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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Addicted to Curry 82

Happiness In Singapore and Dal Maharani

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Apr 25, 2011 21:51 | Go to Addicted to Curry

-> RTS Page for Addicted to Curry 82

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Makito: Where...should I begin...
SFX: *Swirl*
Makito: It'll probably...be a really long story...
Makito: Is that ok...?
Yui: ...
Yui: Yeah...it's fine...
Makito: ...
Makito: Alright then...
Makito: It was when I was 12...

Page 2
Chapter 82: Happiness In Singapore and Dal Maharani
Box: Like I told you before...I was born and raised in Singapore---
Diagram: Malaysian peninsula, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sumatra
Box: A tiny island nation...that's about the size as Japan's Awaji Island...

Page 3
Box: 1992 ---Singapore---
Girl: Kouenji-kun!
Makito: !
Makito: Urmila...
Urmila: You finally noticed!
I was shouting out to you in the cafeteria earlier but you didn't hear me!
Makito: Huh? Really? I couldn't hear a thing... (side) Sorry.
Urmila: Were you thinking about what we learned again?
Makito: Yeah, there's something that I don't understand...

Page 4
Urmila: You're so smart, Kouenji-kun. You're at the top of the class even within the EM 1 course.
TN: EM = English at 1st language level, Mother tongue at 1st language level
Makito: But I'm nothing like you, Urmila. (side) A girl, and in EM 1.
Makito: I'm naturally smart, so I got to where I am by studying hard.
And I want to finish middle school within 4 years.
Yui: Hold o a second!!
Yui: Are we talking about the same person!? Smart!? You!?
Makito: Shut up... (side) I used to be serious back then...
Makito: In Singapore, people are put into different programs according to their academic grades.
And even the number of years spent in school can change with exam rankings.
Makito: The more strict systems are even more complicated.
Primary education (1st-4th year)
P4 exam
Primary education second half (5th-6th year)
EM 1 course, top 10%/Em 2 course, top 40%/Em 3 course, the rest
Primary education completion exam
Secondary education (Depending on the result of the exam)
Special course, top 10%, 4 years/Express course, top 40%, 4 years/Normal course, the rest, 5 years
O-Level exam
Higher education (Upon passing the O-Level exam)
Junior College, top students, 2 years/Pre-University, 3 years
Makito: The first exam happens in the 4th year of elementary school.
Because of that, everyone studies hard from a very young age.
Yui: Wow... (side) Amazing...
Makito: Me and my mom were living together on our own.
And I wanted to graduate sooner so I can help her out...
Makito: Although I decided to not even go to middle school, if that's necessary...
Text: There is no mandatory education in Singapore, but (as of 2002), more than 99% of children are enrolled in school.

Page 5
Urmila: Your family runs a hotel right?
Makito: Yeah.
Although it's not quite at that level! It's kind of old and cheap! For now!
Urmila: For now?
Makito: Yeah!
Once I finish middle school, I'll try hard to make it into a nice hotel!
Makito: A really huge one! One that's on-par with Raffles Hotel!! TN: Raffles is in Singapore, and one of world's most famous hotels.
Makito: And we'll hire around 300 people---
Urmila: ...
Box: Now that I think about it...at that time, I---
Makito: Oh, that's right! I have a favor to ask of you...
Urmila: Huh?
Urmila: Wh...what is it...?
Makito: Um...it's hard to say it...but there's something I want you to teach me...
Makito: Tomorrow---
Box: Was filled with hopes and dreams of the future---

Page 6
Makito: I'm back---
Woman: You're the one who dirtied the sheets, aren't you!?
Woman: Why did you keep quiet and tried to hide it!!? (side) I thought there's one missing!!
Makito: Uwah! Sorry, I'm sorry...!
Woman: Stop right there!
Man: Dahahah!
Man: Oh well, Mifuyu-chan, you shouldn't be so angry!
Man: Boys at his age should have a few embarrassing stains here and there!
Mifuyu: Is that right...? (side) You...
Makito: About what? (side) What are those stains?
Mifuyu: ... (side) *cough*
Makito: ?
Makito: Thanks, old man Touji! (side) I don't know what's going on...
Touji: Hey! (side) You should do stuff like that in the bathroom.
Makito: ?
Makito: But why is someone from the curry house coming here to eat curry everyday?
Touji: Shut up!

