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Saijô no Meii 29

Conventional Wisdom

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Dec 30, 2010 20:34 | Go to Saijô no Meii

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Saijou Mikoto, this will be the final battle between you and I!
Chapter 29: Conventional Wisdom

Page 2
Woman: Excuse me, Saijou-sensei.
Woman: The gentlemen up above would like you to wear headphones for the live surgery.
Mikoto: Understood.
Ayame: Hey, are you fine with that, Mikoto?

Page 3
Ayame: Usually it's used for the sake of the observers, who would ask questions to the surgeon when they don't understand something...
Ayame: But this time, it's those two.
Mikoto: But there must be people among them who really want to learn something from the operation.
Mikoto: If they want to ask something, I would have to answer.
Ayame: ...But...
Mikoto: I wouldn't be operating on people if I am easily swayed by words.

Page 4
Mikoto: Aren't you the same, Ayame?
Ayame: Mikoto...
Ayame: Hmph, that's true enough.
Ayame(thought): I didn't need to worry after all.
Ayame(thought): It's just that...this time, bro brought a man here who is probably his trump card.
Ayame(thought): I have to think ahead of time if there are any special odds...
Mikoto: We shall now commence the diaphragm reconstruction procedure.
Mikoto: The patient is Takahashi Yuuma-kun, a five-year-old boy.
Mikoto: To have the minimum amount of cutting, we will begin at the scar left by the operation performed right after his birth.
Mikoto: Entry at the scar.

Page 5
Mikoto: I will an incision on the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is the muscle on the back.
Mikoto: Ayame, use the hooks.
Ayame: Got it.
Mikoto: I am removing the Gore-Tex that was previously attached.

Page 6
Mikoto: The surgeon and first assistant will be switching positions, and the patient will be turned to his side.
Diagram(clockwise): First assistant, Surgeon, first assistant, surgeon
Yourou: Hm, so fast...
Yourou: It's been only about 20 minutes?
Sadame: Yes.
Sadame: He is quite the monster.
Sadame: To cut the latissimus dorsi muscle his way...first, he needs to go around the rib cage and start cutting from the side, and then go inward to finish the job...

Page 7
Sadame: But as we are talking like this, he probably would finish the incision on the side of the muscle.
Mikoto: The side of latissimus dorsi muscle has been cut.
Sadame: See?
Yourou: Fufufu.
Yourou: But the real challenge begins here...
Yourou: Is the preparation done?
Sadame: Yes.
Sadame: Saijou-sensei, I have one question.
Mikoto: What is it?
Sadame: It's true that people have used latissimus dorsi muscle for the diaphragm before...

Page 8
Sadame: But it's common sense to make the incision on the muscle from the top.
Conventional Way: Cut from the top to make the diaphragm
Mikoto's Way: Cut from the bottom to make the diaphragm
Sadame: But why are you making the incision from the bottom?
Mikoto: ...
Ayame: I see, so that's their angle of attack.
Maria: Wh-what is it?
Ayame: To be honest, there have been procedures in the past where the upper latissimus dorsi muscle is used as the diaphragm, but this is the first time the world has seen...
Ayame: Mikoto's original technique.
Maria: What!?
Mikoto: The reason is that I do not want to damage the nerves in the muscle.

Page 9
Mikoto: The nerves are located in the upper area, so if I cut off that portion, the nerves will be severed and it will simply become a piece of flesh.
Sadame: I see.
Diagram: The nerves
Sadame: But there is a problem with that.
Sadame: Isn't that right, chancellor?
Yourou: Yes, that's right.
Yourou: Nice to meet you, Saijou Mikoto-kun. I am the chancellor of Teiou University, Yourou Shigetoshi.
Yourou: This is going away from the topic a little bit, but I used to be a plastic surgeon, so I know more about muscles than anyone else.
Yourou: And coming from experience, I would have to say that...
Yourou: This operation is extremely dangerous, and you are being irresponsible.

Page 10
Yourou: Just now, you said that having the nerves severed in the latissimus dorsi muscle would make it simply a piece of flesh...
Yourou: And what exactly is wrong with that!?
Yourou: Other than having it become part of the diaphragm, there's no need for it to be anything more than just a piece of normal flesh...
Yourou: If you must cut from the bottom, then don't do it at all. You will end up severing several blood vessels.
Diagram(clockwise): Nerves in the muscle, Incision, Several blood vessels, Lower portion, Upper portion
Yourou: Isn't that just conventional wisdom?
Mikoto: Oh, is that so?
Mikoto: Then to overturn what you said...

