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Zennou no Noa - World of Lostmemories 14


-> RTS Page for Zennou no Noa - World of Lostmemories 14

Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Box: That guy!!
Box: What did he say just now!!?
Box: ...He knows about me!?
Box: He knows everything!!!?
Box: So is it really true...!?
Box: That I really was responsible for 1.11---!!?
Noa: ...
Box: ...Calm down!
Box: Faltering here is exactly what he wants.
Box: But what should I do---!!?

Page 2
Man: Hmph...
It indeed seems like it's a big shock for you, terrorist.
Man: Don't tell me you've never thought that you were behind the whole thing?
Man: I doubted my eyes as well, certainly.
Man: To think that you resort to terrorist activies again after losing your memories.
Man: Whether or not you regained your memories is irrelevant.
Man: It seems like a person's true natures doesn't change that easily.
Noa: Grr..,!!
Guy: Noa...

Page 3
...So what does it mean?
The purpose of all this monologue?
It's very simple!!
The one who lied to you all, and made you gather here is the terrorist behind the series of explosions.
The same person who was behind 1.11, and took away the memories of one million people!!
His name is...!!

Page 4
Man: !
Noa: Let us stop right there.

Page 5

Page 6
Man: Heh...
Teppei: N...no way...Is that really Noa...!?
Old man: L...lying to us...n...no....
Boy: ...Behind 1.11...!!?
Guy: ...Noa...
Noa: Let us be brief, Prime Minister Toujou.
Noa: It's true that I commited many crimes in order to return the KID'z to the surface.
I admit it.

Page 7
Noa: However,
Noa: Pushing the blame on me for 1.11 is simply too unreasonable.
I have no memories from more than two years ago you know?
Noa: Assuming that you have evidence,
How can you accuse me of crimes that I don't remember commiting?
Toujou: Hmph...
Toujou: You worthless little bastard...Seems like you're in control now.
Toujou: However,
Toujou: Let me tell you one thing, terrorist.
Toujou: I, Toujou Terumi...show no mercy for the villians!!

Page 8
Toujou: In the current Japan,
Toujou: I am the law.
Noa: ...
Noa(thought): Threatening me like that...!!
Noa: Fine, let's just say that I caused the 1.11 incident.
Noa: What would I gain from it? Rather, the one who stands to gain the most is---
Noa: You, Toujou Terumi!!!
Noa: Because of what happened, you removed the ones in power and gained your current status, did you not!?

Page 9
Everyone: !!
Noa: By doing that, you gained the political power to reshape Japan to your liking.
Am I wrong!?
Man: H...hey,
So...is the cause of 1.11 not actually unknown?
Woman: !!
Woman: Are you saying that the government lied...!?
People: What is the meaning of this, Toujou---!!?
People: Just for what reason have we been-!?
People: Answer us---!!!
Toujou: ...No idea.
Toujou: I simply disposed all the sick beasts.

Page 10
Noa: ---!!!
Toujou: It's all thanks to you, Ikurumi Noa.
Toujou: Justice is now on my side.
Toujou: Those of you who resist the government, and those who are planning to escape to the surface,
In the name of Japan's Prime Minister, Toujou Terumi,

Page 11
Noa: C...crap!!!
Noa: Everyone...get away from there---!!!!
Toujou: For the crime of treason,
Toujou: You will be executed immediately!!!!

Page 12

Page 13
People: Gyaaaah!!
People: Hiiiii!!
Guy: Tch!
Guy: Again!!
Woman: N...no...I don't want to die!!!
Teppei: Obivously!!
We have to run away now!!
Noa(thought): I was too naive.
All of my actions backfired...

Page 14
I see...so this has been his goal all along...
In order to justify the disposal of KID'z---
...He used me!!!

Page 15
Himiko: Two years ago--- A weapon capable of mass-murder without actually killing was created.
Himiko: AOREC.
The bomb that takes away people's memories.
Guy: If someone were to take away people's memories by will,
I will definitely...catch the criminal!!
Himiko: The one who invented it was you,
Ikurumi Noa.
Noa: Rather than atoning for a crime that I don't remember,
Noa: I'm more concerned about the "present" that we are in now.
Himiko: You are responsible for everyone's past and their lives---!!

Page 16
I can't give up!!
There must be a way!! To turn this hopeless situation around...to save everything!!!

Page 17
Box: To turn this hopeless situation around...
Box: A way to save everything!!!
Noa(thought): Search!!!
Noa(thought): Think...with this small database within my memory!!!!

Page 18

Page 19
The bomb that took away one million people's memories two years ago.
...No way...
Can I create one...?
In my current condition...

Page 20

Page 21

Page 22
Noa: Hah...
Box: Shit!!
Box: I don't understand...!!
Something is still needed...to complete AOREC!
Box: ...I'm an idiot...
Box: Taking away everyone's memories is not what I should do...!!
Noa(thought): Some other way...
Noa(thought): Something...
Noa(thought): ...Anytying!!!

Page 23
I'm near my limits!! Hurry up and do something, Noa!!!

Page 24
Boy: What are you doing Noa!?
Boy: Don't temper with your bike and just run!!!
Boy: !
Boy: D...don't tell me you're planning to run away by yourself...!?
People: No---
People: Help, help, help!!
Noa: Wait!!!
People: !!?
Noa: Fight back, people!!
Noa: You have the advantage of numbers!!
If you don't run, you can win for sure!!

Page 25
Noa: Take the weapons away from the police!!
Noa: With those, even the white-haired ones among you won't lose!!!
People: N...
People: Noa...
Toujou: Hmph.
Someone: Are you fine with that?
Toujou: It won't matter, leave them be.

Page 26
Boy: Noa!!
Boy: O...oi!! Are you going to leave us here!?
Boy: Noa---!!!
Noa: Until now, we have been going with the flow...been content with the society's protection.
And have not thought about fighting back.
Noa: But...if that was real protection...can you really say that you were protected?
Noa: Treating you like sources of stink that has to be covered up,
You are like caged birds loathed by society, with your wings plucked,
Noa: This is your only chance now...!
Now or never...!!

Page 27
Toujou: !!
Noa: Show them the pride of KID'z!!!!

Page 28

Page 29
SFX: *Slam*
Toujou: A desperate attack I see.
Toujou: I don't hate idiots like you.
Old man: Noa...
Toujou: I guess I will strike you down myself.
Toujou: Consider it an honor to become rust on my sword.

Page 30
Toujou: Hey,
...Toujou-san, you must know a lot about me right?
Toujou: For the Ikurumi Noa before the memory loss,
Would he have attacked without having a plan?

Page 31
Toujou: Hmph...
What was that? Don't tell you are trying to stop the elevator?
Noa: Fufu, no way.
Noa: Did you forget?
I'm not your ordinary terrorist.
Noa: I'm a bomber.

Page 32

Page 33
Someone: The...the tower!!
Someone: Kyaa!
SFX: *Crack*
SFX: *Crack*
Toujou: !!
Police: It's...it's dark...!!?
Police: Crap...our vision!!!
Guy: Teppei-kun!!
Teppei: ...
Teppei: D...damn it! I have to do it!!
Teppei: Underground is our territory!
We can move around with our eyes closed!!!

Page 34
Tch...at least make a frustrated face...!!

Page 35
Noa: Naturally,
They will be triggered as soon as you cut them.
Noa: They can go off at any moment.

Page 36
Toujou: Heh...naturally indeed.
Toujou: To follow your etiquette...I also have prepared something.

Page 37

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