Page 7
Touji: Your mom's chicken curry is the source of my energy everyday!
Touji: I won't be able to do anything unless I eat this!
Makito: But in reality, you're here to steal something, aren't you?
Touji: Don't be stupid!
Makito: Although what you're stealing isn't that simple!
In the end, with my mom, you---
Mifuyu: Makito!
Mifuyu: Here!
Makito: ?
Mifuyu: It's a letter,
Mifuyu: From your dad!
Makito: Really!? No way!! Where is he now!?
Mifuyu: Tha...
Makito: Ah----! You don't need to tell me! I knew it!! (side) I'll read it!!

Page 8
Makito: Mifuyu, Makito, are you two well? Right now, I'm in a town on the boarder of Thailand and Cambodia called Aranyaprathet.
It's a really lively and noisy market town.
Map: Thailand, Aranyaprathet, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysian peninsula
Makito: Woah, that's awesome! It's Thailand this time-
Makito: How is that, old man Touji! My dad does work all over the world!!
Touji: Yeah, I know.
Makito: Isn't it so cool!?
Makito: Ku~~~~ That's so awesome!
Makito: I wonder if he'll be back soon---
Makito: Mom! When's dad coming back!?
Mifuyu: Hm--- He's really busy...
Mifuyu: I'm sure he'll be back soon...
Mifuyu: So just hang on a bit longer...!

Page 9
Mifuyu: Hey! Now that's over, go study!
Makito: Who cares! I'll help out with work!
Mifuyu: No, just go study!
Makito: ...Alright...
Mifuyu: ...
Touji: Mifuyu-chan, you came to Singapore because you wanted to learn to cook curry from me...
Mifuyu: !
Touji: And then you were really charmed by this place... And it's been 14 years already...
Touji: Before I knew it, the boy is already 12 years old...
Touji: And he's growing up to be a fine lad just like you hoped...
Touji: For how much longer...
Touji: Are you planning to keep this up...?
Touji: Mifuyu-chan...
Mifuyu: ...

Page 10
Urmila: Hello---
Makito: Oh, Urmila! This is great timing!
Urmila: No one's home?
Makito: Yeah! Mom went out shopping!
Makito: We can do it in about 2 hours right?
Urmila: ...
Urmila: Kouenji...kun?
Makito: Hm?
Urmila: Is it...really ok for me to do it...?
Makito: Yeah...
This...is my first time...and you're the only one I can ask...
Makito: This...is mame...? TN: Mame is Japanese for beans, but also slang for female genitalia...
Urmila: Yeah...
Makito: What a pretty pink color...
Urmila: Gently...peel back...the skin...
Makito: Ok...
Alright... Softy...

Page 11
SFX: *Snap*
Arrow: Lentil
Urmila: Nice! That's it! Well done!
Makito: Hehe...
Makito: Sorry for making you do something so strange. I've never cooked before so I don't know anything.
Is this troublesome for you?
Urmila: Now, I was very happy...
Makito: Huh?
Urmila: Ah! No, it was no trouble! (side) Not at all!
Urmila: But why do you want to make bean curry?
Makito: My mom really likes beans.
Makito: Every morning, she eats sticky and rotten beans called natto. (side) And it stinks too.
She really eats something like that.
Background: This in the morning for the Japanese!
Urmila: Rotten? You mean fermented? (side) Sort of like tempeh...?
Urmila(thought): Tempeh - Indonesia's fermented soy beans dish. Often fried in oil or put in boiled foods.
Urmila: ...
Urmila: I'm sure...that your mother would be happy...

