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Addicted to Curry 86

Wonderful Curry Research and Mild Chicken Curry

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jun 28, 2011 08:29 | Go to Addicted to Curry

-> RTS Page for Addicted to Curry 86

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Volume 9 Contents
Chapter 86: Wonderful Curry Research and Mild Chicken Curry
Chapter 87: Being Myself and Extra Special Beef Curry
Chapter 88: A Splendid End and Fish Head Curry
Chapter 89: The Sun, Dangerous Sea and Sorpotel
Chapter 90: Lost at Sea and the First Curry
Chapter 91: Pursuit of an Image and Vindaloo
Chapter 92: The Father Who Will Work Hard Today and Petha Sabzi (Pumpkin Curry)
Chapter 93: Dad's Bittersweet Return and Rendang
Chapter 94: The Final Request and the Thought that Doesn't End
Chapter 95: The Men on Fire and A Delicious Feast
Chapter 96: Ganesha Closing and and Quietly Returning the Favor
Chapter 97: A Tearful Parting and the Kheema Matter Promise
Extras...Addicted to Curry Recipes

Page 1
Wonderful Curry Research and Mild Chicken Curry

Page 2
Box: Mom is back!
Yui: Oof...
Box: Mom was fed up with dad and let home for two full years...
Box: And finally she kept her promise and came back!
Makito: Ah--- It's fine, it's fine! I'll take the heavy stuff! (side) It'll destroy whatever little boobs that you have!
Where should I carry this to?
Mom: Ah, the TV? I don't need it anymore so you can have it, Kouenji-kun.
Makito: Seriously? (side) Awesome!
Yui(thought): It definitely feels like he'll watch H video in his room...
Mom: It's really nice to have a male helper at times like this.
Makito: Aaaaaaaaah! (side) The TV~~~~
Mom: Maybe not...
Yui: ...

Page 3
Mom: By the way, Yui, what about the restaurant today?
Yui: Huh? I was planning to open it up in the afternoon...
Mom: I see.
Mom: In that case, maybe I'll help out again after so long.
Yui: Huh?
Yui: No, it's fine, it's fine! (side) You're on break and everything.
Mom: Don't I have a responsibility to watch carefully?
Mom: As your mother,
Mom: To see the the person you like at work!
Yui: No, you don't have to! There's no need!!
Mom: No, I will watch! (side) As your mother! Because I'm worried!
Yui: ...
Yui(thought): I feel uneasy...
Box: And...
Box: The uneasiness I felt then...

Page 4
Box: Was spot-on---
Makito: Dahahaha!
Girl: And- that guy was stupid--- so he chased the criminal while still in his trunks--- (side) He said "you look suspicious!"
Girl: Ahahaha! That's so funny-
Makito: Gyahahaha! (side) What an idiot!
SFx: *Ring
Makito: Ah, welco---
Makito: Oh---! Kyouko-chan, long time no see---!
Kyouko: Hey-
Makito: Your tits look as good as ever--- (side) It's all I can see.
Kyouko: Stop it, you idiot!
Mom: Hey, Yui-chan? Is he always like that?
He's been talking to all kinds of people. (side) Especially girls.
Yui: W...well, yeah...
Mom: I see...
Yui: ...

Page 5
Yui: Hey, Makito...
Makito: Hm?
Yui: Um...it's fine if it's just for today, but can you act a bit more serious?
Makito: ?
But I'm always serious?
Yui: Well you're right, but...
My mom is watching today, so--- (side) Um...
Mom: ...
Gen: What's wrong, Yuuko-san?
You haven't been back in a while, but you have that suspicious look on your face!
Mom: Gen-san...
Mom: No...
I wasn't thinking about making that face... It's just...
Gen: It's just?
Mom: I imagined him...
As someone who was a bit more serious about his work...
Gen: Hahahaha, I see!
Gen: But you know, all the young folks these days are like that.
I think he's one of the more serious types!
Gen: At any rate---

Page 6
Gen: To have the curry house make a comeback after the state it was in before...
Gen: I don't think that's something a guy can do unless he's sincere...!
Mom: ...
Mom: ...That's...true...
Mom(thought): Now that I think about it...scenes that exist here before...
Mom(thought): A restaurant filled with laughter...
Mom(thought): Was something that he couldn't achieve...
Sonezaki: The customers came all the way here to eat something good.
So the chef has to make something to live up to that expectation.
Mom(thought): He would say that...
Mom(thought): And quietly cook. Completely different from that person...

