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Nononono 113

The Wound Doesn't Go Away

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jun 22, 2011 09:50 | Go to Nononono

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 113: The Wound Doesn't Go Away

Page 2
Makino: Everyone!!
Makino: I have something...
Makino: That I would like to tell you all!!
Man: ...
Man: Makino-san...
Man: What is going on?
Makino: ...
Makino: Right now,

Page 3
Makino: And I would like to bring to light,
Makino: An act of cheating that has occurred.
Man: ...
Man: Cheating?
Man: What is this cheating...?
Sonobe: ...
Shimosato: Makino...
Shimosato: That dumbass!!
Mikage: What's with him? Talking loudly like that...
Ken: He's an All-Japan representative, Makino-san.
Ken: I wonder what he's talking about...

Page 4
Makino: It was 10 years ago...
Makino: During the Olympics selection process.
Makino: I was still young back then...
Makino: I placed above the cutoff line.
Makino: Only now can I call myself the best in Japan...
Since back then, Yura-san and Amatsu-san were at the top...
Makino: At that time, I myself didn't even know what the future would bring.
Makino: And there were rumors of the professional team that I was in getting disbanded.
Makino: If that happened, a newbie like me would instantly be out on the streets.
Makino: That's why I had to improve my records at the Olympics no matter what.
Makino: Having that experience would probably ease my transition to another team.
Makino: It was then...
Makino: That I stained my hands.

Page 5
Man: ...
Man: What did you do...?
Makino: I think you already know this, but---
The more air resistance there is, the farther you can jump.
Makino: That's why the ski equipments have such strict standards.
Makino: The most important is the ski lengths. The longer, the farther they go.
Makino: They are calculated based on not just height, but body weight as well.
Makino: Next is the ski suit.
Makino: The more surface area there are, the more advantageous it is.
Makino: And that's why in the loosely regulated Nagano Olympics, everyone's ski suits were baggy.
Makino: Nowadays, the suit has to extend for less than 6cm when you pinch it.
Makino: In addition, if air can't get through the suit, then of course that provides more resistance.
So of course the permeability of the material used for the suit is regulated as well.
Makino: Also, the width of the zipper has to be less than 1cm, and the material of the number worn even has rules.

Page 6
Makino: So right before the Olympics selections meet---
Makino: I smeared turpentine on the inside of my suit, in the back area.
Makino: I thought that nothing will appear to have changed,
But air resistance would increase, and that would improve my distance.
Makino: I didn't know if turpentine would really be effective---
And if they did a material check, they may have found out.
Makino: But the check rate is only one out of many, so the probability of it being me was low.
Makino: And then the stake paid off.
I got my place in the Olympics.
Makino: Nowadays, it's probably stuff like varnish sprays getting used instead.
If you do that, then your back will act like a sail and it'll really do wonders.
Makino: Well, if you get close to people who use it, they'll probably stink of paint thinner.

Page 7
Makino: But my happiness for being selected for the Olympics lasted only for a moment.
What remained was endless regret, and the feeling of inappropriateness.
Makino: And the guilt toward the person who got cut off in my place---
Makino: That's why when I jumped the farthest in the Olympics team competition, I was genuinely happy.
Makino: It felt as it was proof, that me being there was the correct result.
Makino: However...even though I made it to other Olympics using my own strength...
I constantly think about how I have cheated,
Makino: That I probably don't belong at where I am.
Makino: Now that I have made my confession...
Makino: A small load has been taken off my chest.
Man: ...
Man: Why did you choose here and now to talk about it?
Makino: ...Who knows.
Makino: Looking at the athletes trying their very best to win here...
My former self may be feeling some guilt.

Page 8
Makino: In addition, if there are those who think that doing anything in order to win is ok...
Then I hope that they will repent their actions.
Makino: Although I don't think high school students would do that...
Sonobe: ...
Makino: This is as much as I can do.
Makino: I have no right to expose those high school students when I myself did the same.
Makino: The rest is up to how those three feel...

Page 9
Sonobe: ...What should we do?
Sonobe: Are we going to be ok like this?
Shimosato(thought): Shit!! That bastard Makino, doing something unnecessary...
Shimosato(thought): He completely crippled us.
Shimosato: Listen up, what that guy...
Katsumi: The point is,
Katsumi: Isn't it not about stopping after feeling regret...
Katsumi: But to learn a lesson from your mistakes?
Katsumi: Also, if we really regret our actions, we can always admit it 10 years later like that.
After we get to the Olympics.
Sonobe: ...
Both: Hahahaha! That's true!!

Page 10
Katsumi: First, what we need to focus on,
Is to win at inter high!!
Yoda: ...Now then.
Yoda: Next up is the final group for the first jump.
Yoda: The aces of each team will be be competing.

Page 11

Page 12
Yoda: EVery single one of them is strong...
Yoda: Who will win in the end?
Yoda: There are no individual jumps in this competition.
Okushin, with its weak start...
TN: Okushin is placed 5th.
Yoda: Will be finished this year if Shiriya doesn't get past HS at the very least.
Speaker: Jersey number 9, Shiriya Kiyoshi, Okushin High School.

Page 13
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Emperor, good luck...
Negita: Oi.
Negita: No matter what you do...
Negita: There's no way you can beat me.
Emperor: ...
Emperor: Huh?
Emperor: Who do you think you are?
I've never seen that degenerate face of yours in any competitions before.
Emperor: As if I'll lose to some unknown person, you retard!!
Negita: ...
Negita: There is...

Page 14
Negita: There is a reason why it's absolutely impossible for you to beat me.
Nanba: This is good...
Nanba: It's snowing harder now...
Nanba: But I have to act safe here.
Emperor: Tch...
Kishitani: The signal turned red...
Muramatsu: He got off the gate.
Yoda: It's because of the snow. There's no helping it.

Page 15
Yoda: But if no test jumpers are sent like the time with Nonomiya...
Speaker: The test jumper will be jumping now.
Yoda: ...What the.
Yoda: So they actually used one like they're supposed to.
Sasamiya: It's not changing from red.

Page 16
Ken: It's snowing even harder now...
Mikage: Huh?
Yoda: If it's snowing like this...
Yoda: Then the jump just now becomes meaningless...
Yoda: They have to send 2 or 3 more people before Shiriya goes...
Nanba: That should be enough.
Nanba: I already sent a test jumper, so there should be no complaints.

Page 17
Gobou: No way!! The signal turned yellow...
Gobou: They want him to go in this snow!?
Nanba: Without the heavy snow, I let Maoka got near the HS.
Nanba: That's why I've been letting snow build up.
Nanba: If there's that much snow on the approach...
Nanba: Not to mention HS (105m), he won't even get to K point (90m).
Yuuta: No...
Yuuta: That's even worse than my conditions!!
Mikage: The signal is green now...

Page 18
Ken: With that...
Ken: This competition won't be stopped no matter what...
Yoda: What misjudgment...
Yoda: Even if they say that misjudging comes with sports...
Yoda: The hope of Okushin making it to the second round...
Yoda: Has been destroyed completely...
Yuuta: Emperor!!

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