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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Blood Alone 32

Private Eyes

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Feb 28, 2011 05:55 | Go to Blood Alone

-> RTS Page for Blood Alone 32

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Whee, it's been a while :3

M stands for Misaki, K stands for Kuroe.

Page 1
Episode 32: Private Eyes

Page 2
K: Ah...
K: What should I do...
M: What's wrong?
K: Oh, I was just thinking about how I should end the current novel...
K: I'm expected to write happy endings...
M: Rather than being expected to write them, I think happy endings rather suit your stories.
K: Is that so...
K: Hm...
K: I think I'll think about it while taking a bath...

Page 3
SFX: *Vibrate*
M(thought): ...Kuroe's cellphone.
M: ...
M: Hello?
Phone: Ah...so you're a female detective after all...damn.
Phone: Judging from the name Kuroe, I knew it was no good...
M: Hmph.
M: ...What a thing to say.
What's wrong with being a female detective?

Page 4
Man: Well--- What I need help with is...
Man: ...No, I guess I can't just tell anyone ater all---
M: What's up with you?
M: How would I know anything if you don't tell me?
Man: ...
M: Didn't you call me because you need my powers?
Man: ...That's right.
Man: ...Then, at the Gulf South Line---

Page 5
K: What's with that outfit?
M: Um...I'm going out for a bit.
K: ...
M: I'll be leaving now.

Page 6
K: Wait a second.
K: Your tie is crooked.
M: Huh...oh.
K: Here.
M: ...

Page 7
M: Are you Asakura?
Asakura: Ah...
M: Hi.
Asakura: ---

Page 8
Asakura: Are you...Kuroe?
M: Yes.
Asakura: What the heck...
Asakura: Not only a female, but also a child...
The gods sure have given up on me.
M: How rude.
I'll have you know that I'm a very capable detective.
Asakura: I also heard you are a master of martial arts...
M: Th-that's right.
M: Would you like to test it out?
Asakura: ...
No, it's fine...

Page 9
Asakura: Sigh---
M: What is it? Why don't you just try telling me about it?
M: You called me because of some trouble right? I will help you out magnificently.
Asakura: ...
Asakura: ...Recently, a girl that I know is acting strange...
Asakura: She is associating with a weird man, and going in and out of shady places---
M: If it's about drugs, that's not what I specialize in. Go to the police for that.

Page 10
Asakura: No, it's something more strange than that---
Asakura: Ah... Although you probably won't believe me...
Asakura: A...anyway, take a look at this.
SFX: *Beep*
SFX: *Flash*
M: ...What's this?
Asakura: Ah...

Page 11
Asakura: N-no...this is not it.
It's a file for my work---
M: Work?
Asakura: Yeah...I'm a gravure photographer...
M: I see.
Asakura: ---Ok, it's this.
SFX: *Press press*
Asakura: It's this man who...

Page 12
M: ...This man is a vampire...
Asakura: Huh...!?
Just now, what did you---!?
M: I said that he's a vampire.
Asakura: Yo...
Asakura: You know about them...!?
M: I'm a specialist in that area.

Page 13
Asakura: A...are you sure about that...!?
M: Yes... ...You've been very hesitant about the whole thing for a while now.
M: Isn't that because you also think so?
Asakura: Yeah, that's it!!
Asakura: ...I couldn't believe it at first...
Asakura: But the more I think about it---
Asakura: Oh but...vampires shouldn't really exist, right!?
SFX: *Flip*
M: Wait a second, I'll try asking an acquaintance of mine.

Page 14
M: ---I see, thank you.
M: If the man is not part of his blood family...
M: Then he must be an Orphan.
Asakura: Orphan?
M: They are outlaws within the vampire society.
Asakura: Wh...where did you---!?
M: Didn't I tell you?
M: I'm a specialist in this area.
M: Anyway, take me to the place that he appears frequently.

Page 15
M: There's no need to worry.
M: She won't become a vampire by just having her blood sucked.
Asakura: Is...is that so?
Asakura: Although if she loses a fatal amount, she'll become an undead...
M: She will only become a vampire when there is an exchange of blood.
M(thought): It would be nice if she wasn't made into a Renfield...

Page 16
M: I think she is only charmed and used as a source of feeding for him.
Asakura: Damn it...what the hell!?
M: Is this the place?
Asakura: Yeah.
Asakura: He appears often---
Asakura: Ah!!

Page 17
Asakura: That's him...!!
Asakura: He's going inside the building...
M: We're in luck.
Asakura: What are you planning to do?
M: Quickly get in, and advise him to not hurt that girl.
Asakura: Huh...wha...!?

Page 18
M: Hey, you vampire!!
Man: ...

Page 19
M: Kyah...!!
Asakura: Kuroe...!!
Man: Hm...

Page 20

Page 21
Man: Hmph.
M: Are you ok!?
Asakura: Kuroe...
Asakura: Forget me and go after him...!!
M: But---
Asakura: Hurry!!
Asakura: Or he'll get away...!!
M: I'll be back soon!!

Page 22
Man: ...Geez.
Man: I must be losing my touch if a brat like this can track me down...
M: D...
M: Don't underestimate me just because I'm a little girl.
M: I'm a stronger vampire than you are!!
Man: !!
Man: ...What did you say?

Page 23
M: I told you, don't underestimate me!!
Man: Hmph...I thought you were just a brave brat, but now I see...
Man: Interesting...it's been a while since I've met a fellow vampire.
Man: Where did you hear about me?
M: I...I'm an excellent detective, you Orphan!!
Man: Hahaha, a detective who challenges a vampire with a wooden stick.
Even though we're the same, that's still reckless.
Man: Little girl vampires with no Aruta, TN: Aruta is the special powers possessed by elder vampires.
Are nothing more than puppies to me, young lady.
M: H...how dare you!!

Page 24
Man: Hmph...I guess Absorbire once in a while is ok. TN: Absorbire is equivalent of vampire cannibalism.
M(thought): ...
M(thought): Kuroe---!!
Man: Gyah...!
M: ...
M: Huh...?

Page 25
K: Are you alright, Misaki?
M: ...Kuroe!?

Page 26
K: Geez...
K: I knew it was something like this.
M: How...!?
K: Through the GPS on your cellphone.
M: Ah...!?
M: Hold on, you can't die!!
Asakura: Oof...
K: Because Kuroe's stories always have happy endings!!

Page 27
Asakura: It's...no good. Kuroe... I'm already bleeding so much...
M: You're not!!
M: You're not bleeding!!
Asakura: Huh...?
Asakura: Ah...
Asakura: Wha..t?
Asakura: The bullet---

Page 28
Asakura: Huh...?
K: Kuroe would actually be me.
K: Sorry for causing you all that trouble.
Asakura: Th...
Then this girl is---!?
M: Sorry that I lied to you.
M: My real name is Misaki, and not Kuroe.
Asakura: Misaki...chan?

Page 29
K: In order to make up for the trouble,
K: How about if I charge you nothing for the overhead expenses and the commission fee?
Asakura: Ah...no---
Asakura: In the end, you did solve the case for me, so...
M: It was nice doing business with you.
Asakura: Y...yeah.

Page 30
K: ...Then we will be excusing ourselves now.
Asakura: Ah...
Asakura: Misaki-chan.
Asakura: Hey---
Asakura: You should...become a model.

Page 31
M: I'll think about it.
M: ...But there's a big hurdle.
K: A model for a gravure photographer?
M: He's not a bad person.

Page 32
K: Absolutely not!!
M: ...You see?

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