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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Batting Female Doctor Saori 7

Overzealous Man

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jan 8, 2011 04:59 | Go to Batting Female Doctor Saori

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Reserved for Imangascans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Man: Run!! Faster!!
Man: Faster, faster!! Sweat more!!
Man: It's when you sweat,
Man: That you will experience change!!
Woman: But it's the middle of summer right now...
Woman: Yeah, it's so hot.
I wonder whose father that is.
Woman: He's neither a parent nor a teacher.
Woman: What!? So he's just an outsider!?
Woman: He's a look-alike of Matsuoka Shuzo, and shows up at sports meets to cheer for people... TN: Matsuoka Shuzo is a former professional tennis player.
His name is Machioka Shuuzou. TN: This guy's name is written in Katakana, as opposed to kanji.
Man: Please stop scaring the students!
Shuuzou: Don't be satisfied with just this level of competition! You all should aim to be Japan's---No...
Woman: He's just as zealous as the real thing.

Page 2
Shuuzou: The world's very best!!
Record 7: Overzealous Man
TN: Zeal and hot are the same word in Japanese.

Page 3
It's becoming a kind of disease.

Page 4
To treat injuries or sickness with a hit of a bat...huh.

Page 5
Naoto: ...Hm.
Naoto: I somehow did it wrong...
Naoto: But the follow-through went something like this.
Terumi: Naoto-senpai!

Page 6
Terumi: Good morning!
We can already feel the summer heat so early in the day.
Naoto: Morning, Terumi-chan.
Terumi: ...Where's Saori-sensei?
Naoto: She called from somewhere just now.
Said there will be no examinations today.
Terumi: No examinations...I see.
But why is that?
Naoto: Who knows.
Naoto: She hang up before I could ask her.
Terumi: Don't tell me that her health is faltering...
Both: ...

Page 7
Naoto: No way!
Not with that doctor!
Terumi: That's true! It would never happen!!
Naoto: If by some slim chance it does happen, I'll return her the favor and hit a home run!!
Terumi: Ooh! A shock therapist!
Naoto: Allllright! To prepare for that day, I'll swing the bat 100 times!
Shuuzou: Hold on a second---!!
Naoto: !?

Page 8
Shuuzou: You two are too much at ease!!
Shuuzou: Gotta get the blood pumping!!
Naoto: Who are you?
Shuuzou: That doesn't matter!!
Anyway, get your bat ready!! Start swinging!!

Page 9
Shuuzou: No! That's no good!!
Naoto: Ow!
Shuuzou: You have no heart! There's not even a little bit of zeal!!
Shuuzou: Let me borrow that bat for a second!!
Shuuzou: This one swing,
Shuuzou: Is an unique swing!!
Shuuzou: Got it!? Try it!!
Naoto: O-ok...
Naoto: This one swing,
Naoto: Is an unique swing...
Shuuzou: That's right! Much better!!
You better not forget that enthusiasm!!
Shuuzou: Later!
Naoto: Um...?????

Page 10
Nobuko: Nice pitch, Akira!!
Let's rest for a bit!!
Nobuko: Even though it's already the end of September, this kind of heat is abnormal.
Akira: Sit back down, Nobuko! We're not stopping.

Page 11
Akira: Until the day I have my revenge against that doctor,
Akira: I have no intentions of stopping!!
Nobuko: Huh!?
But you see...
Shuuzou: That's no good at all!!
Nobuko: !?
Who is it!?
Shuuzou: What's with your---
Shuuzou: Incoherent attire!!
Both: Huh!?

Page 12
Shuuzou: Your shirt, pants, socks, shoes!! They're all different brands!!
Akira: But there's no need for that. This is normal.
Shuuzou: If you don't unify everything, you can't get your heart into it!!
See, everything I'm wearing is Zumino!!
Shuuzou: Change into these now!!
I have Zumino products ready here!!
Akira: What--- No way!!
Akira: Changing right here!?
Shuuzou: Obviously!!
Shuuzou: Hurry!! I'll be watching intently, so you better change seriously as well!!
Akira: No---!!
Nobuko: Pervert---!!
Shuuzou: I'm not a pervert!!
Shuuzou: I'm being very serious!!
Very serious!!