Page 12
Urmila: With the birthday present...
Urmila: That you made, Kouenji-kun!
Urmila: But why did you decide on curry?
Urmila: Now cut it horizontally. (side) Be careful.
Makito: Ok.
Makito: You know about our chicken curry?
Urmila: Ah, yeah! It's really good and everyone knows about it!
Makito: That curry...
Makito: Was created by my mom and dad together...
Urmila: ...
Makito: In Japan...

Page 13
Makito: Even when both parents work, the mom cooks the dinner and the family eat together at home, I hear.
Urmila: Even when they both work? They don't eat out?
Makito: Yeah...
*In Singapore, it's usual for families to eat out at night if both parents work.
Makito: And I hear that they eat curry a lot too...
Urmila: Ah...oh no! You cut your finger!?
Makito: that's...the image I have...
Urmila: Huh?
SFX: *Peel*
Makito: When everyone sit down together...
Makito: For a meal, while talking to each other happily...
What is on the dining table...
Makito: Is curry...!
Makito: That's the kind of image I have...for curry...!!

Page 14
Urmila(thought): The family together---
Urmila(thought): That's right...Kouenji-kun's father isn't around most of the time...
Urmila: You said that your father...is working overseas, right?
what kind of person is he?
Makito: Thanks.
Makito: I think the last time he came back was when I was a baby...
So I don't really remember. (side) We do write letters though.
Urmila: ...
Urmila: Kouenji-kun...
Urmila: Just like your father...
Urmila: Are you going to leave Singapore someday...?
Makito: ...
Makito: I won't...
Makito: I'll stay on this island forever...!
If I don't...
Makito: Then the family won't be able to eat curry together!
Urmila(thought): Family...huh...
Urmila(thought): He's so dense... (side) Tch...

Page 15
Makito: And didn't I tell you? I'll make this hotel huge!
So there's no way I'll leave!
Urmila: Ah, ahah, that's true!
Makito: Hey! Let's hurry and continue! (side) Mom'll be back.
Urmila: Ok!
SFX: *Riiiing*
Urmila: Kouenji-kun, the phone...
Makito: Just ignore it! Let's continue!
Makito: All right, we're done---!!
Urmila: Kya--- Yay for us!!

Page 16
Dal Maharani (Serving for 4)
Lentil, 100g
Kidney beans, 30g
Ginger, about 2.5cm
Salt, 1tsp
Butter, 1tbsp
Cumin seeds, 1tsp
Green chili pepper, 1-2
Tomato: 2 mid-sized
Fresh cream, 1/2 cup
Garam masala, 2tsp

(1)The proper way to soak the beans is written on the package. Usually soak in water for about 6 to 12 hours, and then drain the water.
(2)Put the soaked lentils and kidney beans into a pot, and pour in enough water to cover everything. Add in salt and sliced ginger. Turn on the heat and boil with the lid on until the beans become soft.
(3)In another pot, heat up the butter and add in cumin seeds and green chili pepper that are sliced into vertical stripes. Saute until the cumin seeds start making popping sounds.
(4)Add chopped tomatoes and (2) along with the broth, add in about half of the garam masala, and boil until the tomatoes become soft.
(5)Leave one tablespoon of fresh cream, but add in the rest.
(6)Adjust the flavor with the remaining fresh cream from (5) and garam masala from (4).

Page 17
Makito: ...
Makito: I wonder...if mom will like it...?
Urmila: It's fine!
Urmila: I'm sure she will!
Makito: ...
Makito: Alright...
Both(thought): She's back...
SFX: *Twist*

Page 18
Both: Happy-
Both: Birthday---!!
Makito: Wait...huh...?
Makito: Oh, it's just you, old man Touji...
Touji: Makito...
Your mom...
Touji: Hey...
Touji: Calm down and listen...
Touji: Mifuyu-chan...
Touji: Was in an accident...
Touji: And now in critical condition...!

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