Page 7
Mom(thought): In this day and age...
Mukai: Please don't play around, and work!
Mom(thought): This kind of flexibility may be necessary...huh...
Mom(thought): My daughter said that she'll like someone like her father...
But apparently that's not the case...
President: So you know, Kouzai-kun,
President: Originally, the food known as curry,
President: Started back when India was a Brtish colony, when the British brought ingredients of curry back to English.
President: By the way, the British did not know much about spices...
That is where curry powder was first created! Because there were no curry powders in India, and the Japanese curry did not originate from India.
Kouzai: I see...
Guy: We have arrived, president! It's this place!
SFX: *Ring
Someone: Welcome---
President(thought): Alright! Let's do it!
President(thought): Ok,
Guy(thought): Let's-
Kouzai(thought): Go...

Page 8
President: We are Shuuei University's Curry Research Society, shortened to "Curry Club"!! TN: Shuuei uses the same kanji as Shuueisha, the publisher of the manga. FYI.
Guy: Everyday, we do research on curry's history and appeal, in order to let the world know how wonderful---
President: Why won't you do it with us, Kouzai-kun!? TN: The kun suffix can rarely be used for girls, depending on the situation.
Guy: The president and I came up with the boss after losing sleep!
Kouzai: I'm sorry, just that, I can't...
President: Why not!?
Mukai(thought): Obviously...
Makito(thought): Some idiots are here again...
President: Hm.
SFX: *Glance*
Yui: Ah...welcome...
President: Your eyes tell me that you wish to ask who we are.
President: Fine, let me tell you!
Yui(thought): I don't really want to know...
President: We are from Shuuei University's Curry Research Club, shortened to "Curry Club"!
President: Day after day, we do research on curry's history and appeal, in order to let the world know how wonderful curry is!
Actually, we're only focusing on the path of research for sweet curries. (side) Blah blah blah.
Yui(thought): You already mentioned it before, and it makes no sense... (side) Too long too...

Page 9
President: Recently, I heard rumors that you make some sweet curries here.
Yui: Ah...thank you very much...
Gen(thought): More of the weird ones...
Mom: ...
President: Well, we're not stupid enough to believe some rumors, but...
President: At any rate, I would like to order something along the lines of murgh.
President: And make it ultra-spicy...alright?
Yui: Murgh...?
President: It's chicken! This is a curry house, and you don't even know that!?
Guy: And make it ultra-spicy! Those three things!! (side) Degozaru.
Kouzai: Huh, three things!?
President: What is it, Kouzai-kun?
Kouzai: Ah...it's nothing...
Guy: Is that fine?
Makito: ...
Yui: Yes...
Yui(thought): What the heck, they're so stuck-up! (side) Don't order something not on the menu!
President: Anyway, as a new member to the club, what you need to know is that,
Something can't be called curry unless it's spicy!
President: In India and Thailand, chili peppers are used in great quantities.
For sweet curries, spiciness is definitely a must!
President: Well, there are some curries where they hold back on the spiciness,
But for us "Curry Club", those things are less than crap!
Kouzai: I see...
Kouzai(thought): Oh no...

Page 10
Kouzai(thought): There's no way I can mention that I joined the club hoping to taste some delicious curry...
President: There are many plants similar to galangal,
But they'll probably use ginger in Japan---
Guy: When there is no lemongrass, do they use umeboshi?
Kouzai(thought): I never thought they would be such maniacs... (side) Such strong personality...
Kouzai(thought): And besides, I'm really bad with spicy foods---
Yui: Thanks for the wait---
Yui: Ultra-spicy chicken curry.
Yui: And there is one more coming up, I will go get it now.
Guy: Alright. (side) Degozaru.
Guy: Then I'll go ahead... (side) Degozaru.
Kouzai: Ah, please.

Page 11
Both: Spicy~~~~~!!!
President: So goo--spicy!!
Guy: Spic--so good!!!
Guy: Could this be, the extremely spicy chili peppers that even the Thai can't handle, the "Prik Ki Nu", which has the meaning of "mouse shit"!? (side) Degozaruka!?
Guy: Using Thai chili peppers in Indian curries is like imitating the taste, president!!
President: Mm!! This may be rare find!!
President: So-!! Ultra-spicy and good!!!
President: Spicy! Good!!
Guy: Good! Spicy!!!
Kouzai(thought): Hii~~~ If I eat that, I'll definitely die!!
Yui: Thanks for waiting---

Page 12
Both: Ah?
President: Wait a second!! We ordered three of the same thing!!
What is this white stuff!? It looks completely different!!
Yui: Ah, well...
Mom(thought): !?
Mom(thought): A messed-up order!?
President: Take responsibility!! Go make it again!!
Mom: I'm really sorry!! I'll have it remade right away!!
Yui: Mom.
President: Geez, seriously!!
Makito: Sorry, but...I can't do that!

