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Nononono 108

Shut Up

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 20, 2011 20:20 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 108

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Speaker: Jersey number 10,
Chapter 108: Shut Up
Speaker: Ootsuka Sakura, Toono Professional Team
Ootsuka: Phew...
Ootsuka: Phew...
Girl: Ootsuka-kun, good luck...
Itou: ...

Page 2
Ootsuka(thought): "We will be the winners."
Ootsuka(thought): "We definitely can win this."
Ootsuka(thought): Hahaha...
Ootsuka(thought): He definitely made me excited that time.
Ootsuka(thought): It sure is nice to have someone on the team who truly believes that we can win.
Ootsuka(thought): What an adrenaline rush!!
Ootsuka: Woooooooooooaah!!

Page 3
Ootsuka: Hah!!
Sagisaka: Ooh!!
Girl: Ootsuka-kun!!
Someone: He's gonna go far!?
Ootsuka: Yes yes yes yes yes---!!

Page 4
Ootsuka: Yes---!!
Speaker: 84 meters.
Ootsuka: Nice!!
Ootsuka: Wasn't that awesome!?
It should help us out right!?
Girl: That was amazing, Ootsuka-kun!!
Kubo: Nice going!!
Girl(thought): If we keep it up like this before Ken-chan goes...
Girl(thought): Then we definitely have a shot at winning!!

Page 5
Speaker: Sasamiya Oozora, Yukino High School.
Yoda: This is the last of the first person on each team.
Yukino High's Sasamiya is going now.
Muramatsu: Ah, it's the one with the weird antenna.
Yoda: I wonder if he can get past K point (90m)...
Sasamiya: Oi oi...
Sasamiya: I have to do it in this snow...?
Yoda: How unlucky.
Yoda: With the snow---

Page 6
Shit!! The snow on the approach...

Page 7
Girls: Kyaaa--- Sasamiya-sa~n~
Girls: So high~~!!
Maoka: No good.
Maoka: There's a tail wind.
Guy: Poor guy...
There was a better wind when I went.
Emperor: ...

Page 8
Speaker: 89.5 meters.
Girls: Ah~~~!!
He didn't reach the K point~~!!
Sasamiya: Tch...
Sasamiya: I did try very hard, but...
Asami: For Sasamiya-san, that wasn't very far.
Sagasaki: That can't be helped.
The conditions were unfavorable.
Sasamiya(thought): ...But...
Sasamiya(thought): What's with that guy? How did he jump 94 meters in this kind of weather?

Page 9
Speaker: That concludes the first round of group one competition.
Speaker: Group two will begin at 10:30---
Box: Yukino High was not in the lead like most expected,
Box: And surprisingly, the one at the top was Sumon High.
Box: On the other hand, Okushin High...
Box: Fell short of the initial speculations,
Box: And is in danger of even making to the second round.

Page 10+11
Jersey number 9,
"Nonomiya Yuuta", Okushin High School.

Page 12
Yoda: In this competition, the ones with the worst records jump first.
Yoda: So it's Nonomiya's turn already.
Yoda: Nonomiya...
Yoda: This is the critical point.
Ken(thought): ...
Ken(thought): Nonomiya-kun...
Kishitani: Nonomiya...
Kishitani(thought): Please cover for me this time...
Kishitani(thought): I'll give it my all for the next one...

Page 13
Mikage: Yuuta...
Mikage: Please...
Yuuta: "I'll do it."
Yuuta: "110 meters..."
Emperor: He probably knows this.
Emperor: The goal is not 110 meters.
Emperor: It's the bare minimum.
Yuuta(thought): Finally...
Yuuta(thought): The time has come...
Yuuta: Huh!?

Page 14
Yuuta: The signal became red...
Muramatsu: Nonomiya-kun is going back? Why?
Yoda: When the signal is red, the jumper must get off the bar temporarily.
It's because the snowfall is pretty bad right now.
Yoda: Until the signal changes to yellow again...
Yoda: He has to wait beside the gate.
Yoda: The snow is not letting up.
Yoda: They will probably stop it for now.

Page 15
Yuuta: Huh!?
Gobou: Huh!?
Gobou: The approach is covered in snow!!
Gobou: What are the judges thinking!?
Gobou: They haven't even sent out any test jumpers!!
Yoda: Oi oi, why did the signal just turn yellow?
Yoda: Even though the approach is covered in snow?
Muramatsu: Wh...what do you mean!?
Yoda: Approach is the lane made with ice by the athletes sliding down the slope.
Yoda: When no one is jumping down it, of course snow will build up.

Page 16
Yoda: In that case, the jumper will have trouble picking up speed because of the snow...
Yoda: And won't end up very far at all.
Yoda: Normally, before the competition reconvenes, many test jumpers are supposed go...
To crush and get rid of the snow on the approach...
Guy: Huh?
Guy: Is it ok for us to not jump?
Yoda: If he has to start with all the built-up snow...
Nonomiya is finished.
Sasamiya: Sigh, he's unlucky too...
Sasamiya: Even worse than when I went.
Emperor: ...
Emperor: Luck?
Emperor: Is it really luck?
Sonobe: No, it's not luck.
Sonobe: It's obvious that the wind and snow only get bad when strong schools jump.

Page 17
Sonobe: Just what did Shimosato coach do?
Yuuta: Why do I need to start when it's snowing so hard?
Man: Ah...yeah.
Because the signal changed.
Yuuta(thought): No way...I have to jump 110 meters...
Yuuta(thought): But in this condition...
Man: Hello, Nanba-san?
The approach is full of snow.
Speaker: I think it would be better to send out some test jumpers...
Nanba: Shut up.

Page 18
Nanba: That's up to me, the committee chairman, to decide.
Nanba: Just make him go.
Nanba(thought): Well, although I don't he can jump too well anyway...
Yuuta: ...


This is Nononono's 10th volume.
According to the lst volume, this was supposed to be on sale in April, but because there are still some snow left in March, this is released about a month early.

The other day, I watched the Winter Olympics.
I fully experienced how difficult it is to compete for a medal with the rest of the world.
I have watched many ski jumping competitions, and saw world championship twice as well, but the Olympics is completely different from those after all. It was kind of like a festival. The streets were filled with people, and events were happening all over the place. People from different countries were concentrating on different things and cheering for their own athletes as loudly as they can. I felt that it was definitely different from a competition hosted by a city or the country.

I wish I could depict that experience in the manga...

Volume 11 should be released normally in 3 months, I believe.
See you in the next volume---

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Katsuri, Sakurai Masahito

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