Page 13
Woman: Hey!!
Woman: Hah!!
Woman: Toh!!
SFX: *Slide*

Page 14
Woman: Phew...
Woman: Today is awfully hot.
Woman(thought): Damn you, Sakajo Saori! Look at the me now.
SFX: *Bite*
Woman(thought): I will definitely return the humiliation on that day!!
Shuuzou: Wait a second!!

Page 15
Shuuzou: Use all of your energy when eating as well!!
Shuuzou: You gotta focus more!!
Woman: ...???
Woman: Huh!?
Shuuzou: Kneel and close your eyes!! Eat like you're aiming for the top of the world!!
Woman: ?
Y-yes, sir...
SFX: *Bite*
SFX: *Chew chew chew*
Shuuzou: You're still thinking of unnecessary things!!
Woman: Kyaa!
Shuuzou: Focus more!! Put more energy into it!!
Shuuzou: And when you're done eating, say this!! "GLUTTONY ALL THE WAY!!"
Ok, together with me!! "GLUTTONY ALL THE WAY!!"
Woman: G...Gluttony...
Shuuzou: You're not saying it!! "GLUTTONY ALL THE WAY!!"

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18
Saori: I'm just letting loose a dog,
Saori: But the temperature seems to have risen.
Shuuzou: Stop right there---!!
Shuuzou: What's with your lack of facial expression!!
Shuuzou: You won't be the best in the world like that!!
Saori: ...
Dog: Grr...

Page 19
Shuuzou: What's important is the heart!!
Shuuzou: You need more passion! More and more of it!
Shuuzou: It's when you become passionate, that's when you will change!!
Shuuzou: Try shouting out first!!
Shuuzou: Congrats on the gold medal!!
Shuuzou: Ok, together with me!! Congrats on the gold medal!!
What are you doing!? I can't hear you...

Page 20
At all...

Page 21
Saori: Hmph.
Terumi: That zealous man just now,
He scared me for a second...
Terumi: But I,

Page 21
I think people who try their very best are very cool!!

Page 22
Naoto(thought): Alright! My follow-through is now perfect!!
Terumi: Aah! I'm getting signals...!!
Naoto: ...
Naoto: Hm?
Akira: Oh?
Woman: !?
Naoto: What just happened...

Page 23
Naoto: ---It just got unbelievably cooler.
Box: On the other hand, the water temperature of Tokyo Bay began to rise rapidly.
Shuuzou: More passion!!

Page 24
Man: what part do you want the readers to focus on the most in chapter 7?
Yagami: Umm, I guess third from the last page...
Arrow: Yagami
Yagami: Yeah.


Page 1
"I told him to write an afterword, and he drew this manga. ---Editor"
End-of-the-volume new series
Apprentice Dageki Joi
Record 1: Appearance of Riko-chan
Side text: How many times can this continue!? A thoughtless filler series, begin!

Riko: No matter the affliction,
Riko: I will fix them with a bat swing!!
Capypara: Riko-chan,
That's like plagarism.
Riko: Shut up, you're just a capypara!!
If this sells more, then it'll be something original!!
Capypara: You can't expect to sell more than the series that you're appearing in---
Artist: Yagami Yu

Page 2
Side text: (Because she's an apprentice) She's fixing everything by imitation~!
Riko: So the first patient...
Plotting world-domination, the 13 members of Debiron, the evil secret society.
Sign: Debiron Headquarters
Man: We were defeated by the forces of justice.
Hurry and fix us up.
Guy: Auh-
Riko: Ok! Leave it to me!!
Riko: I will let you enjoy it right away!!
Man: Guh!
Capypara: Woah, that looks painful!! ...But,

Page 3
Riko: Debiron forever...!!
Capypara: Malpractice!?
Capypara: Riko-chan, you can't do shock therapy, can you.
Riko: All three volumes of "Kikkatsu!" are available from ASCII Media Works, if they're not out of print!!
Riko: Tell you friends!
Riko: It's only my first time, so nothing I can do about the failure.
Riko: Alright, and the next patient,

Page 4
Riko: Censorship from the editorial department
Riko: Censorship
Capypara: ...
Capypare: Waaah--------! That's bad!! There are full of words that should not be allowed...
Riko: What's bad?
Riko: I'm a doctor you know. I'll heal people.
Riko: Well then--- I'll fix everything with one huge swing!!
Capypara: Stop---!
Someone stop Riko-chan---!!
Side text: (E) What are you can't have all those words in there! (Y) ...You're right.
Bottom: The End

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