Page 11
Mikoto: From today, this will become the common procedure!
Yourou: !?
Yourou: H-how impertinent...!
Yourou: I'll chew you to bits, you insignificant brat!!
TN: He probably means literally, lol.

Page 12
Sadame: C-chancellor, your mike is still on.
Sadame: Not only the surgeon, but the observers all around can hear you as well, so please be careful.
Yourou: Ah...ok...
Yourou: I was trying to say, you are a bit cheeky.
Yourou: It's true that it would be better to not sever the nerves, but in a procedure where you just need to make a diaphragm, it's more advantageous to save the blood vessels than the nerves.
Diagram: Nerves in the muscle, Preferable, Several blood vessels
Yourou: When you make the incision on the lower portion, there is the possibility of not having enough bloodflow...
Mikoto: That will not happen.
Mikoto: It's true that I will have to sever several blood vessels in the process...

Page 13
Mikoto: Because the dorsal thoracic artery in the upper portion will remain connected, having enough blood flow will not be a problem.
Diagram(clockwise): Nerves in the muscle, Dorsal thoracic artery, Incision, Several blood vessels, There will be enough blood flow with just dorsal thoracic artery.
Yourou: Hmph.
Yourou: That is just your own theory.
Yourou: And since you have never done it before, how do you know it will work?
Yourou: You're just using him as a human experiment!!
Mikoto: ...Alright.
Mikoto: Incision on the latissimus dorsi muscle is complete.
Mikoto: Um, and now,
What were you saying?

Page 14
Mikoto: I wasn't listening because the part just now was the most difficult...
Yourou: Guh!
Yourou: T-that brat...
Guy: Woah, did you see that just now!?
Guy: Yeah, I did!
Guy: The hardest part was just now...when he was cutting near the rib cage, right?
Guy: Of course.
Guy: It's in the deepest part of the back, so no matter how much you try to pull the opening, you can't really see much inside.

Page 15
Guy: But he didn't even use the endoscope...
Guy: Yeah, his skills rival those of a god.
Maria: Ayame-sensei, the most difficult part you mentioned before the operation...
Ayame: Yeah, it was that.
Ayame: But in reality, it's not that easy you know. Mikoto correctly grasped the size of the muscle, so that's why he doesn't need to be able to see.
Maria: Saijou-sensei is really amazing!
Sadame(thought): ...Th...this is bad.
Sadame(thought): Even the observers around us up here on the second floor are all speaking out in excitement...

Page 16
Sadame(thought): At this rate, it'll turn out to be like always.
Yourou: Listen up, if you didn't hear it before, I'll say it again...
Yourou: When you cut the lower portion, the bloodflow...
Mikoto: Oh yeah, you were talking about that before.
Yourou: So...so you were listening after all!!
Mikoto: But there is no need to worry about the blood vessels.
Diagram: The muscle will go through the rib cage.
Mikoto: I will make the muscle go through the ribs...
Mikoto: And supercharge it!
Yourou: !?
Yourou: Su...supercharge!?

Page 17
Yourou: Sa-Sadame-chan, what is it?
Some kind of nutrient?
Sadame: Probably not.
Sadame(thought): Supercharge...I have heard before that it's a new technique of some kind...
Mikoto: Please start preparing the microscope.
Woman: Yes sir.
Sadame: Oh no, that's right! The microscope...!!
Yourou: Wh, what is it?
Sadame: To be honest, I didn't pay attention to the fact that the microscope was placed in this room.
Sadame: Like you already know, microscopes like that will not be placed in operating rooms unless the surgeon is planning to sew up blood vessels thinner than 1mm.
Sadame: In other words, from the very beginning, Saijou already predicted our objections...

Page 18
Sadame: In addition to saving the nerves, he is planning to connect the tiny vessels surrounding the cut, in order to increase the bloodflow that was slightly weakened!
Yourou: Wh-what did you say!?
Sadame(thought): That's right...this is the so-called supercharge!
Sadame(thought): Heh, how ironic.
Sadame: To lose so completely actually feels good.
Sadame: Excellent!
Sadame: This is my utter defeat!

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