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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Nononono 115

Affection At First Sight

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 21, 2011 04:39 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 115

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Speaker: Jersey number 10,
Speaker: Itou Kenichi, Iwate Prefecture, Touno Professional Team.
Itou: Alright...
Itou: Let's go.

Page 2
I'm sure that Ken-chan will win.
Since he loves skiing so much...
Chapter 115: Affection At First Sight
The Ken-chan right now...
Seems so strong.

Page 3
Girl(thought): When I first met him---
Man: Hey!!
Girl(thought): We were only 8 years old...
Man: You're unsteady in the waist on the approach!!
Girl(thought): It was at a practice for the skiing club that father coaches...
Girl(thought): That I met Ken-chan.

Page 4
His eyes were shining...
And he stared at people doing ski jumps the whole time...
Now that I think about it...
That was when I started to like him...

Page 5
But because Ken-chan became obsessed with ski jumping---
That's all he ever did every single day.
He wore skis on his feet,
Longer than he wore shoes.
He really loves skiing---
But wouldn't...
Even look at me...

Page 6
Itou: I'll go out with you if I win at inter high.
Itou: That would be my prize.
Girl(thought): ...Could it be that Ken-chan...
Girl(thought): Started to like me a little bit?

Page 7
Shimosato: Nanba...
Shimosato: What the hell is he doing...?
Shimosato: If you screw up again, I won't let you off so easily...
Nanba: This is bad...
At this rate, I won't get the one million yen reward...
Nanba: In the event that Sumon High wins...
Nanba: Shit!! I've reached the limit on my loans!!
Nanba: I wouldn't be able to go to the cabaret clubs in Ikebukuro anymore!!
Nanba: Akemi-chan would be so lonely!!

Page 8
Nanba: Sorry Itou, but you'll have to get disqualified here.
Itou(thought): ...
Itou(thought): It was...
Itou(thought): When I was 8 years old...
Itou(thought): I got lost in a ski mountain, and suddenly came upon a ski jumping hill.
Itou(thought): At that time, the Touno Ski Team,
Itou(thought): Was practicing there.
Itou(thought): I...
Itou(thought): Saw ski jumping for the first time, and was overwhelmed by it.

Page 9
But more important of all...
For an instant, my eyes met...
Those of a really cute girl.
I think...
That my eyes really shined at that moment.

Page 10
Man: Hey, you little brat.
What are you staring at my daughter for?
Man: Do you like my Aya or something?
Man: But dream on.
Man: My daughter will settle only for those
Who love skiing more than anyone else,
Man: And who can win at IH at the very least!!
Man: Although the losers in my team...
Man: Have no desire to win at all...
Itou(thought): If I win at inter high...
Itou(thought): Then I can get closer to that girl...
Itou(thought): After that, I was completely absorbed into ski jumping.

Page 11
Itou(thought): I practiced every single day.
Itou(thought): In order to become the best, I thought that I had to wear skis longer than anyone...
Itou(thought): So no matter how far I had to travel, I always wore my skis.
Itou(thought): The skin on my feet peeled off all the time...
Itou(thought): But I didn't really care.
Itou(thought): My skins hardened as a result, and my feet became one with the ski boots.
Teacher: Itou, you can go to better schools you know.
Itou(thought): I declined, and joined the Touno team that Aya's father coaches for.
Itou(thought): I wanted to master ski jumping---
Itou(thought): And was willing to give my everything to the sport.

Page 12
I just wanted to---
Have Aya as my girlfriend---
This is my last inter high.
And I've been blessed with good teammates.
Wait for me, Aya.

Page 13
Itou(thought): I will for sure win.
Man: To think the little brat from back then came this far.
Man: I don't think he's actually doing it for Aya's sake though...
Man: But he's really unlucky in his timing,
Having to compete with strong athletes like Terashi, Maoka, and Shiriya.
Man: If this was 3 years ago, he probably would have won no problem...
Man: Oh well.
He won't be getting Aya unless he wins.
Nanba: That Itou guy sure is unlucky.

Page 14
Nanba: I'll be making sure---
Nanba: That you disqualify here.
Nanba(thought): I can't let Akemi-chan cry anymore of loneliness.
Nanba: Antou, can you hear me?
Antou: Yes.
Nanba: Are the preparations for equipment check ready?
Antou: Yes.
Anytime is fine.
Nanba: I will signal you when it's time.
Until then, just wait.
Antou: Understood.
Nanba(thought): ...
Nanba(thought): Sorry, Itou.
Nanba(thought): It's set up so that the first person being checked for suit permeability...
Nanba(thought): Will for sure fail the test.
Nanba(thought): I have no idea...
Nanba(thought): Where coach Shimosato learned this, but...

Page 15
Nanba(thought): No matter how well Itou does here...
Nanba(thought): He will be disqualified for breaking the standards.
Nanba: Your inter high ends here.
Guy: The signal turned yellow...
He'll finally get to start...
Aya(thought): Ken-chan has never broken a promise before.
Aya(thought): That's why...
Aya(thought): I believe in you.
Nanba: High schoolers shouldn't have anything as important as Akemi-chan anyway.
Nanba: I have to get money and go to Ikeburuko no matter what...
Nanba: If I don't go, what would I do if Akemi-chan started to hate me?
Those who get in the way of people's romance...

Page 16+17
Should just leave the scene quietly.
TN: Ahaha, the irony.

Page 18

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