoko: Living my life as if I'm on a tightrope---
Momoko: I got through it today, but the next time I'm about to be found out---
Momoko: What should I do...
Ranmaru: ---If that happens,
Ranmaru: I'll come and save you.

Page 40
Momoko(thought): ...Huh?
Momoko: ...Wh...What are you saying!?
Momoko: Ah.
Momoko: I get it!! It's because I'm your slave, so you're going to do that right!?
Ranmaru: ...
Momoko(thought): !?
Momoko(thought): What was that!? Did I not hear him correctly!?
Momoko: ...Ah.
Momoko: But...today...
You really saved me.
Momoko: Thank you.
Ranmaru: ...That's it?

Page 41
Ranmaru: Just thanking me with words isn't enough.
You're not a kid anymore.
Momoko(thought): ...Huh!?
Ranmaru: Anyway, let's have a kiss.
Momoko: Wai...!! Sto...!!
Ranmaru: Or shall we go take a rest?
Ranmaru: Hm?
Momoko: It's here!! I need to get to the publisher's so please stop the car now!! (side) Ah!!
Momoko(thought): What is he doing!?
Momoko: Thank you for the ride.
Momoko: Well then...
Ranmaru: Even if it's a walk on the tightrope...
Ranmaru: If it's you, I think you can make it all the way till the end.

Page 42
Ranmaru: Good luck.
Ranmaru: Aihara-sensei.
Box: As an example,
Ranmaru: Later.
Box: For me, even a spoiled cat with a high-class pedigree---
Box: Can sometimes cry out in a sweet voice---
Momoko(thought): I have to try my best...
Momoko: Yep.
Box: That would make me perplexed---

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