Page 13
Makito: Because I did that on purpose!!
All: !!?
Guy: Don't fool around!! You can't just ignore people's orders!!
President: That's right!! If you make us angry, you'll regret it!! We'll spread awful ratings of this place on the net!! (side) This place will go down in an instant!!
Mom: Hey, Kouenji-kun!? You need to stop fooling around...
Makito: I just made it because they told me to make whatever I wanted.
Makito: It's exactly what they ordered!
This is the most suitable for the customer over there.
Makito: If you don't like it, it's on us!
Makito: Please try it...!
Guy: Gr...
Kouzai: ...

Page 14
Kouzai: Ah.
Kouzai: It's not spicy...
All(thought): !!?
Kouzai: Rather, there is absolutely no trace of spiciness!!
Kouzai: This curry is really good!!
President: Don't be stupid!! A curry that's not spicy at all!?
Guy: As if anything like that exists...
Guy: !!
President: If a curry isn't spicy, then it shouldn't be called curry, but in Indian curry...
President: Ah...
Guy: Well...
President: Suprisingly, that's not the case!!

Page 15
Makito: That's because, originally, in Indai...
There was no such thing as chili peppers!!
Both(thought): It's so mild~~~~<3
Yui: Huh!? Really!?
Makito: Yeah, because...
Makito: They originated in South America!
In 1492, after Columbus discovered South America, chili peppers were brought back to Spain, and that's how it began.
Makito: After that, they spread throughout the world!

Page 16
Makito: That's why chili peppers weren't used in Indian curries before that time!
Makito: In other words, that is---
Makito: Curry from 500 years ago!!!
Guy: Ah...
Makito: Well, it's fine to like Curry,
Makito: But you shouldn't force people to eat what they can't handle!
Makito: Right? Shuuei's Curry Club!!
Both: ...
Both: Yes...

Page 17
Mild Chicken Curry (Serving for 4)
Garam masala
-Cumin, 1/2 cup
-Nutmeg, 4
-Coriander, 2tbsp
-Mace, 3-4
-Cinnamon, 5cm x 4
-Black pepper, 1tbsp
-Cardamom, 15-17
-Whole star-anise, 4
-Cloves, 10
-Bay leaf, 5
Heat the above in a frying pan until the fragrance come out. After they cool, use things like a coffee grinder to make them into powder.
Nuts paste
-white poppy seeds soaked in water for 30 minutes*, 3tbsp
-Soaked melon with no salt*, 3tbsp
*Can do without.
-Almonds soaked in hot water, 2tbsp
-Soaked cashew nuts, 3tbsp
Add in a suitable amount of water, mix the above in a mixer to get a paste.

Boneless chicken, 750g
Onions, 2 medium-sized
Garlic, 4-6 slices
Ginger, about 4cm thick
Butter, 100g
Cardamom, 5
Cinnamon, 4cm
Bay leaf, 2
Cloves, 2
Cumin powder, 1/2tsp
Coriander powder, 1/2tsp
Yogurt, 1cup
Mashed nutmeg, 1/4tsp
White pepper powder, 1/2cup and 1tsp
Fresh cream, 2tbsp
Salt, 1tsp
Garam masala on the left, 1tsp
Coriander, variable amount

(1)Stir-fry finely chopped onions, garlic, and ginger in a pot until they turn light brown. Add 1/4 cup of water to make it into a paste.
(2)In another pot, heat up the butter, and fry crushed cardamom with (a) for 2 to 3 minutes. Add in (b) and the paste from (1).
(3)Constantly stir at low heat until the oil separates. Add in yogurt, and boil for 15 minutes while occasionally stir.
(4)Add bite-sized chicken chunks and (c), and boil for about 15 minutes without the pot lid, until the chiken softens. Add in the nuts paste, and boil for additional 2-3 minutes.
(5)While trying to mix everything well, add half of the fresh cream and garam masala to the pot, and then salt.
Diagram: Half!!
(6)Turn off the heat, and add the remaining fresh cream and garam masala. Serve with chopped coriander.

Mom: Can I ask you something, Kouenji-kun?
Makito: Yeah?
Mom: I noticed somewhat as well that the girl seemed like she can't handle spicy food...
Mom: But why did you give only her the non-spicy curry...?
Makito: ...
Well, because...

Page 18
Makito: The customer came here to eat something sweet...
Makito: It's the job of the cook to satisfy that desire, right?
Mom: Pft!
Mom: Ahahahahaha!
Makito: Huh? Did I say something funny?
Mom: No, sorry, sorry... It's just... kukukuku...
Yui: Mom?
Yui(thought): I knew it... (side) Extreme H.
Mom: ...
Makito: Ooooh!
TV: Aahn, I'm c...
I'm cumming~~~

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